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Dec, 2021


Dec, 2021



Take beautiful, searchable handwritten notes with the note-taking app that turns your iPad into digital paper. See why GoodNotes is Editors’ Choice. Download now and unlock on all platforms. Available on the iPad, Mac, and iPhone. WRITE - BETTER THAN REAL PAPER • Enjoy a fluent, precise, and completely natural writing experience thanks to GoodNotes pioneering vector ink engine. • Select and customize your pen color, thickness, pressure sensitivity, and style (fountain pen, ball pen, brush pen, and highlighter). • Write with the Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon, or other capacitive styluses. • Convert your handwriting to text in the same page or share it with other apps. SEARCH AND FIND - NEVER LOSE YOUR NOTES • Search your handwritten notes, typed text, PDF text, document outlines, folder titles, and document titles. • Create unlimited folders and subfolders, or mark your Favorite ones to keep everything organized. • Create custom outlines for easier navigation through your documents. • Add hyperlinks to external websites, videos, articles to build your knowledge map. • Back up all your notes to iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive and sync across all devices so you will never lose them. ANNOTATE - MARKUP PDFS, LECTURE SLIDES & DOCUMENTS • Import PDF, PowerPoint, Word, images, photos and more. • Scan any paper documents and import them to your library with built-in OCR. • Annotate documents right on your iPad with customizable pens, highlighters, stickers, and shape tools. • Open notes or documents side by side on iPad for easy referencing. • Use tabs to quickly switch between open documents. CREATE - UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY • Move, resize, zoom, and rotate your handwriting or change colors. • Draw perfect shapes and lines with the Shape Tool. • Support gesture control for faster undo & redo. • Choose to erase the entire stroke, only parts of it, or only highlighters to leave the ink intact. • Select to edit or move a specific object with the Lasso Tool. • Add, create, or import your stickers, pictures, tables, diagrams, and more with Elements to enrich your notes. • Choose from a large set of beautiful covers and useful paper templates, including Blank Paper, Ruled Paper, Cornell Paper, Checklists, To-dos, Planners, Music Paper, Flashcards, and more. • Upload any PDF or image as a custom notebook cover or paper template for more customization. PRESENT - SHARE & TEACH FROM YOUR IPAD • Present a lecture, a lesson, a business plan, a brainstorming result, or your group study without distractions when you connect your device via AirPlay or HDMI to an external screen. • Use Laser Pointer on your iPad to guide your audience’s attention during your presentation. • Move around freely and interact with the audience while adding new information to the digital whiteboard. SHARE - COLLABORATE ON THE SAME DOCUMENTS • Collaborate with others on the same document using a sharable link. • Export documents in PDF or image for printing, or share them with others for a fully digital workflow. • Forward important emails with PDF attachments to your unique GoodNotes email address to automatically add them to your library. --- GoodNotes supports Apple’s Universal Purchase which means you can purchase once to unlock GoodNotes on all your iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS devices for free. --- Website: Twitter: @goodnotesapp Instagram: Pinterest: @goodnotesapp TikTok: @goodnotesapp

