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Track your lost and gained followers... PLUS MUCH, MUCH MORE! "The only Followers app you'll ever need... and its Free!" - View your new followers - Catch your unfollowers - Track users who are not following back - Track users you don't follow back - Find Your top and worst followers by likes & comments engagement - Find your secret admirers - users who like or comment you and don't follow - Gain insights on your followers and following users - Track users you unfollowed - Track users you blocked and users who are blocking you - See oldest and newest Instagram you follow and follow you back - See who requested to follow your private account - Track all your accounts in a single app - multiple accounts are supported PLEASE READ: - You must have an Instagram account to use this app. - The number of users you follow or followed by must not exceed 150,000 in order to enjoy the full functionality of the app. - You can follow or unfollow up to 200 users per hour (Limited by Instagram). - This app is analytic app designed to view reports related to your Instagram profile. This app does not help you gain, earn or purchase followers, likes or views in any way. - This app does not follow or unfollow accounts on your behalf.

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Don’t trust it!
Тυna on 2020-02-25
I downloaded this app a couple weeks ago and when I first opened the app I had to enter my username and password into it which is normal. It was pretty useful at first because I was able to see who I follow but doesn’t follow back. But after a couple of days, I went back onto the app and the app refreshes and says one of my very close friend has followed me. Which I found really weird. I went into my other account to search for her account and her account wasn’t on Instagram anymore?? Idk how the app was able to see my other accounts but I feel like the app somehow blocks u from seeing them follow u so you will think the app is working. A couple days later, my friend posts and suddenly I can see her account again. I found this app really sketchy and so a couple days later... I went back on the app and it refreshes when I get it on again. It says I’ve lost another follower and the time said “now” which is really weird because in instagram, my follower count hasn’t lowered and I feel like the app is just randomly writing ppls account down and pretending they’ve unfollowed me. Idk how they are able to block me from seeing them following me tho. Like whenever I click on their following list and search my name it doesn’t come up. And then a few days later it does. Now that I’ve deleted the app, I’m gonna go check if I can see those accounts again. Highly do not suggest this fraud app!!
“Rate limit exceeded” every. Dang. Time.
Romy3d on 2020-02-25
I honestly used to love this app, but for some months now I’ve been unable to use it more than 2 times tops. Every time I try to update, I get a “rate limit exceeded” notice, even after closing out of Instagram, followers plus, and every other app, and after turning off background refresh and leaving it all alone overnight. I don’t get this in Instagram and I have another tracking app I use where this also has never happened. I don’t know what happened about two upgrades ago, but whatever it was has made this app unusable
Worked fine for a year then boom....something changed.
mommies2girls on 2020-02-25
I have had the paid version of this app for a long time. Everything was great then about 3 weeks ago it started having trouble opening. It would take forever to load. Now, most of the time it won’t load at all. Then this morning it said I exceeded my limit. I don’t know what limit they’re talking about. I have had this app for more than a year and check it multiple times each day and have never received this message. What is going on with this app??? Please fix it!
Great app...but
Konduite123 on 2020-02-25
I downloaded this app when I first got instagram to monitor my accounts growth, and it worked flawlessly, however, I began to notice that I was following random accounts. When I realized this, I decided to delete the app. That was about 4 months ago. I still have this problem to this day and it gets really annoying. Maybe it’s something else, but this is the only app I’ve ever had to provide my instagram details to.
I love this app
Weightwacher on 2020-02-25
So accurate and reliable. I was almost not going to download this because of the negative comments. Happy I ignored them. This is very useful for those random IG accounts who want to follow you to gain IG followers, then drop you two days later. You can quickly unfollow them when that happens, because this app keeps track of who follows you and who does not.
Emmarox444 on 2020-02-25
I am begging you to not download this app. First off, we are giving a 3rd party app OUR PASSWORD! And a shady one too. My account has been hacked, my bank account has been screwed with. It’s inaccurate or sometimes doesn’t work at all. I would rather be unfollowed by 1,000 people than be subjected to this crime of an app. It’s not worth it!!!!!!!!!
Great! but...
I like picklesz on 2020-02-25
This is the best follower app, however Instagram keeps throwing me in jail for using it. Turns out they don’t WANT you to know who unfollowed you. If you start unfollowing people they assume it’s a bot and lock your account functions. Right now, I can’t follow or unfollow- IG returns a message saying so based on “your previous use of the feature”
Just bad.
stuart littleeeeee on 2020-02-25
First of all, it says this is $6.99 but then my card was charged $27 for this app that doesn’t even connect properly with your Instagram and doesn’t allow you to do what it advertises. Instead, click a button and get a pop up saying you don’t have permission to do that. Can I have my money back? Thanks.
Followers plus
Bearquilter on 2020-02-25
I will be deleting this app and moving on to a different app. It repeatedly says I have exceeded rate limit when in fact I haven’t used it since yesterday. If once a day is exceeding the limit, I don’t need this app. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. It just isn’t worth all the trouble.
A waste of money
@Lond0nC on 2020-02-25
I just purchased the app, deleted 5 people and it’s is already saying “Action Blocked”. I haven’t done anything on Instagram for almost 9 hours, i only follow 114 people and have never followed anyone, so this makes no sense. This was a waste of my money.

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