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Apr, 2021


Apr, 2021



Geometry Dash is back with a brand new adventure! New levels, new music, new monsters, new everything! Flex your clicky finger as you jump, fly and flip your way through dark caves and spiky obstacles. Discover the lands, play online levels and find the secrets hidden within the World of Geometry Dash! • Rhythm-based Action Platforming! • Ten unique levels with music from Dex Arson, Waterflame and F-777! • Play daily quests and earn rewards! • Play online levels created by the Geometry Dash community! • Unlock unique icons and colors to customize your character! • Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more! • Use practice mode to sharpen your skills! • Challenge yourself with the near impossible! Approved by RubRub \ (•◡•) /

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Good, but...
wenton234 on 2021-05-11
This is a really good game, but it has some problems. When I first go the game, it looked REALLY fun. I really wanted the game because then I would have like 3 out of 5 if the games RobTop made. So I got it. But as soon as I got it, an ad popped up and I couldn’t skip the ad! Really? /:( I wish that you could like save your progress if you sign into like your account or something from like your email. In this game I had to end up deleting the game because you couldn’t search for any levels, you couldn’t save your progress, and it took up SO MUCH IPHONE STORAGE! I had to also delete it because I’m only allowed 1-2 games on my phone. But other than that the game itself is pretty fun. Oh! That reminds me, the original levels, like the DashLands or the Toxic place or whatever it is called, YOU NEED TO PUT MORE LEVLES ON THERE OR ELSE IT GETS BORING. AND PLEASE PUT SOME COINS ON THE FREAKIN’ LEVELS. PLEASE!
it takes your orbs whenever you watch ads
jordygotsole on 2021-05-11
its a good game and everything but lets get to the point. so you know how you can watch ads to get orbs right. ok so im watching a bunch of ads because i want to get this 6000 orb icon in the community store so im at 5659 orbs and watching another ads to get more and all of a sudden my game gliches and it kicks me out. so i go back into the game to just watch another ads but no. all my orbs that i watches hella ads for are gone. now i only have 5000 orbs and i have to start from the bottom again. so me being my nonchalant self just does just that. but no once i get up to 5959 orbs my game glitches again and i go ALL THE WAY back to 5000 orbs. can we please fix this or i swear im deleting this game
Good game, bad experience
jakers1014 on 2021-05-11
Geometry dash is over of my first mobile games that I’ve always loved, and i still love the gameplay of GD. But the ads in this game are ridiculous. You get a video ad every 5 attempts, and there’s almost never an x button to close out of the ad so you have to close the app and open it up again. This makes practice mode useless, as if you mess up 5 times, you just have to start over again. If the ads weren’t so frequent and could actually be closed out of, this game would get 5 stars
Wow... AWESOME!!
Australia, alaska, denver on 2021-05-11
Okay, so I got this game thinking. “Huh, LOOKS cool, but I’m not easily impressed.” But when I got it I was like “WOW SOOO AMAZING!” I’m not easily impressed, so GOOD JOB! Anyways, I would like you to take away the ads after every single level or anytime you die. I highly recommend this for anyone, but I DO recommend that you do not play it if you have any anger issues or post-traumatic stress (if that makes sense) and good job again!
Its fun but years is to hard
Rubiks cubes are de bast on 2021-05-11
I've been trying sooooo hard but yet have not succeeded years is to hard for me and when im flying the plane sometimes it goes up to much and it crashes when im going at a normal pace so it doesn't go up It just the plane thats the problem it goes to up when I fly at a slow and normal pace
Would not recommend
would never play on 2021-05-11
I’ve been playing this game for a bit now, and I decided it is horrible, I have two reasons, 1 you get VERY mad rlly easily and 2 you lose progress, let’s say you’re at 98% and you’re so happy and then you die because of a spike, and you have to start at the beginning, leading to reason 1.
GREAT game, but...
xmlrieldf on 2021-05-11
I love this game it’s very addicting and fun to play when I’m bored. But there’s way too many ads and some levels are impossible to complete. I know it’s supposed to be a hard game, but most of the levels are just impossible. So many ads too. But overall, good game!
Amazing but...
dollars yay on 2021-05-11
Yeah! this is one of my favorite games I play in my spare time, but for some reason, my daily rewards haven’t been working not just in gd world but the full version too. Please work to fix that.
This game is AWESOME
(I don't need to tell u) on 2021-05-11
Geometry Dash World is definitely the best of the Geometry Dash games. The levels are cooler, you have more avatar options, and there's the vault. Don't change a thing! I love this game!
I have full gd
finjarirl on 2021-05-11
The reason i an downloading this is cuz there is different levels in featured and now it says beat all toxic factoy to go to featured and there level are impossible get full gd not this crap

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