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Aug, 2021


Aug, 2021



It is summer now, you don't need all these layers of clothes on you! Get to the end of the track and try to find a good use for hangers you find along the way.

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*Important Game Info, Read this whole review*
A total baddie on 2021-09-21
When downloading this game, I thought I was just getting into one of those regular, run-of-the-mill walking and dodge, ad farm mobile game. Oh boy was I wrong. You see, before downloading this game, I struggled to feel anything and was just diagnosed with cancer and aids. Immediately after downloading this game, I felt something… I felt emotions. Right as you jump into the game you are flooded by a plethora of pleasure and luckiness. Literally right after downloading this game, several guys walked up to me begging me to be their husband. I think both the gameplay and ads really help you feel like you are in an environment that I can only describe as “an epic shower party” I think my favorite feature of gameplay is when you dance on the pole. Secondly this game also taught me some valuable life lessons. For example, I now know that I should avoid old ladies and other women in general. The ending where you half-naked jump in the pool with the hot guy is really symbolic of our own inner challenges; Pushing through your goals and splashing into happiness once you accomplish them. Last but not least, this game really helps me look at myself as a “baddie” and reinvent myself into becoming a hot and bubbly female who collects coins and clothes hangers. Overall this game has made me question my whole reality, wherever I look all I see are clothes hangers and coins that I have to collect while taking my clothing off. Thank you, developers for making it 3D as well so I can enjoy this game even more. I also want to thank you for curing my aids and cancer, Get Lucky 3D.
Overall great game
fajics on 2021-09-21
Uh what? I was told that the person gets naked in this game. Where is that? As a part of the male species I would like to see this game be what it is in the add!!! On level 3 I got a 5x so that is really really cool!! I saw how people don’t get them but I got it!! I like the concept of this game but it needs some fixes there are some bugs because I get stuck- and way to many adds- like so many
Literally impossible to get x5
@frybanshee139 on 2021-09-21
Once you actually get the girl down to a towel, it's impossible to x5 your score because the gauge is way too fast. The game is called "Get Lucky", so I don't think it should be that impossible to get lucky. Otherwise it's false advertising. Fix it or I'm reporting your game to Apple.
OOFERGANG NAY NAY on 2021-09-21
this game is so weird and absolutely disgusting like why is someone saying the girl should be naked when you get more hotter. bro it’s so disgusting like UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! and why is people liking this game it’s so weird and the ads too. these type of games should be banned for good.
Stupid game
rexLipstick on 2021-09-21
This dumb game won’t let my slide on one of the levels I’m deleting this stupid game forever whoever created this doesn’t want me to enjoy it fix your stupid lil game 😂 I bet a cat and stick can make a game better than some glitchy game.
Two minor suggestions
AnimeBeauty on 2021-09-21
This is a great app. But PLEASE fix the thing that we click on to jump in the pool. It moves too fast and I can’t click the x5. And maybe add more girl characters too? That would make the game AWESOME.
ha32736 on 2021-09-21
This game is rated for 12 and up. This is not a children’s game. This needs to be fixed badly. I’ve been looking at your reviews and seen you have some people going to repot you to Apple. I am too.
It’s good but…..
Weirdest thing on 2021-09-21
This game is great and awesome and I recommend playing it, but I think the girl should be naked if you get to hot in the game. Over all, it’s a great game.
I highly recommend this app I love it! 😍
S000101 on 2021-09-21
I am addicted to this and cant stop not to brag but I’m on level 99 already and please please fix the thing that makes you jump in the pool please 🥺
Please fix
lovey dove wovey kaykay on 2021-09-21
This is a really good game but the thing at the end that says 34543 that thing is way to fast it’s impossible to get to 5 please slow it down

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