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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



Compete in a massive high speed water race. Move left and right to avoid obstacles and collect coins. Spin the jetski in the air for a massive speed boost. Avoid the obstacles and use ramps for that sweet air-time. Complete lots of challenging missions to unlock new jet-skis and boats. Are you ready for the ultimate racing experience?

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Unicornsarethebest1234 on 2021-04-11
So I had this game on my other phone and it was horrible! So... your probably wondering why I gave this game 5stars so I got it on here and it’s AMAZING! I don’t know what happened but who cares atleast I have a AMAZING game I TOTALLY recommend this game to anyone who LOVES racing,fun,flipping,and AMAZING games.
fix it!
jr. gissy za on 2021-04-11
I love this game but it always glitches. it stops me from playing and I have to log out to play again. the game is really fun but I never can play for a long period of time because it stops me from playing. FIXXX ITTT.
terrible. i was on level 600 and something and all of a sudden it re started. ives been playing this game for 3 years. this is unacceptable. all of my work is gone. you guys need to fix this immediately
This game up is absolutely terrible
lizzypastelbear on 2021-04-11
When I played this game the controls were to hard to control. Also, when I landed perfectly in the water after flipping I got a game over for no reason. Don’t download this game it’s a waste of time..
No Achievements
mhoffdoggy on 2021-04-11
I’ve been playing for a long time. I’m in the top 1% of 7.5 million players and I’m STILL only capable of three flips. The same number of flips I could pull off when I started. It’s stupid.
Sooooo many adds
Mechtraaph on 2021-04-11
So the game is so so hard I have played for some time now and I have not even passed the first level!!!!!! Also sooooooooooooooooo many ads!!!I don’t really have much fun with this game.
I love this game
MESLCdhc on 2021-04-11
I like it a lot because when I get first place I like that it changes the background and it is very challenging
This game is broken
allierayn on 2021-04-11
I have tried to play this game for a while now and every time I log into it it kicks me out please fix this
To many forking adds
cgwehjr on 2021-04-11
There are so many adds!!!!!! It lowkey make me mad but dont get me wrong this game is hella fine
Great game but one problem
Dom D'Orazio on 2021-04-11
The game is really fun but after a while all my coins and skins were all just gone.

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