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May, 2020


May, 2020



Transform your iPad into smart digital paper. Take handwritten notes in digital notebooks, on imported PDF, PowerPoint, and Word documents, or on images and photos. All notes are searchable and you'll never have to worry about losing or misplacing them again. GoodNotes is one of the top paid iPad apps worldwide and is frequently featured on the App Store, making it a must-have for your iPad. WRITE NATURALLY - LIKE ON REAL PAPER * Fluent, precise, and completely natural writing experience thanks to GoodNotes pioneering vector ink engine * Write with the Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon, or with many capacitive styluses and even your finger * Select and customize your pen color, thickness, and style (fountain pen, ballpoint, brush pen) * Easily switch between pen, highlighter, and eraser ALWAYS FIND WHAT YOU WROTE * Everything is indexed: Search your handwritten notes, typed text, PDF text, document outlines, folder titles, and document titles * Convert your handwriting to text to share it with other apps or add it to the page as a text box to continue typing with your keyboard NEVER LOSE YOUR NOTES AGAIN * All your notes with you at all times thanks to iCloud Sync VIEW DOCUMENTS SIDE BY SIDE (requires iPadOS) * open GoodNotes in multiple windows to view two documents or two pages side by side * use tabs to quickly switch between open documents ESCAPE THE LIMITS OF ANALOG PAPER * Move, resize, and rotate your handwriting or change colors * Draw perfect shapes and lines with the Shapes Tool * unlimited undo & redo including gesture control for faster corrections * powerful & smart eraser tool: Choose to erase the entire stroke or only parts of it. Set it to "Erase Highlighter Only" to leave the ink intact * Pinch to zoom and write more precisely * Navigate through imported PDFs with existing hyperlinks CUSTOMIZE YOUR NOTEBOOKS * Choose from a large set of beautiful covers and paper templates: Essentials, writing paper, Cornell paper, dark paper, checklists, planners, and more * Import any PDF or image as a custom template for more customization GO PAPERLESS * import PDF, PowerPoint, Word, images, photos and more to annotate them right on your iPad * export documents and share them with others for a fully digital workflow * scan your paper documents and recognize the text EFFORTLESS DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT * Organize your documents in folders and create unlimited subfolders * Mark your most important documents, pages, and folders as Favorites to access them quickly * Create custom outlines for easier navigation through your documents CONVERT YOUR IPAD INTO A DISTRACTION-FREE DIGITAL WHITEBOARD * Keep your audience focused on what's important: Presentation mode lets you hide all distractions on an external screen when you connect your device via HDMI or AirPlay * Use all of GoodNotes' tools, including the Laser Pointer on the iPad, while your audience only sees the page and the content * GoodNotes empowers you to give more engaging presentations, lectures, and lessons. You can move around freely and interact with the audience while adding new information to the digital whiteboard for everyone to see Visit our website at for more information, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram as @goodnotesapp.

