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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Compete in a massive high speed water race. Move left and right to avoid obstacles and collect coins. Spin the jetski in the air for a massive speed boost. Avoid the obstacles and use ramps for that sweet air-time. Complete lots of challenging missions to unlock new jet-skis and boats. Are you ready for the ultimate racing experience?

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Overall good but…
fart1104 on 2020-02-21
I love this game and it’s a Time consumer and it’s fun to do. There are just a few things I have issues with. The first one is the flip boost. When you get flip boost, it makes you go faster, but when go faster ands flip, you automatically die. This makes no sense and i think it should get fixed. You would think that the flip boost should only work while riding on water, not in the air. But it works on both. And it annoying. The other thing is the controlling. Now the controlling definitely needs to be worked on because when you are n the air heading for land while flipping, when you try to turn, you still flip. And that makes you sink. So I suggest that when I am trying to turn, you make me stop flipping and go straight. Then once I’m done flipping, make me go back to Normal. Another thing is to make the controlling more percice. When I was driving or flipping, I would try to turn a little, and it would make me go across the whole ocean. Please fix this so this game can stay fun and awesome! These were just some things I flung bugging and if you could fix them, that’d be great - Peebzprincess reviews❤️
FCFD959 on 2020-02-21
This game is awesome. Simple and easy to play. It all comes down to timing. Might take you a few races to get the hang of it, but once you do, it gets more and more fun to play. For those complaining about the adds, if you turn off your data and WiFi, open the app and let it load, then turn your data and WiFi back on, the game will NOT interrupt you with all of the adds. I do this on iPhone 8 Plus with updated software everyday. Plays just fine. You will not have the option to watch a video to double the jewels and money you win though so decide which trade off you want to live without. ***Note to developers*** What are the possibilities of having the tracks we race in dual mode become a part of the regular track rotation once we win the dual and get the opponents boat? Those worlds are beautiful and I would love to race them more often. As it is now, once you win and advance to the next opponent, you cannot go back and race those tracks anymore.
I love this game
keira van voorhis on 2020-02-21
This game is very fun and addicting I think it’s a really good idea I’ve been playing for like 3 weeks and I am on level 121.Although this game is very fun it’s has some problems one thing is that I am in the middle of playing a random add pops up and I can see what I’m doing so I click x on the add and go back to my game and I had already died so like I think you should change that because it is really annoying I don’t know if it’s just me but it is very annoying and I think it would be great if you could change it please. I do really love this game tho!!!!!!
Love This Game!
Sour Skittle on 2020-02-21
This game is so fun! You basically get this boat, and there are obstacles you have to doge and ramps you go up on and flip to get speed boosts! (It’s a lot more fun then what I just described.) And trust me, it’s fun, but it’s challenging. If your the kind of person who always places first, then this is the game for you. The only minor thing is that sometimes in the middle of races, it will show an add, and it might mess you up a little bit. But, other than that, it’s a great game! 10 out of 10 would recommend.
flipboostdoesnothing on 2020-02-21
I am round 400 rn so I’ve been playing for a while. One day i decided to not upgrade my flipboost but only coins to see how bad i lose in the race. I haven’t upgraded it for 100ish rounds now. Im still wining, and most by a large distance. I plan on keep doing this till i can no longer win a race. But i doubt i will ever lose. So honestly there’s no point of playing. Cuz coin upgrades are used to upgrade ur flipboost. But flip boost does nothing at all.
Boats cost soooo much Gems
MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 2020-02-21
I want to get a new boat but they cost about 2k and I do not have two k plus I do the duel against the croc but he is so hard to beat you have to beat him thirty times and it is hard plus every 3 goes you have to pay 60 gems and where do get gems all the gems cost real money I think you should have unlimited amount of goes against the croc and the boats should be cheaper!!! If this problem could be fixed I would give it five stars. Please fix this
This game is garbage....
LJ's feedback on 2020-02-21
Ok. I went into this game thinking this is going to be challenging and fun. It is challenging (way to challenging) but it's not fun. Your supposed to press down on the screen and when theres a wave or a speed bump you release, I did that EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And it never worked. I always landed with my boat flipped so my boat sank. And that's every single time I played. So sorry 'bout your game but I'm deleting it!
Gets you frustrated
rhycute2432 on 2020-02-21
When i play tje game it like when im watching disney channel because the game always has commercials. Everytime the game comes on theres random ads popping up. Then the games keep glitching in the middle of the game. Then the commercials are always loud. This game is very terrible and im rating it 1 star.
Needs an update....
amaeguys on 2020-02-21
I think the game is pretty cool it’s races are fun and challenging I love playing whenever I can but the game needs an update I mean it should have minigames other than racing a crocodile also adds randomly pop up in the middle of the game which gets super annoying so please have an update..........
Annoying ads
1-Buckshot on 2020-02-21
The game is great but sometimes when I’m in a race, an ad pops up and it messes me up. It only happens when I first get into a match after opening the app so it doesn’t happen often. I know you can pay for no ads and I don’t mind ads but not in a match, besides that the game is amazing!

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