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GOAT is the global platform for the greatest products from the past, present and future. Shop new and used sneakers, apparel and accessories from around the world. Discover exclusive drops, new releases, vintage finds and archival styles. Now shipping to over 170 countries. SHOP GLOBAL BRANDS Explore over two million listings from streetwear and designer brands including Nike, Air Jordan, adidas, Yeezy, Off-White, Comme des Garçons, Supreme, Gucci and more. NEVER MISS A DROP Find the right products at the right price. Track upcoming releases, get notifications, save your most-wanted styles and place offers. GET INSPIRED Shop street style looks, try on sneakers in AR and read GREATEST, our magazine featuring stories of emerging artists and industry veterans paving the way in fashion, art, music, design, entrepreneurship and beyond. AUTHENTICITY ASSURED Discover the greatest styles from the world’s leading boutiques, retailers and selected sellers with buyer protection guaranteed on all purchases.

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Gym shoe order
Love My Children 3 on 2023-02-06
I’m giving a rate of 3 stars because I ordered a pair of gym shoes for my son and I ordered the wrong size. I continued to contact customer service but you can’t get to anyone through the app only the question they have already to be established to ask and no open part to ask your own questions if needed to sent. Then they send you to the page where they have already set up of what potential questions they think are already asked or will be asked and all the answers they have are not all what you may be looking for let alone not even all the questions you want to ask. There is no number to call Goat customer service as well as no refund of cash coming back to you if you want to send anything back if you’re not satisfied. They take long to contact you if you send an email asking for a refund as well as taking long to refund you in credit that’s if you want to reorder something. I had to email them 2-3 times with them asking me the same questions of why I’m returning my item as well as sending them the same pictures over and over. Not sure why they think someone would want credit if you want your money back on your regular payment card you use to buy an item. Then what’s very upsetting is you don’t get all your money back when they give you credit in your account with them. They give you the cost of the item back if what you paid minus the shipping and handling fee as well as the taxes you paid on the item. Why can’t I get my shipping and handling amount back as well if I’m buying something else through the app if you’re giving me credit. I need the shipping and handling fee back as well of a credit since I have to use that money to buy something else or reorder my item of being that’s what I want we to do anyway. Then with me reordering the gym shoes, I have to pay another shipping and handling fee as well as taxes on my order..SMH. This is a way that people get more and extra money out of customers when they do things like this of not giving all your money back of what comes off your card of what you pay for. If you’re going to give me credit back in my account for your store, give back all my money to let me reorder another item
Horrible company
Quietnoize on 2023-02-06
As most of the reviewers have stated, their customer service is horrendous. The communication is almost nonexistent and when they do respond to an inquiry, it rarely has anything to do with the ques that was posed. Almost every single time I submit pictures of what I’m selling, I receive an email asking me to retake one of the angles over again. The thing is, they never tell you what was wrong with the original photo; was it bad lighting, was the angle too far back or too close, etc… what ends up happening is you’re going back and forth trying to get one measly picture submitted. I sold a used sneaker once and was told that there was a crease on the toe; only in a rare case would you find a leather sneaker that was worn that didn’t have a toe crease(mesh uppers or almost any material outside of leather would be the exception). I sold a new pair of sneakers once and they asked me to offer a discount because there was a crease on the toe. When I asked to see the proof, someone told me in an email it was against their policy. So, you want me to blindly give someone a discount due to a “defect” without showing proof? I’m sure the customer wouldn’t have purchased the sneaker if that was the case because the photos we submit are detailed enough to notice something like that. I really don’t care to do business with them because of the constant issues, but I’m selling off my collection and 80% of what I have left are pre owned and I don’t want to take a chance with local sales because it can be dangerous, plus it eliminates the constant bartering. Goat is one of the few places that allows people to sell pre owned merch, so I tolerate the craziness. The app itself is pretty cool, but it does need a better interface in my opinion. If the issues I’ve encountered and talked about in this review bother you, then you may want to look elsewhere.
Sellers doesn’t Honor Business Transaction
BrooklynLife on 2023-02-06
Sellers confirm buyers purchases but doesn’t send the merchandise you pay for to GOAT. Be aware of this. A guy name Jorge C has been taking care of this. He’s been pretty cool & solid at communicating, but 2 confirms later and NO shoe mailed for verification. Now Jorge has to investigate the seller 🤦🏾‍♂️ - crazy. The sellers will have you so upset GOAT being the middle man is caught in the cross-fire because you don’t know why you don’t have your shoe. Great app but they have a seller sabotaging business problem. Better fix that! To date: 11-4-21 So I have a dilemma like every other person that uses GOAT. I Can’t use StockX because they hire criminals/thieves that steal from their own Sellers before it even gets to the Buyer. But GOAT itself has a different problem. As you see above I went through 2 Sellers not sending kicks I payed for. Well, I decided to give it another shot, I mean, third times a charm right? Pfft! I kid you not when I say I’ve just experienced a 3rd consecutive time the seller has not sent the merchandise payed for. This is beyond a problem for a company like GOAT. You can’t make this stuff up - GOAT must be taking dead people on as Sellers. Needles to say if this doesn’t workout I’m following the universe and only buying from “black-owned” sneaker shops - PEEIOD!! Buy buy dead little goatie — and your fees are going up as well which is BULLSH**! Yeah this company won’t last too long with its garbage ways. And we all know that your review ratings are fabricated by buys. Goat you’ve earned way too many negative reviews for it to be a 4.9 - LIARS using flip farms to bolster their reviews. Shady.
