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May, 2020


May, 2020



Everyone Believes themselves They are the best sniper IN THE WORLD · · · · · · Game Feature · · · · · · · » 100m : You think you can shoot everything » 1,000m : You believe you can shoot bacon on the frying pan » 3,000m : Are you sure you can shoot falling leaves? » Simple touch control » It’s time to be the best Gentle Sniper » Support iPhoneX, iPad series » New stages will be updated every week Developer - Best Indie Developer MondayOFF Game · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Thanks to

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shoot a heart I want to shoot a heart
shoot a heart on 2020-06-03
Hey I want you to pls ad like when there is any valentines related thing can you add like a special to the game plssss
What I want
sammmm22222555 on 2020-06-03
I want to have a background like the forest while I’m shooting and have a person I can customize to myself I know this is a lot but I would love that thank you
More shooting
on 2020-06-03
Shoot a very very small target with only and an s ranking, shoot a keyboard to spell out the word “cool”
False advertising
Lols0827 on 2020-06-03
The games says it adds “new stages every week” but we haven’t gotten a single new stage in a month.
Fun and what I want to shoot
older sibling on 2020-06-03
I think it’s really fun and I would like to shoot/make a pizza like the hamburger
Wafyiiygfthz on 2020-06-03
Make us shoot a giant Sonic and every superhero in the entire superhero universe
Kinda dumb
Purplenirplejellybean on 2020-06-03
Every time I shoot it will pop up an add so I might delete the app
Le Muah Kim on 2020-06-03
it’s been months since the last update, “nEw uPdAtEs eVeRY wEeK”
Just a thought
Deedle's Mom on 2020-06-03
I want to add doughnuts to the list of things you can shoot.
Lilayah on 2020-06-03
Can I shoot a finger,eye,mouth,and spell my name shoots

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