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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Universal OFFLINE app for iPhone X/ iPhone 8/ iPhone 8Plus/ iPhone 7/ iPhone 7Plus/ iPhone SE/ iPhone 6s/ iPhone 6s Plus/ iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus/ iPhone 5/ iPhone/ iPad/ iPad Pro/ iPod. Hiking in the US has been around for generations, although distinguished hiking trails didn’t emerge until the turn of the 20th century. Today, with the rising popularity of hiking and fitness in the media, what was once a task left to the ‘fittest’ is now a trendy outdoor activity for all ages. This is a premier iOS app catering to almost every information of Georgia State Hiking Trails. It features 6 different modules providing information of the Georgia State like Overview, Facts, Hiking Trails, Map, Gallery, NearSearch. Explore the most popular trails in United States with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions Here are the modules available in the Georgia Hiking Trails : 
 1. Overview :
 √ Get the Basic Info about the Georgia State.
 √ Information to know how to reach via various means to the destination. 
 2. Facts: √ Instructions that we need to follow in the Georgia State to stay safe. 
√ Know the places around the Georgia State to have fun. 3. Image Gallery : 
 √ Bulk repository and ever changing images of the Georgia State with high resolution images which are watch worthy. 
 √ Images of the current location/attractions of the Georgia State. 4. Hiking Trails : 
 √ App shows available Hiking Trails list, Description, map.
 √ Information, address, near Campgrounds, Parks, etc… of the Hiking Trail selected. 
√ Shows distance from your current location and also it shows directions, landmarks, location to selected Hiking Trail.
 5. Map : 

 √ Fully zoomable map contains Point of interests on them along with interactive guide. Just tap on any poi you can get the information for that along with routing information.
 √ GPS facility is enabled to show the directions and route map.
 √ Locates the Georgia State and the user location on map. 
√ Has the call option and can check the address of the Attraction. 
 √ Once the user opens the Map, it points us the Attractions in the Georgia State. 
 6. Local Search : 
 √ Find list of available Hotels, Attractions, Campgrounds, Restaurants, Bars, Hospitals, Drug Stores, Banks, ATM's, Shopping malls, Pizza huts, Gas Stations and Railway stations etc..
 √ Predefined & PointOfInterest(POI) searches are available. It brings your Device one step closer to a full feature GPS system. It has a database pre-populated with more than 1000 PointOfInterest(POI) categories. You can find the places you are looking for without any typing.
 √ Search also acts as a Guide to help user in finding the directions from one place to another via GPS enabled Map.

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