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Perfect for Taking notes, but needs to improve as a tool to annotate PDFs and study
testingpodcastapps on 2020-06-05
This app is arguably the best for taking notes. Hand-writing is super comfortable and the files organization is perfect. However, I also want to use it as a tool to study academic papers and textbooks. I compared it to other PDF viewer apps (e.g. MarginNotes) and the experience is pretty good. For example, exported PDF files are not that large as they used to be, and the app feels great to write/highlight in PDFs. I find very cool you can add a notes page after the page you’re reading and can open two windows at the same time to make notes while reading. Problems/suggestions: 1. When I type notes, I would want to be able to hide them or show them when I press on them (like Acrobat Reader does in a PC). 2. Would be nice to be able to see your notes and make small changes in a Windows PC, or at least in a web based app. Sometimes I just want to type notes to complement what I wrote before, and a PC is more comfortable for that. 3. When annotating a PDF, have the chance to add a page to the side to take notes, and associate this page to that PDF page. Moreover, to be able to hide or show that page whenever I want. This is super useful when you have to check if a mathematical proof is correct in let’s say page 39 of a 100-page paper. Or when I want to critically engage with the text and need to write a lot of stuff. 4. (SUPER IMPORTANT) Increase pdf margins for a page while being able to search text on it. 5. (Minor) if there is a reference in the middle of the paper, it is kind of annoying to go to the reference section and see what paper is that. It would be nice to connect references with the references section or search the paper in google scholar or wikipedia or just google. 6. Find a way to see all your notes and to have a hyperlink to them. For instance, if in page 4 a mathematical definition was introduced, and I am reading page 56, it is annoying to scroll up to check page 4. It would be nice to have this feature, though there is currently some workarounds like having another notebook opened and copy the definitions there. 7. Associate notebooks to an imported PDF. There are text that you can read in different ways and hence the nature of your comments are different. It would be awesome to link notebooks to pdfs and being able to have links that redirect you to some part of the PDF. For instance, if I open a PDF ipI read last year, the app would tell you that you have 2 Notebooks associated with it and ask if you want to check them out. Let’s say inside the notebook, you mentioned a theorem and why it is beautiful but you don’t remember the context. So you need to go to the paper again. To have a link that redirects you to what you want to read would be awesome. 8. (Important) select the pages you want to export. Let’s say you are reading a chapter in 1000-page textbook and want to share your notes with your classmates. It does not make any sense that the app forces you to export the whole document if you just want to share chapter 4 that covers pages 96-142. Overall, outstanding app (I am really happy using it) but needs some improve improvements to suit the needs of students in math, engineering, and humanities, and become the best app for study and replace the need for a PDF viewer. If you want to take notes in notebooks and make minor annotations in pdf, it is perfect though.
Please add hyperlinks
Lorena Arcacha on 2020-06-05
As a Med student, I have to go back and Ford between different books. I have most of them as PDFs in the app, so it would be really helpful if I could hyperlink some topics of my main notebook to their respective chapters in the books. Also to hyperlink words to other pages (for example, I’m reading about the action mechanism of esteroidal hormones, and most of its mechanisms have to do with the topic of hydrophobic hormones, but it’s really far from where I am. It would be much easier if I have that part hyperlinked to the paragraph that explains the characteristics of hydrophobic hormones! So when I review my notes again, I can make a mental connection between the two topics!) it would really help in the workflow. The hyperlinks would be to connect pages, paragraphs and words either in the same document or a different document in the app! It could even hyperlink images? I really love this app, but sometimes it slows me down with having to find everything manually instead of having everything connected I swear I would put 5 stars if it wasn’t for that (I don’t know if you read the 5 stars one, so I used 4 stars instead; my apologies).
Replaced my paper notebooks
LoopyLooTwo on 2020-06-05
I've been using GoodNotes since mid-March (it's the end of May now), and I couldn't be happier with it! I'm a college student, and it's so much easier to carry my iPad around than to carry multiple (large) notebooks on top of all my textbooks around in my backpack. My shoulders thank you, GoodNotes! An added bonus is that I can move my writing around, rather than erasing sections when I want to move them. The organization system is robust, and I love that I can read and annotate PDFs right in the app—then put them in a folder with my notebook for a class! When I was deciding about switching from paper to digital notes, I was concerned that my learning/retention would be affected (because of all the studies that said notetaking on a computer wasn't as effective), but I'm still writing (I use an Apple pencil), so I still have all the benefits of taking notes by hand, but without the hassle of taking them physically. I'd put off switching to a digital note-taking system for so long, but I'm so glad I finally made the leap! GoodNotes is the best sort of life-changer! :)
Underwhelming for Price Paid
Dragongirl827 on 2020-06-05
This is my second review, and I’m finding certain features more aggravating the more I use this app. I hope to see the following functions in future updates: -HYPERLINKS PLEASE -the textbox function is very annoying to maneuver, it sometimes doesn’t change colors or it doesn’t highlight the text; when you try to select the text by long pressing and moving, it’ll copy and paste the text instead -the ability to flag pages in a notebook without adding them to favorites -a refined ability to lasso text that is sitting on top of an image. It glitches when lasso text and instead it selects the image -THE ABILITY TO UNDO PAGE DELETES IN A NOTEBOOK -the ability to rotate the page freely instead of strictly horizontal/vertical views. I really wanted to like this app, but the features are just not worth the price I paid. I was hoping for a multitude of well developed functions—not subpar, limited note taking capabilities. That being said, I will keep using this as is convenient, but I would not recommend this to my peers and I would not use this for work or important class notes.
