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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer! "Frustratingly wonderful" - Kotaku "Geometry Dash provides all of the challenge expected from an “impossible” game while also making it more accessible to newcomers." - 148Apps "Geometry Dash is a fast-paced platformer that will leave you screaming in frustration, but you’ll keep coming back for more." - AppAdvice Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. Simple one touch game play with lots of levels that will keep you entertained for hours! Game Features • Rhythm-based Action Platforming! • Lots of levels with unique soundtracks! • Build and share your own levels using the level editor! • Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character! • Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more! • Use practice mode to sharpen your skills! • Game Center achievements with rewards! • Challenge yourself with the near impossible! Contact: [email protected]

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Kustonianmančiamas on 2021-04-11
The only thing I don’t like about gd is 2.2 is taking forever... :( but anyways that’s all I have to say so here is a very stupid generated sentence I will put for your entertainment. Note: it counts lol as a word The text is that the way to my house and the house and then you go back and then you go to the bathroom again and then you go back and forth to your room again to get the word out for the kids and I have to say yes and you have no reason for that stupid reason to do anything wrong with your phone lol it’s so weird and I’m sorry for your text lol it’s hilarious lol lol I just got back from my computer so I have no problem getting my computer to the computer now lol lol it’s so stupid autocorrect I can’t see you in my computer so I’m gonna be there for a little bit and I don’t think you need it for me a little bit lol lol I’m just a stupid autocorrect stupid stupid dumb autocorrect I love it so I just got a text from you I love the way it looks like it’s a good thing but it’s hilarious it’s just like I don’t know what to do with my computer and I’m not gonna do anything stupid stupid autocorrect stupid stupid dumb stupid stupid autocorrect stupid stupid dumb autocorrect stupid autocorrect stupid stupid dumb autocorrect I just got to my computer and it says that I’m stupid stupid dumb autocorrect stupid stupid dumb joke stupid autocorrect stupid stupid dumb autocorrect stupid stupid joke lol lol it’s hilarious it’s just like a stupid stupid dumb autocorrect stupid stupid dumb stupid stupid autocorrect stupid stupid dumb Ok that’s all. Idk why it’s so focused on autocorrect being dumb...
Geometry Dash
Marrisa J. on 2021-04-11
Geometry Dash is amazing! I have almost no complaints. The gameplay is nice, level editor is cool, but hard to navigate and do, the characters are just, , amazing. But with a good game, comes bad downfalls. First, the main levels. Don’t get me wrong, the main levels are amazing. But they have their setbacks. Some are just flat out annoying. It’s hard to learn things to do in some of them. Art is amazing, but gameplay is not always so good. Second, characters. I love the characters. But there are downfalls. It’s mostly the spaceships. Spaceships are cool to collect, buy, and use. But some, they just don’t look like they’re flying. Like the dragon ones, from the shop. They just look like they’re floating. Maybe if like their wings moved it would look better. Third and last, level editor. I love messing around in level editor, but it’s hard. Making good gameplay and finding the right textures and blocks to use is just hard. I wish they could update it, maybe make it better. Overall, it’s a fun game. It’s addicting to play and hard, but minor things they need to fix. 5 stars ⭐️
Amazing but problems
jsbhshsgdgdh on 2021-04-11
I’m a veteran to this game I love it though I have a big bug so I sometimes can’t use no headphones no I put headphones on then the next day I log on I can never hear music again I only may hear music when I put my headphones on that’s my big problem iather way I also think there should be more official levels there’s only 22 so it makes the game to easy for me (even though I can’t do stereo madness) it’s to easy mabye more difficulty’s should come out cause there’s so much hard levels like swi (sonic wave infinity) And shinigami and also galaxy collapse is coming and it’s almost impossible it doesn’t match extreme demon like I honestly don’t want to be judged cause of my opinion it’s what I think I think some are to hard and need there own difficulty I have mixed options on this game it’s just phonominal
TysonGamer.45 on 2021-04-11
Updates, a game should be updated at least one a month or once every 3 months at the least. But going on 4 years, it’s a little to much. This coming 2.2 update better have a lot of new things for it to be 4 years in the making. The game is fine overall but when the same songs, and the same play style with the same decorations being used, it’s all starting to deteriorate the play style. The game has super cool features already but once again we’ve waited 4 years for some more. It’s time to update
i m p r o v e n o w !
Daniel,31 on 2021-04-11
I am keep dreaming about these things: -Secret coins in our levels, coins in our levels, secret coins in your levels -Chests in our levels. During pickup, player stops and chest opens. -Platformer mode -Checkpoints in platformer mode, in the "Trigger" page -20x Speed Portal in Platformer Mode -Floating Ball? (Carrys icon inside, also shows icon) -Free demon keys in our levels (Has pickup) -Weekly bonus (Luxury chest) (Never accept ratings that need you to fix the game)
Please listen
Space gamre on 2021-04-11
Attention, the “Most Critical” section for this game is a bad representation for the game. If you are looking to purchase, I highly recommend the game, but it could take years of practice. Anyway, don’t take the “critical” reviews seriously unless they are serious. Some could be: “wHy iS lEvEl 1 sO hArD?!!?”, or:” I found a bug in blah blah blah and I recommend fixing it.” So, lookout for stupid reviews and this game is a lot more fun than you think.
The game is good but
dbhchdhdhd on 2021-04-11
The game is good and all but I don’t like the fact that is two dollars I know there’s a short game called Geometry Dash light but you cannot build levels it or do any of that there’s also not as much stages on the light version and also there is this level that says coming soon but it still hasn’t came out yet also does that on the light version so I think the upload is stopped updating the game what makes me very sad because this is a great game
So nice I’d buy it twice.
AHonestGameReviewer on 2021-04-11
The game is a really fun mobile and pc game. I bought this game on all devices and even gifted the game to some of my friends. Its got loads of features and levels made every day. There’s customizable icons with a bunch of combinations. The main levels are straightforward and easy to learn. The game is also supposed to be an “impossible” game so dying/crashing on levels is what it’s about. Overall it’s a great game.
Severe Glitch
FlamingoSoul719 on 2021-04-11
I LOVE this game, but I had taken a break for about 2 months and when I decided to play it when I was bored one time, I tapped it, (Yes I play on Mobile) and it showed the RobTop Logo and then the app closed. I tried again, and again, but I could not open it. I tried reinstalling the app, but it didn’t work. If anyone wants to help please DM me on Discord. (KingSlimeyYT on Discord)
GOKU SON! on 2021-04-11
First of all, I want to acknowledge that fact that the devs did an FANTASTIC job. I play the game every single day. I have know problems with the game expect 1. I was playing online levels and I came across this game the said it was easy but was hard as a Demon difficulty. The only thing that should be changed is that the game rates the level. Thanks for bringing me hours of fun.

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