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Make every day more rewarding. Download GetUpside to earn cashback on what you need, so you spend on what you love. >>>WHAT GetUpside is a platform that lets you shop as usual and earn cash back, but in a way that makes sure businesses earn too. Claim an offer and get the most value on gas, groceries, and restaurants. There’s no limit to how much you can earn, and you can even use it with other coupons, discounts, and loyalty programs. We’re not your average cash back app. This is a win-win for you AND the store you’re buying from. So buy what you need and feel good about it. When we’re all better off, communities thrive. >>>WHERE Our users earn - Gas stations: Up to 25¢/gal cash back on gas at 25,000+ gas stations across the U.S. (including all the big brands like Shell, Valero, BP, Phillips 66, Circle K, Speedway, 76, Racetrac, Conoco, Mobil, and Exxon) - Restaurants: Up to 45% cash back at 1,500+ restaurants, cafes, fast food joints, and more in select cities like Minneapolis, Houston, and Chicago. - Grocery stores: Up to 30% cash back on groceries in select cities like Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, and Raleigh. Download and open the app to see locations near you. >>>HOW (1) Claim your offer through the app (2) Pay as usual with any credit or debit card (3) Either Check In, or snap and submit a photo of your receipt (4) Cash out whenever you want! It’s really that easy. Buy anything you need and earn real cash every time you shop. You can cash out whenever you want via PayPal, e-gift card, or bank transfer. We partner with local businesses (gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants nearby) who want to win your business. >>>WHY With GetUpside, you earn cash back on what you need so you can spend on what you love. GetUpside users earn 2 to 3 times more cash back compared to any other app out there, and merchants are earning more profit than ever before. When shoppers get more value and businesses earn more profit, communities grow stronger. Too good to be true? Download and see for yourself.

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Mark521968 on 2021-10-23
The thing is if you shop around a little you can just save the money right on the spot and not have to wait months before building up enough to cash out I travel a lot for my job and there isn’t but a few stations in every city I go to that you can use this app with and if you go down the road a little there is always a cheaper place to get gas than what stations they refer you to and the one they refer you to is the highest places In town for instance this morning it referred me to a bp that was 3.25 a gallon and I got gas at a place that was 3.04 a gallon with the app I would have 9 cents off a gallon which would have been 3.16 ok but I have to wait several days before it even shows up on the app and it will be around 2.43 bucks that I earned but by getting gas where I did I saved 5.67 bucks on the spot I nearly doubled my saving right on the spot and not wait for it to build up if you cash out on the app under 15 bucks it chargers you a dollar to do so! It may be worth it if the store you use everyday is the same one and that’s your store you use all the time but otherwise I don’t see it saving any at all
preditory on 2021-10-23
3 issues 10/18/21 I saw Shell gas station 210 Lincoln Blvd Lincoln Ca on the map. Offer .19 cents cash back for premium fuel. I checked in on the app. I filled up my tank with premium fuel. I scanned the receipt. 10/21/21 The purchase was denied first for reason says the receipt is missing the required date & time. It’s a standard Shell receipt with all the required legal information. The date and time are clearly at the bottom of the receipt. The next The second reason for denial states wrong location. The denial states standard regular grade fuel denial .14 cents cash back. GetUpside couldn’t figure out which reason to lie about for denial. I needed fuel anyway & the app is free but I would not recommend this app. I’m not sure what type of information they are gathering but they do not honor the “cash back.” That lures patrons to the app.
Horrible Customer Service
Rcnglmh on 2021-10-23
I recently lost all my transactions that I had accumulated for about a year. They just suddenly disappeared from my history along with the $$ I had been saving from them. I contacted Customer Service explaining the situation. The CS person never really listened to me through a number of emails back and forth . she basically kept saying sorry and telling me things I already knew and had said to her. I’ve asked to be put in touch with a manager twice so far and has given me the run around. Up till now I’ve enjoyed this app, but at this point (unless they put me in contact with a manager) I would not recommend this app to my worst enemy just because of the customer service.
Not very user friendly
Restlesspants99 on 2021-10-23
I’ve tried on multiple occasions to change my fuel grade. It’s stuck on mid grade and it is making me miss my rewards because I get regular in my truck, diesel in my work truck, and premium for my work equipment. I’ve tried asking the “Help Bot” and it is little to no help at all. I’ve missed about 4 fill-ups worth of rewards because of some “error” which the advice it gives me says “Check in before you swipe your card next time to avoid missing rewards”…I’ve only gotten the rewards to work twice and I’ve always checked in and done each step it says to do. Instead of a “help bot” have a way to contact y’all directly to avoid these issues.
Poor App
Cdhoops on 2021-10-23
First time I’ve ever written a review for a app. Almost half of the purchases I made had the message pending. This pending time for some lasted well over a week. All of those rejections came with no notification of, why they were rejected, or is there a way you could upload some thing, a photo, toProve that you actually made a purchase. Click on help you get a bot. The bot was of no help to me in anyway shape or form. So in desperation I tried to take my money out, but found out you had to have at least $15, or they would take the majority of the money you earned. I would not recommend this app to anyone.
Not as good as people think.
The best free CL app on 2021-10-23
So the problem I have is that GetUpside won’t find the credit card that I use to get gas. I’ve lost so much money because of this. They need to change the way you probe you got gas and let us take pictures of the receipt. For some reason they don’t let you do that. I fill up 3-4 times a week so yea, that’s a lot of money I’m not getting back. Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of major gas stations are not on here and I can’t find a way to add them. 2 stars is all I can give right now and it’s only because it does work if I use a different card that I don’t want to use all the time.
Good App
Nise_05 on 2021-10-23
I'm really enjoying this app. I can't wait until the restaurants are added so I can earn more cash. My only gripe is that when using my card that's connected to the app, it's not always recognized so I have to make sure I get a receipt (which is mentioned in the fine print). Other then that, I love it! I went ahead and gave five stars because when I had an issue and needed to contact customer supper they were quick to respond (within 24 hours) and were able to assist me with my issue. I didn't feel like I was getting the run around. Keep up the good work.
Went from great to horrible quickly
Paulh89 on 2021-10-23
I cashed out over $1000 over then span of a year. It worked great and prices were high. They recently rolled out “check in” feature rather than scanning a receipt. Now none of my purchases are valid. I have not gotten any money back in a month. Prices usually hover around .01-.04 cents back per gallon. Not worth my time. They headaches which checking in and then chump change for a payback. Bye bye. Deleted and then rated them 1/10 stars on a survey. My referrals (15) are having the same problems and I no longer get get the .01 cent back when they buy gas.
GetRipoff Is more like it
Hold N. McGroin on 2021-10-23
What a deal! Get $.25 rebates on all your gas purchases! Just scan your receipts! Too good to be true! Yeah, it is. Once you install it, you find out that you can only use it at certain stations. Then you find out that It can’t read your receipts, especially the first one with the 50 Cent promise. You also find out that some of the stations are giving as little as a penny a gallon and even stop that after too many “offers” have been “claimed.“ What, that extra dime is going to put you out of business?Waste of time and waste of space on your phone.
Not worth your time
tiffanylea on 2021-10-23
I gave it a 2 because I want to like this app but every time I click on a gas station & about 10 mins later pump gas & submit my receipt with all the correct info/debit card number it never works! I have had to email the company quite a few times just to get my credit because it says “issues found” when there is NO ISSUES so they have to go back and relook at it all… the last time I emailed in they never even responded or fixed my credit I have gave up on the app. Disappointing because I enjoyed it in beginning until I wasn’t getting my credit!

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