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Dec, 2020


Dec, 2020



Gear up at the right time and beat your rivals! Highlights / Features - Tap-only one finger control. - Easy yet challenging gameplay. - Attractive Minimal Graphics & Addictive gameplay. - No wifi connection required. You can play offline in anywhere anytime. - No unnecessary explosions/sounds and other weird visual effects

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Nos is rigged
monkey feet on 2021-01-25
When I played the game I made a gamertag I didn’t like so I reinstalled the game. I was already skeptical about the nos money times thing because sometimes I wouldn’t press it because I would be doing something else but whenever I don’t press it I go higher. sooo I deleted the game to change my gamertag and check if it was rigged. so I remembered what I got every time I tried, but I didn’t press the button. BUT I WENT THE SAME DISTANCE! WHY EVEN RIG THE NOS SO IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ACTUALLY WIN. is so pointless WHY MAKE IT RANDOM! And the game is basically pay to win SO TELL ME WHY RIG THE NOS MONEY TIMES BOOST. I have a theory the owner of the game doesn’t want you to win a lot of coins so you pay your OWN money on coins so they make money and they are happy NOT you SO basically it’s a pyramid scheme.
Ad machine
RogFed101 on 2021-01-25
I wouldn’t call this a game. I played like 24 levels and there were like a total of 3 different kinds of levels. All levels are more or like same. There is no fun no excitement. Winning different cars doesn’t mean anything. All the cars are same performance wise. The most important bit is the ads. It’s like the app is built around how to show ads. Ads last longer than the levels. If you play the game for five minutes you’re spending more than half the time watching ads than actually playing the game. Same repetitive levels further proves that the game is designed around ads. Don’t waste your time on this game. If you like mindless tapping and waiting, knock yourself out.
Some Dislikes about the game
Super pineapple 2.0 on 2021-01-25
The game had a lot of ads every time I would join I would get a ad get one when the match is over I had it for about five minutes I had least been shown about six or seven ads I think if there wasn’t so many ads in the game it wouldn’t be so laggy and more people will have it also the game is really slow at some point and at some levels it does get tiring seen the same ones every time all it shows me the game called car2 I have played it it’s a really good game there’s only about one per like 10 minutes and that’s good maybe take out more of the ads but that’s my opinion
Terrible Game
Ray2702 on 2021-01-25
I spent more time watching ads than playing the game. Rampant with gameplay/visual/audio bugs. Runs terribly for a game with such simple graphics. Forced to watch an ad after every game (each game lasts ~30s). Fake multiplayer. Too easy, got the best car in 10 minutes and fully upgraded it in another 10. I swear these devs were just trying to make as much money as they could from a game with as minimal effort as possible. Good on them for achieving their goal now please stop making this garbage.
a lot of ads and kind of boring
Platinum_Ghost on 2021-01-25
First of all there are WAY too many ads. Basically an ad after every 30 second race you finish. it’s very annoying and you should definitely reduce the amount of ads by a lot. Second it’s gets really boring after about 5 - 10 minutes because there is basically no opponent. i mean sure the npc is there racing you but you never really see him catch up or anything. you might as well just be playing by yourself to be honest. The game can for sure be improved though!
Asher01827374 on 2021-01-25
How are you going to ask a person that plays your game to earn +$300ish in game currency to watch and ad. But then I (the majority of gamers) click the no thanks tab, AND YOU STILL DECIDED TO PUT A ADD AFTER I CLICKED NO THANKS AND STILL HAVE THE AUDACITY TO NOT GIVE ME MY MONEY, a 8 year old could have coded this simple line, that’s a good 13-20% loss rate for most people, it’s not hard to click the delete app, uninstall..... at least make it after every 3 races
Good for 10 minutes, ADS
Groverrover248 on 2021-01-25
You get more currency for watching ads than actually playing the game, there limited upgrades than you can get and I got all the ones that actually make a difference in abt 10 minutes, than the game was kind a pointless from there so I just deleted it. Tip: if you are bored and just want to play the game without having 5,000 ads in your face every 10 seconds than turn off your wifi and data so they can’t load them in ;)
It’s literal Garbage
TSK_Squigga on 2021-01-25
This is such an trash game you literally click the button a couple times and the very beginning as long as you shift it like a normal person that knows how to drive you’re going to win every time and there’s an add after every game you play wether you collect bonus or not this is definitely a waste of your time. I downloaded it knowing I would delete it after a couple games just because of how stupid it looks.
preacher72950 on 2021-01-25
If you’re like me chances are you saw this game on snap chat and thought it was pretty cool but then you start playing it and realize it’s like every other game advertised on snap chat mindless and a million levels and no fresh game mechanics or modes just gear up every time the needles in the green pretty much a game for 4 year olds and you don’t even need the upgrades if you know how to shift gears
Ads galore
MerelyAGhost on 2021-01-25
I understand that you need ads to make a profit and to keep the game on the platform, but there is literally an ad after every single round. Maybe if you had an ad every 3 or 5 rounds it would be okay but having it after every round is complete overkill. Uninstalled after just 3 rounds because of the amount of ads.

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