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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Welcome to Gardenscapes! Rake your way through a storyline full of unexpected twists to restore a wonderful garden to its former glory! Embark on an adventurous journey: beat match-3 levels, restore and decorate different areas in the garden, get to the bottom of the secrets it holds, and enjoy the company of amusing in-game characters, including Austin, your butler! What are you waiting for? Build your dream garden! The game features: ● Unique gameplay: swap and match, restore and decorate the garden, and enjoy a novel storyline—all in one place! ● Hundreds of unique match-3 levels ● Dozens of in-game characters you can make friends with ● A lovely pet that is always there to cheer you up ● An in-game social network you can use to keep up on all the latest ● Different areas in the garden with unique structures: broken fountains, mysterious mazes, and many more ● A community that comes first—become neighbors with your Facebook friends! Gardenscapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's "Restrictions" menu. Enjoying Gardenscapes? Learn more about the game! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Questions? Contact our Tech Support at [email protected]

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The amount of coins
Ali1$ on 2020-07-02
The amount of coins spent doesn’t compare to the amount of coins earned. This game is really nice and addictive but every level is less than 100 coins earn for the occasional exception. Everything you buy is expensive so not having good earnings means you investing actual money to buy coins. I feel like every game should be making more coins since it’s 900 coins for 5 extra moves and after that it’s 1200 for another 5 moves. Why charge so much coins to get moves but in the end your only making 50-60 coins, it’s a nice game but clearly they only care to make money. Don’t get me wrong I guess that’s what apps are all about but there should be a better balance if you were making 500 coins per game I don’t think I would have the same opinion because it would balance it self out more.
Missing decor items and no way to contact customer support
Sunbird001 on 2020-07-02
I’ve been playing and supporting Gardenscapes for months but lately it’s been frustrating. Several of my decor items have just disappeared and there is no way to contact customer support to get them reloaded. If I go through the app to Help and Support and attempt to contact customer support, the app immediately closes down and I’m back to the home screen. If I go to “contact us” at Help and Support and try to go through their chat customer support, they just return some FAQs that do not apply at all to the problem. There’s no live human. If I try to contact help and support through the App Store, it makes you open the app and then it just shuts down again. So I’m very disappointed that their customer support is null and void.
Shameful and RACIST.
Albert Lawson on 2020-07-02
What monster cane up with this game!? On the surface it’s a sweet story about a butler and a handyman (who may have been his childhood lover) but as soon as the game play starts it’s all downhill. First, it’s not puzzled like the ads make you think but another match game. Only in this ge there expect you to BLOW UP BUTTERFLIES WITH BOMBS! What!? Harmless, gentle butterflies that only exist to make the world more beautiful and you’re supposed to rip them violently apart with shrapnel and fire!? This game should have a warning! The characters are okay, except the totally racist caricature that’s the only Asian in the game who “talk like Yoda he does, backwards with words he speaks.” - RACISTS!
Feels Like A Waste of Time Sometimes
Rog'e on 2020-07-02
I will admit that the game can be fun at times; however, there are times when you know it’s impossible to win. You really don’t have control over winning; no amount of intellect can guarantee a win and you are at the mercy of the game. You win if they let you. This can be frustrating at times since you’d need extras which cost money of course to win. My other gripe is the wheel. The wheel doesn’t spin at the same speed all the time. I’ve counted 6 spaces after a tap, if the jackpot is on the six space it will either speed up to get pass it or slow ridiculously to avoid it. We understand that the developers need to make money but the game becomes frustrating sometimes.
Love it BUT...
Aityoty on 2020-07-02
I LOVE these games a lot I spend quite a bit of my time playing in fact- however y’all update the apps a lot. Which is fine I’m glad you’re keeping up with the games, but my phone is sucky and has little storage despite me having hardly any apps downloaded. When I update this it takes a bit more storage and it won’t let me play until I update it. Why force me to update? I rlly don’t wanna delete the game but it’s kinda ridiculous to force us to update and not let us play til we do. I can’t do anything to fix my terrible phone and storage situation either. I love the game but I just wish it’d at least still let me play the game if I don’t update it every single time.
Pay to win
Cindehhh on 2020-07-02
This game is the definition of “play to win”. Essentially it’s ridiculously hard for you to win each levels as you progress without having to resort to in-app purchases. It’s a money drain and the developers have found a way to exploit users for money. That said, what’s up with the misleading ads of this game that I see on other games? Like seriously, the game is not as depicted in the ads. Doesn’t just go for this game itself but also its “sister” games like the original game. Incredibly deceptive. This game is not made honestly and you can clearly tell that the devs are making it hard so you have to purchase credits/power ups to advance.
Drain battery
Kittkat1003 on 2020-07-02
Over the last few months games drains my iPad Pro 2 (that isn’t even a year old)at an alarming rate. I can be at 100% and within an hour of playing be down to 60%, even with everything else closed and screen brightness very low. As for spending money, I agree with most reviews. I've spent a lot to buy more coins and still feel you are not getting enough with the time it takes to do anything. Need to give more coins for ending level early or more stars for each level! I’m at 5400 so I obviously like playing the game and am willing to spend real money to play, but be prepared!!
Bad advertising
Christine_6 2020 on 2020-07-02
What you advertise, and what the game actually is are two completely different games. Although I like gardenscapes because I like designing and things, unless you spend money you can’t get passed certain levels. Advertisements say either: 1. All you’re doing is renovating, and seeing a great product, or; 2. Moving pins to get people out of a precarious situation Neither say you’re playing a completely different game to earn credits to make the renovations. Which at that point becomes a very small part of this game at all.
Garden scapes. Beware!
Wrong--way on 2020-07-02
This game is cleverly designed so that the developers can “escape” with your money. Way too few moves and lives to solve some of these puzzles, which pushes you to buy more lives or power ups. I imagine this could become very expensive if you became addicted to the game. But since I don’t fall for that, I’m stuck with a game I can’t always play when I want to. Why bother ? So I deleted it. It’s a shame because the game itself is pretty entertaining. It’s also a shame the company that put this out is way too greedy.
the best if all playrix
deboragryn on 2020-07-02
this is the game for me, unlike wildscapes, the AI helps you out with placing rainbows where you need them so you can clear the space faster, and its very enjoyable. even if you get stuck on super hard level some times, you can get boosters and money easier.”, not to mention the team helps out with lives. makes me one to play more and more ! the only thing i would change is the main character, he is kinda creepy. and i never understood why he is a butler if he is rich as f$$$. aside from that, love this!

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