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Apr, 2021


Apr, 2021



Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer! "Frustratingly wonderful" - Kotaku "Geometry Dash provides all of the challenge expected from an “impossible” game while also making it more accessible to newcomers." - 148Apps "Geometry Dash is a fast-paced platformer that will leave you screaming in frustration, but you’ll keep coming back for more." - AppAdvice Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. Simple one touch game play that will keep you entertained for hours! Check out the full version for new levels, soundtracks, achievements, online level editor and much much more! Game Features • Rhythm-based Action Platforming! • Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character! • Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more! • Use practice mode to sharpen your skills! • Challenge yourself with the near impossible! Contact: [email protected]

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Good Game, Bad Issues.
FluffernutterLover on 2021-05-11
Hello everyone, For all of you that are reading my review I just want to say this: Don’t let my review stop you from downloading this game. First of all, this game is awesome, but there are some annoying glitches that have encountered when I have played. Sometimes the block guy will lag after I pressed my screen to jump but when the game freezes my screen freezes too. That makes my block guy die because when it resumes my block guy ends up....dying. This is very frustrating, so please try to fix it however that may be. Second of all, the sound tracks are getting a bit boring. In my opinion, you should have a list of songs the player can choose from that math the beat and rhythm of the level. Again, that’s just a suggestion. ⭐️Thank you so much for reading! ⭐️ Have an awesome day!
Awesome! ☺️
hgbgbhgbg on 2021-05-11
Why it’s good: This app is super good because there are so many fun levels! Music is also very good! It is the best platformer game So many colors to collect! Also it’s FREE Why I installed this: You know I used to be obsessed with YouTube but then my mom told me to get a game instead and it keeped me busy! Now I don’t watch YouTube a lot anymore! Besides- I am too young for YouTube, come on, I AM UNDER 13 XDD Suggestions: You should be able to like sign in with YouTube and when you sign in you can listen to YouTube videos while you play! Cool right? New emojis!: lol I know this is not part of the review but here some cool new emojis ‍️‍‍ Age rating: UMMMM UM UM UM UM UM UM UM UM UM UM UM UM UM *sigh* pls make it 6+
Cool cool
catgrl300 on 2021-05-11
Ok new donloders this game is harder than it looks but it is so fun! I love the music and the colers. But, if you have the thing when you see a lot of bright colers moving super fast this is not the game for you. Developers, I hope you make the new corses soon because I am loving this game and I got it last night. I have been playing this game for like two hours straight. Thank you for making this game.
It’s good but
biiigeesstt pp on 2021-05-11
All the people with the most critical reviews are just complaining about there social life and that some of the levels are “hard.” It isn’t. It’s a challenging mind game for a reason. It may not register taps a lot for some devices of older age. Makes sense. But people who are saying that it’s hard and can’t beat the first level. Then sorry but your a noob. It’s easy.
Very grateful
gratefulsicko11 on 2021-05-11
This may sound wierd, but I’m grateful for this game because for some reason, it helps me when I am nauseous. Ever since i first downloaded it years ago in middle school, I play it when I am Feeling sick, and I think it is a combination of the fast pace, the colors and the sync of the music, but it helps my anxiety and distracts me from the sickness I feel.
Please read this...
minecraftBX789 on 2021-05-11
Ok I love playing geometry dash lite,meltdown,subzero and geometry dash world it just needs more levels on meltdown and subzero they only have 3 levels so add more pls and my friend also downloaded meltdown,subzero and lite but he did not want to download geometry dash world so I hope you all have a great day stay safe and I hope me won’t get corona bye
Greatest game ever
marcberen on 2021-05-11
This is the best game ever I told all my friends about it.It’s relaxing,fun,enjoyable and entertaining. I just go it and it the best I have it on every device in my house I play 24 7 it just great. It’s a bit hard but that’s what makes it fun you have to use strategies to get a new score. I looooooooooooooooooooooove this game.
Read this it’s amazing
ry5436 on 2021-05-11
Love the game I really can’t put my love into words for this game I am literally obsessed with this game and I’ve been playing it since I was like four or five this game is so great I’m literally like it’s just I can’t explain it I’m gonna show how much I loveI have for this game I am going to give this a five star review
@--(. .)@ on 2021-05-11
I’ve been playing this game since 2014 and its updates just made it better and better. Although the updates take a very long time, I do understand how hard it is to design updates for a game. I hope version 2.2 is going to be released soon. KEEP IT UP ROBTOP!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!
Kade Koshina on 2021-05-11
The music stopped working for me and no matter what I do it won’t come back on. I’ve clicked on other games to make sure it wasn’t my phone acting up and the other games’ music works fine. I’ve checked settings and the music volume is all the way up? Idk what to do.

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