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Jun, 2022


Jun, 2022



Can't stop scrolling? Have trouble focusing? Use Forest, a must-have gamified timer which helps you beat procrastination and boost productivity! #Top paid productivity app in 157 countries. #More than 40 millions users around the world. #Over 1,000,000 real trees were planted on Earth by our users. "Forest works well, and if your goal is to be more in the moment, ignore your phone and actually talk to your friends when you are with them, this is the app for you."— The New York Times Plant a seed in Forest when you need to put down your phone and stay focused to get things done. As you stay focused, this seed will gradually grow into a tree. However, if you cannot resist the temptation of using your phone and leave the app, your tree will wither. The sense of achievement while seeing a flourish forest with each tree representing your dedication motivates you to reduce procrastination, and helps you build a good habit of time management! Key Features - Enjoy the simple, elegant and intuitive interface - Get motivated and encouraged by viewing visualized forest. - Track your time distribution with insightful statistics - Plant together with friends & family - Plant real trees on Earth and save the environment –––––––––––––––––––––––––– How Forest boosts your productivity: Gamification - Level up concentration with over 80 virtual tree species - Unlock achievements and earn extra rewards. - Plant real trees with coins earned from staying focused, saving Earth while you improve yourself! - Enjoy various special events customized for different servers/regions. Statistics and Insights - Customized your own tags for each task to track your time distribution. - Learn from insights of your focused time to tailor your focus habits. - Track your focused time in the Apple Health App(HealthKit). Multiple Focus Modes - Timer mode: Set your focus session and dive into your workflow, or apply Pomodoro technique. - Stopwatch mode: Start and stop at any time. Give you a more flexible way to manage your time. - Plant together: Stay focused with your friends and family anytime and anywhere. Personalized Experience - iOS widget: Get down to your sessions with a single tap and view your daily progress at a glance. - Planting Reminder: Remind yourself to put your phone down! - Custom Phrases: Motivate yourself with your favorite quotes and inspiring words! Stay focused, be present! Download Forest today to focus on what matters in life and be a better self! NOTICE • Forest is an app available for both iPhone and iPad, and can be accessed across all iOS devices with a one-time purchase. To download or unlock non iOS version of Forest, this requires a separate purchase. However, by logging into the same account, the account data can be synchronized across all platforms. • Due to budget constraint, the number of real trees each user can plant is limited to five. We will be introducing limited time events that will allow users to plant more real trees. Please follow our social media page or check the in-app announcement for more updates. • Due to iOS system limitations, we cannot determine what app the user is currently using, thus the Allow List feature cannot be implemented. If you wish to access other apps without affecting the growth of your tree, you can turn off "Deep Focus Mode". Thank you for your understanding. • There is only one version of Forest on the App Store. Other apps that are similar and mimics Forest are not developed by the Forest team. Thank you for your support! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: We also provide browser extensions. Find out more on! - Sound Design: Shi Kuang Lee

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Saves Time & Energy
Mizz_uwa on 2022-07-03
Forest is the BEST productivity/focus timer app out of the dozens that I’ve tried. Forest is truly so helpful and they partner with Trees for the Future to convert focus time into real trees being planted. 🤩You’re allowed to customize the intervals for task time/break time and even lock access your phone (or not) to enhance concentration. Your garden gains new flora with every successfully completed focus round. This is a beautiful representation of sowing a seed and watching it grow with time. Forest also have a handy web browser extension making it accessible for most phones, laptops, and tablets. LASTLY, we can’t forget that you can actually use focus coins to plant real-life trees and to support Trees of the Future! Forest has planted nearly 1.5 million trees. If you’re looking for a quality productivity app, look no further my friends. Forest app is the crème de la crème.
Please fix the Friend Focus Rooms
beastmodemd on 2022-07-03
There’s only one reason to get it over flora and that’s the fact that your forest stays with you. Flora is free and , as someone with 10 friends who use focus apps like these, has way better Friend functionality: a social media like feed that you can like and comment on and easy ways to join a friends room that doesn’t require codes, starting together, or any prior planning. Not to mention that it’s so much grindier to get plants than Flora. If rooms become easier/more seamless to join, then it would most def be a more worthwhile pickup.
Great for ADHD
lcelinaoc on 2022-07-03
I used to use this app in 2015 but forgot about it over the years and I’m so glad a friend recommended it to me recently, reminding me I used to love it! I’ve recently returned to school AND got diagnosed with ADHD and can’t go more than 5 minutes studying without wanting to look at something on my phone. I also love the different trees and plants you can grow, definitely a lot more than from 2015! My only complaint is that it won’t let me set allowed apps but I understand that’s a limitation from Apple’s iOS and not the app developers.
Switches Radio to Carplay!
Cat says so on 2022-07-03
Forest is great for focus, but there's a really odd bug that shows up if you leave it open when you plug your phone into your car. If Forest is either counting down OR has the "Your tree has grown!" notification up, it will cause your Carplay-enabled vehicle to switch from whatever source it's currently using to Carplay every 30 seconds or so (at least with Subaru). Other than this, the app is excellent.
Really works!
17tcp on 2022-07-03
I just need a little reminder not to automatically pick up my phone and this app does the trick! Using the sounds helps as a reminder. I’d love to have a larger choice of sounds! Maybe peepers? Or some kind of simple music- piano, violin etc.
Simple, beautiful, worth it
CunningSym on 2022-07-03
Too many pomodoros over complicate or over corporate the process. Sorry i want something fun to look at! This app has you covered, no long tutorial to figure out or obnoxious ads. Just a little helper forest to show your work
Great encouragement!
Bigmamujamu on 2022-07-03
I downloaded this after hearing about it in Nir Eyal’s ‘Indistractable’ and I’ve used it 4 time in the afternoon alone. It’s a great reminder to stay on target and fun to see my progress in my own little forest!
Time spent on subjects
rayyyyyelllllll on 2022-07-03
This helps me with classes. I get to see which areas I am spending more/less time. It’s great for a student! I’ve also added in things like watching tv or playing vball
It actually works
yayplantsandfocusing on 2022-07-03
Such a simple idea, but it keeps me so focused! I wish it didn’t redirect me to an entire other login / page to download different styles of plants though
Pomodoro feature 🍅🥲
iCaveMedEvil on 2022-07-03
Most beautiful focus app on the market, IMO. It will become the best app of the entire human history if you add Pomodoro feature… 😅 thank you in advance

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