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Aug, 2021


Aug, 2021



With Friendly, you only need one app for all your social needs. Access your Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and other social accounts in one powerful browser app. Friendly Plus Social Browser is the premium version of Friendly Social. It includes all of Friendly's advanced features. One App for all your social accounts - Save space on your device - Preserve your battery - Save Data Usage - Easily switch between multiple accounts Take Control of your privacy - Friendly Privacy Shield (blocks social, advertising and content trackers) - Use FaceID, TouchID or Passcode to Login - Block click trackers Take Control of your data - Easily download or repost any of your Photos & Videos - Advanced Media Player (play in background, adjust speed, Picture-in-Picture) - Order feed by Most Recent - Filter/Highlight feeds by keywords Enjoy your social experience again - Advanced Colorful Themes - Night Mode - Adjust Font Size GIVE FRIENDLY A TRY ! And don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything CONTACT / HELP & FEEDBACK Please use link on this page, or message us from the app help menu Notes: - Facebook® and the Facebook logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc. - Friendly is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook

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From Sugar to Sh!t, getting worse w each alleged upgrade
TreoRenegade on 2021-09-27
Always latest version of iOS. Test your app. Far right white arrow may or may not dump you at menu options (groups, home feed, etc), rather than stay in group being read. Smaller brown typically bounces you out of the group you were reading, or out of groups altogether. Neither simply returns you to area of the group where you were. BTW, the growing minimal-star ratings confirms the problem lies exclusively with your coding, so own up and act accordingly. At least until worthy competition appears. 1️⃣ Full-screen presentation rather than narrower middle column. Result: futzed images. Refresh restores normalcy, but you must do so after viewing EVERY post, EVERY image. It feels like a 5-year old jumped into Dad’s coding box. 2️⃣ Navigation personifies a nightmare. Two back arrows, neither of which proves consistent. Sometime it returns the previous page. Other times, it bouces you out of Groups altogether. 3️⃣ G’on, try to view an image full screen. You’ll suffer through at least 3-4 screens, some blank, and you WILL be bounced out of the group you were trying to read. ➡️ Bottom line. Use the Lockdown browser. I keep reinstalling this every few months, hoping grown-up coders are back in charge. Fuggedaboutit.
Screws up when typing
jtaylor91 on 2021-09-27
I expected more out of this Plus version. Unfortunately, each time I attempt to type a comment on my profile page, the letters come to a halt, and then the page automatically reloads. Every.single.flipping.time!!! It is a bit frustrating. Normally, I do not leave reviews. Yet, since I expected so much more out of this app I thought it’d be extremely helpful that I inform the developers how irritating this bug is. Regardless, your hard work and devotion are well appreciated by me.
Randomly kicked out during post
Lynnbr549 on 2021-09-27
The app is okay, would be great to be able to sort the main page feed by newest, alphabetical friend,,,,,. But now the big pain is when I am writing a post, the app will clear the pane and then revert back to the previous page. I lose everything I had typed/entered and have to try again. Doing really short posts works most of the time, but the longer the writing post page is open, seems the more likely it will bug out. I hate looking for alternative apps but may be forced too.
I like it…BUT….
Kitty073 on 2021-09-27
With the latest update, whenever I am in a group or specific page, the ‘back’ arrow takes me out of the group completely and returns me to the home page. It’s sooo annoying. Please fix this!!!!
Typing a comment stops after IOS 14.8 upgrade
Waiting....,, on 2021-09-27
I upgraded to IOS 14.8 last week and now my beloved Friendly won't accept typing in a comment beyond a few words. The typing freezes and then is deleted. Update time.
Just replicates Facebook
KaleniMaka on 2021-09-27
Sponsored ads showing up everywhere despite the privacy blocker on, shame and less enjoyable now. Hopefully an update can fix it
It’s okay
vandeath pizza eater on 2021-09-27
Expected something more fluent in the handling and will be looking for something else.
No downloads anymore
Dell82 on 2021-09-27
Does not download any more. If I could give this app negative stars I would. Terrible
Update for IOS 15 ?
RCCARS69 on 2021-09-27
Noticed glitches on the insta activity button views appears doubled over.
Kicked me off friendly plus browser
sonjaBLADE228 on 2021-09-27
I want it to stay in app

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