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Experience the next level of Rhythm games with Game of Song. The music never stops on Game of Song land. Whenever you were happy, relaxed, or upset, just play the game and “rhythm” your mood. Launch Game of Song and have great moments with our Music Game Hub. You can play a bunch of games in one place. No need to download multiple apps, all games in one! Enjoy and play: ◉ Top music games of all time: Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Dancing Race, FNF Beat Battle Duel, and more! ◉ New games update frequently. ◉ Authentic games from Amanotes developer. ◉ Battle mode available: Compete with other players and become the champion! Join the biggest Music Gamehub: ◉ Enjoy the music experience on our platform. ◉ Find your favorite artists on Game of songs. ◉ Top songs now available: Glimpse of us, Shiver, Made you Look, How you like that,.. ◉ All music genres: Pop, EDM, Alternative, Rock N Roll, Dance, Country, Jazz, Ballad, Classical, Chill, Blues, R&B, and more. Discover playlists from your favorite singer: ◉ You can find Billboard hot 100 artists here: Ed Sheeran, Sia, Black Pink, Joji, Charlie Puth, Taylor Swift, and more. ◉ Hundreds of the best artists today have collaborated to make the ultimate playlist. ◉ New and top-hit songs will be updated in frequency. ◉ Game of songs makes your favorite songs unforgettable. Go viral: ◉ Climbing your way up on the leaderboard and beat all the challenges. Get the premium subscription ◉ No Ads. No Disturb. ◉ Unlock 1 Million songs and the hottest artist. ◉ Free Revives. Nonstop playing. Let the Music touch and heal your soul. Gamify your Music experience, and never get bored with Game of Song - Music Gamehub. Get your mood uplifted at the funniest time of the year! Important note: ◉ Game of Song is compatible best with iPhone 6s and above. Playing with the lower version can lead to low performance. ◉ Terms and conditions: ◉ Privacy policy: Support email: ◉ [email protected][email protected]

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Awesome!.. but there’s a few problems!
Jay#Jade on 2023-02-04
So, this app IS AMAZING!!! it saves so much room for my phone, in which I already have a LOT of storage, and I couldn’t download all of those apps, and, there’s other music apps I NEVER even heard of! Very large varieties of music too, and games, (all music, but- different play styles :D) I’m also VERY glad there’s the cure on there, I love boys don’t cry, and a lot of my music taste wasn’t put upon there, but it still works, and minor thing too, kind of complaint… I’m not a big ads person, and I’m pretty much aware of WHY there would be ads, but there’s just a LOT of new games to me, and I’m quite bad at them, so every time I die, it’s ad, after ad, after ad, maybe… every day when you log on, there’s a wheel? I’m wondering if you guys would like to add a currency? Or something, the wheel would be like *free ad pass*, and others, but my ideas are very floppy, I just feel the need to not only talk about ads, don’t wanna seem a karen about it! Although, I do feel there is quite a lot, and… SOME songs need(!!) to be censored, I’m kind of a mom teen, or that’s how I act I guess, and my younger siblings also play this, from when I tap on like the little speaker, thing button (this = 🔊 pretty much) there isn’t any censor, and I just feel since there are children on almost every app, every platform, it may need some type of way for maybe a parent to adjust the type of stuff you could listen to, like when one kid first logs in, there’s an option stating, “are you over (what age anyone would prefer, mostly creators)? if not, go grab a parent!” and then it’d go to the next thing and go on from there. that’s probably about all, small request, maybe add ferdous..? I really do love ALL of his songs! Mostly gravity, starlight, and a lot of his other popular ones, some others too. Also, I know I was talking about censored songs, but… slide by Calvin Harris..? SZA and Kendrick Lamar all the stars..? SORRY- not much of a small request, just putting a lot of stuff into this… that’s all! Thanks if you actually read all that obnoxious stuff, sorry I’m so picky! Sincerely, a somebody :) <3
Why do you like it I’ll tell you why
Krejci Perani rolls on 2023-02-04
I like this game because it has a one of my favorite music games like dancing road tile hops and even with the thing where you just tap the black one because I have a water favorite and it’s really fun because I have a lot lot lot lot lot lot lot of favorite one because it’s so find a big make music and stuff and it’s really like it’s good for kids as young as good for kids is really good so am I love it because it’s actually it actually can help kids learn and have lots of education and it can also help kids learn some new songs how to sing it and how to play games that they don’t know so I love it and it’s just a really fun game my name my age and everything else at the bottom Love Maliah 8 years old favorite color yellow pink and green love somebody cereal is my favorite food and everything else is Cool Love you all and love all the comments!!! Heart emoji heart emoji heart emoji❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗🧡💚❤️💛💗💛
Please add one time purchase for premium
Cookiekat201 on 2023-02-04
This is a good game, and I’m impressed with the large variety of songs. Some issues tho. 1. (biggest issue) I don’t like that the only options are subscriptions for premium. There’s a weekly subscription for $3.49 and a monthly subscription for $9.99. No way I’m paying that much for a game. I would consider buying it if it was a one time purchase for maybe $19.99. But I don’t like the subscriptions, so please add the option for a one time purchase. I’m sure you would get more buyers. 2. The game sometimes crashes, a lot of the time during an ad. The ads seem to be real glitchy. It also sometimes crashes in the middle of a song, so then that gets ruined. Please fix these issues. I’ll add a star for each one that gets fixed. Sorry for the length review btw. Edit: Something I forgot to mention is that often stuff will be slow to load. I know it isn’t my device because other apps work just fine.
Your mom said she would take me home
cookiesinmilk on 2023-02-04
I love this game it is so good I just got it today and I am already in love I hope it is the same to everyone else I don’t thing there is any problems because ads are ads there is not a lot for me but yea it is great, awesome!
Its a good game but….
Aj_skz on 2023-02-04
Its a good game but i really wish there were more k-pop songs like songs from BTS, Stray kids, Enhypen, TXT, Gidle, and so on, because i like music but not many of the songs i like are on the app.
Has all my favorite songs and my favorite games I get to listen to music
ng gcyjdgntsutshtt on 2023-02-04
I get to play one game to other game this is the best because I get to play a game that’s in a app all games must appreciate this gonna delete all my games maybe but this one will stay
So bad
&373,.8174?5'zos on 2023-02-04
I got the game and I tried to play a game and pick a song but it said game won’t load pick new game so I did. it kept saying game wont load pick a new game. I could not play one game.
Nickname8181 on 2023-02-04
Can you add more songs and I can’t find a lot of good songs but it’s a good game overall like for me the games work perfectly fine but I just ask for more songs Thank You
Great game!
Zara's sister on 2023-02-04
I love games, especially music games! So this game allows me to get every game that has music. So I don’t have to go searching through the App Store to find music games.
Reeeead pls
b-ball girlie 13 on 2023-02-04
When i play this game, EVERY time i choose a different game on there it give me and ad and after EVERY round it gives me like a 30 second ad.

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