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I’ve been using 4-5 yrs now
omgsharon on 2022-01-21
I’ve been using GoodNotes for 4 or 5 years now. I can’t remember exactly when I downloaded it. I use it every day. Every. Day. I keep using GoodNotes because it has the ability to preserve linking in individual notebooks even when you combine them into one notebook. The ability to create a stylized text and save it to the elements tab for future use is fantastic. For about 3 months in 2021 I tested 2 other note taking apps which had features that GoodNotes does not have. Adding these features would make this app even better. 1) ability to choose pen action as ‘hyperlinks active’ in settings without having to turn off the pen tool (Noteshelf does this well) 2)ability to set layer order on page for elements, images, text boxes, and handwriting (move backward/forward or move to back/front)(available in Noteshelf and Zoomnotes… zoom dang near requires a 6 month course to learn… too complicated) 3) ability to lock an element on a page once it is placed.(also available in Noteshelf & Zoomnotes) 4) ability to link within GoodNotes to another page in the notebook or another notebook! (zoomnotes does have the ability to link within a notebook…. Maybe other notebooks… I can’t remember) 5) External hyperlinking on images please. It’s great that we have hyperlinking on text boxes now…. Please add the ability to make it ‘no underline’. 6) more ‘writing’ options and please add smoothing. As I get older my handwriting is getting more chicken scratchy.
Disappointing but found a solution, needs to be fixed
Matcha✨ on 2022-01-21
Goodnotes is highly recommended by different creators on YouTube, so I decided to spend my money to see what the whole deal is about. First glance, it’s absolutely amazing, everything is organized and they have different selection of tools you can use. Customization is really good, although when it comes to handwriting your notes, it’s frustrating. REALLY FRUSTRATING. I’ve seen multiple complains with no real solution at all, where when you write, weird lines just draw across your screen. For this reason, I also downloaded Notability to see if it would do the same, which it did not. I tried everything in my power to stop the lines from drawing, even taking off my screen protector. I’ve tried cleaning every surface of my iPad to my Apple Pencil, NOTHING worked. Until, I switched from the ball point pen to the fountain pen. Everything then was functioning fine, which the fountain pen can act like a ball point pen with the sharpness turned down to zero. I don’t know why this is happening to my app, which i want to be a 100% sure it isn’t anyone’s Apple Pencil acting up. Please, I am asking you guys to fix this issue, I have seen multiple complains and no solutions. Even apple cannot solve this by giving replacements.
Add some helpful characteristics
dadhgdth on 2022-01-21
Please add "speak" "share" " translate" and "spell" to the option of the limited word .Also there is a problem with "copy and paste " .please , add record of voice . Please, let me change "highlight " by using only my finger by press on the phrase with highlight . All this characteristics are found in my iPad but when i use this app it was disappear . And let this app use this characteristics that are already found by developers of this iPad like " text translate". I love this app so much and i want that it will become more helpfully. And please let this app use the same style of copy and paste that found in other app "copy" and make this characteristic is optional. And add mobile bar that contains my favorite tools and options from pens with color without need to change color and size of the pen when i want use different options at the same time.
Great App.
TheoPistoli on 2022-01-21
This has worked seamlessly from day one. I use this exclusively for all my note taking with my Apple Pencil. Love that I can take notes on my iPad and have them on all my devices including my Mac. The only thing that is missing for me is to have an automatic date and time stamp on my hand written notes, then it would be 5 STARS for me. Is this something that is available and Im just missing it? I’m updating my review to be more clear. I would love to see a time stamp of when the note was taken. Currently when I start my day and begin writing a new note I write the day and time next to the note that I’m writing, this would be great if it were automatic and can be searched by the day. I don’t believe that any other note taking app that I’ve used in the past had this feature and could just be me asking for something no one else would use.
Perfect for School
padawan3000 on 2022-01-21
I use this app every single day for school. I'm a PhD student with a lot of articles and books to read, as well as finding myself needing to take a lot of notes. This app does it all. I upload all my pdfs into Goodnotes on my computer, where it then uploads to the cloud and I can pick it up on any of my devices. I do all my school reading in this app. The annotation features are versatile and powerful, so I can take plenty of notes (and insert extra pages in the middle of documents if I need more space for notes). I also take all my class notes in this app. And in the event that I need to share my notes with a classmate or professor, everything is easily exportable. The folder system also helps me keep everything organized by class or by research project. This is far and away the most useful app I have on my iPad.
PDF and Images export are blank
j.h.t. on 2022-01-21
I really hate to give such a bad review for such a great app that is so impressive in so many ways. Honestly wonderful for note taking, design, everything, that it’s meant to be used for. However, I was recently quite embarrassed (and continue to be in a pickle) because every time I export my notes either as PDFs or images, they export completely blank. When I recently sent sketches for a design we are working for at my job, everyone got a blank message. Awkward and annoying but not the end of the world. But now I’m realizing it wasn’t a fluke and it’s not working for anything, and I’m unable to use the app. I’ve tried going through GoodNotes website for help, there was no help to be found. I am unable to use the product to its intended end and it has cost my time, embarrassment, and now money.
I love GoodNotes!
R_of_Sunshine on 2022-01-21
I've been using GoodNotes for several years (first GoodNotes 4 and now GoodNotes 5). I love it! It was a game changer when I was working on my doctorate because there are so many journals to read and printing them all out would have been too much. Being able to highlight and annotate on them was better. Now with that doctoral work behind me, I use GoodNotes for lots of stuff. Mostly keeping track of my crochet patterns and business ideas but also to keep my daily agenda/planner. It is fabulous because it syncs across all of my devices and since I am never without my phone, I'm also never without my calendar. Since this is way cuter than any calendar app because it's customized, it is a big perk. I love that they are constantly updating and improving the app too.
Good, but could be improved
julyaasings on 2022-01-21
I love this app, but one thing I would change is more options for the toolbar (choose which tools to be in the toolbar, rearrange tools in the toolbar (like the thickness of the pen, color of the pen, etc) especially when in windowed mode. When I have split screen on and want to switch thickness and color quickly, I have to open the pen options then change the color or size. I would like it to be a one-touch thing even in split screen. Also, I don’t use the shapes, sticker, or pointer tool very often and would like to replace this with other tools (like pen color or size). Having a customizable toolbar would be great. Also, having the option for the toolbar to be on the left or right side of the screen not just the top and bottom would be great.
Pretty good
wal9000 on 2022-01-21
I’m moving most of my notes out of OneNote, and GoodNotes is a great substitute for the pages where I’m primarily doing sketching and handwriting. But for the bulk of my text-based notes I’ve put them in Obsidian for its organization features and better control over my data (markdown files). These two apps would make a very powerful pair, but the one thing I’m missing is being able to copy a URL for a GoodNotes page to open it directly from another app. Instead I have separate documents for text and drawings and have to go find it myself, not quite as convenient as when I mixed that all together in OneNote previously. Unfortunately there’s no GoodNotes URL scheme that I can find, but here’s hoping it’s planned someday!
Good, but could improve on hotkeys and ease of use
Astroid59 on 2022-01-21
I've been using this app on my Macbook for sometime and have realized there's some need for improvements : - Hotkeys for using the app on desktop, such as pressing [v] to use a cursor and being able to move around the document without editing it. - Another shortcut to zoom into things, adding favorite text formats or most recently used would be so appreciated and well-used! - The left side bar when first opening the app or looking at all your materials: it could be much narrower since most of the info that users are looking at is located on the right side, with the notebooks, folders, etc. Overall it's a nice app but definitely not the best; I still use this and Notability on and off.

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