App could be much better
Brian With an "I" on 2023-02-06
Goat is too nit-picky when it comes to certain checks. Materials on some sneakers are just going to age, doesn’t mean the shoe has been “tried on” or worn. Also, if Goat is going to refuse a sale or allow a discount to be made on the shoe, the app needs to provide better pictures of exactly where the discrepancy is so the seller knows what the problem is. Goats “reasoning” for refusal of a sale is way too ambiguous and often confusing. Refusal for a sale reasoning and proof need to be much more thorough. For a lot of these sellers, these shoes just sit in a closet and nothing happens to them except natural aging. The risk needs to fall on the buyer and a disclosure statement on the potential nature that the shoe might go through should be made to the buyer of which they can either accept or look elsewhere before they purchase the shoe. Also, the commission that goat takes off for shoes for itself is too much to not pay for shipping themselves. Stop taking advantage of both the buyer and seller and do right by the people who frequently use the app. GOAT could do WAY better than what it is doing.
Do NOT order from GOAT
GreenGuy94301 on 2023-02-06
I have ordered several pairs of shoes from GOAT and was satisfied, until my last order. I ordered a pair of Nike SB Dunk High “San Francisco Giants” and was shipped a pair of New Balance 550’s. I contacted GOAT immediately, and returned using their pre-paid/addressed UPS label, along with the return slip with QR code. This seemed like a pretty simple transaction: accept return, and re-send what I actually ordered. Nope, the warehouse says the shoes do not match the QR code and have rejected my return. I returned exactly what GOAT shipped me, immediately, and with communicator with customer service, and after numerous messages and complaints, they still will not accept the return. Absolutely 100% ridiculous. I have asked to speak to a supervisor and I have been ignored. Will never buy again from GOAT and will tell everyone I know to avoid GOAT as well.
Great App, free the Used Shoe!
Ninjalevel5 on 2023-02-06
I have been using GOAT for years, and as a purchaser of Nike sb since high school (2008) I appreciate the vast stock and the opportunity to purchase either used or new items. In a world of bots and buyers who purchase for the sole purpose of selling them, not enjoying or wearing, or skating in an awesome release it is incredibly refreshing to have a a space where some kind of sneaker “community” still exists and ppl actually rock shoes (even if they sell them later for people like me to come up on 😎) Can’t speak for every shoe or every experience, but I have always legit checked my SBs right when I get them to make sure (as I am familiar with them for many years) and happy to say never gotten any fakes.
cweed420 on 2023-02-06
First pair I bought threw goat since I made the transition from stock x wasn’t the best. I had to wait more then a month I believe. Prices are higher as well. I do like the authenticity process better. I’m gonna give a better review in hopes these problems will be fixed? Also I’d like to be Abel to get my money directly deposited to my debit card or my bank account quicker. Just seems like you have to jump threw a lot of hoops to sell. I end up taking goat credits instead and giving it another try on these 6rings Ty for hearing the people out..
Poor customer service and overall lack of care for customers
[email protected] on 2023-02-06
I placed a order for some off white Nikes. when I checked over the order confirmation email a few hours later, I seen that my shipping address had a error and immediately contacted goat, was then told they would not fix it! Order was not even processed!!! Was told I had to chase down the postal services or wait to see if returned by people who lived at incorrect address. For something this simple goat has lost a customer that spends thousands on shoes throughout the year. Completely inexcusable actions by a retailer.
Is Apple Slow or Something.
Ashbash23(;) on 2023-02-06
I’ve talked to several Customer service representatives and Actually they’ve all been the same ones over the last few months. They don’t give any refunds for anything. It’s “2023” and you have black and white women asking if I’m paying for their purses if I want subscriptions cancelled that they never cancel. Money is disappearing from my Apple Account the more we get into “2023 as a Black Woman” Now either Apple Can contact me. Or I will call the federal Government for a CDC theft.
Site redirects to non-working app
Chloi M on 2023-02-06
I ordered a pair of shoes on GOAT Mobile site and I was able to check my order status from the mobile site the day after I ordered. Today I go to check the status to see if they shipped and am redirected to the app. It will not allow me to go to the webpage anymore from my phone, and when I try to sign in on the app, the browse page keeps reloading and I’m not given the option to log in. It’s bad enough my instant buys still have shipped but now I can’t even check the status.

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