Goodnotes is pretty good, but coudl be better.
WinterCharm on 2020-06-05
I extensively notetake via handwritng, and really enjoy how organized GN is. What I find annoying though, is that there is this bug when you copy / paste several things in sequence with the lasso tool on a page, sometimes, the text you copied will disappear off the page. It'll come back in a minute or so, but it always makes me nervous when text disappears like that. I hope the team sorts out the bug. Another somehwat annoying thing... the *mac* app for some reason keeps popping up with a thing asking me to write a review, everything I have GoodNotes pulled up on my iPad. I'm pretty sure this is a bug, as well, and I'm willing to give GN the benefit of the doubt, but this keeps happening every few days. I'm pretty sure that Apple's guidelines on the SKStoreReviewController API have a 3x / year limit on how often you can pop up this request. I hope GN fixes it because the current implimentation appears to be breaking that rule. I'll update the review if this gets taken care of.
Great for writing on PDFs
tjsmsmith on 2020-06-05
I found this app via my son’s 3rd grade teacher when she was having to do online lessons when schools did not reopen after Spring Break 2020. I downloaded it and found that I can send PDFs to it and he can do lessons and tests on the PDFs and then (eventually) I can clear the page and he can do them again for more practice! (I’m sneaky!) One thing I wish I could do is actually DELETE pages. My son clicks around when he’s on his own and has created duplicates of several pages into the same document. I would like to just delete those duplicate pages instead of deleting the whole document and re-downloading the original document. Also when I download math practice sheets and don’t really need the answer sheets, deleting them would be great too (so he can’t cheat ;-) ). I keep finding out more features as I use the app and I love what I can do with it!
Great app across multiple platforms
mesobored123987 on 2020-06-05
This app is great for note taking and document organizing. I'm a surgical fellow. I read/highlight a lot of PDFs and take notes from various sources on this app via my iPad. It's really useful to copy/paste figures and diagrams on my computer, which then get automatically synced to the same open goodnotes document that is open on my iPad. Also I have my notes handy on my phone when I'm on the go and away from my laptop or iPad because they sync across the cloud. Also has a nice folder system for organization and a search function that searches both text and handwriting. Unfortunately it doesn't search text in photos that you may have pasted into a doc though. The pages also take a second to load as you scroll down if you have a lot of photos pasted in. Those are my two complaints...otherwise fantastic app and highly recommend!\
BEST notetaking app on the market
NRSNGstudentWithOCD on 2020-06-05
This is honeslty one of the most versitlie apps for taking notes and so much more. The options are endless. The only thing that it lacks is the ability to sync recorded lectures with the notes (like notability). Occasionally the app has glitches/freezes especially if you've been in it the app for an extened period of time -- however these are quickly fixed by closing out the app and going back in. There were some bugs (undo button not working/working poorly) however these were just fixed with the latest update. The only reason that I am giving it 4/5 stars is the fact that when they roll out a new version (goodnotes 4 --> goodnotes 5) you have to PAY to upgrade, you cannot just update to the latest version. This incombination with the fact that you can't record audio and sync it with your note taking made me give it 4/5.
Good, but with One Serious Flaw
noname2771 on 2020-06-05
I do enjoy taking my notes with this app. The writing feels quite natural to me, and I like that Goodnotes will automatically copy my notes to the cloud as pdf’s. However, I simply cannot figure out the correct zoom level so that those pdf’s are legible when printed or sent to others. What’s more, when you do change the level of zoom for any reason, good luck getting it back to the previous zoom level to keep your writing strokes about the same size. There should be a setting to zoom by percentage (including a 100% zoom setting so that what is showing on the screen matches the sizes of the many paper options in Goodnotes). I think I’m writing in legal size on my iPad but then it looks microscopic to everyone else. Please fix this extremely annoying issue! This app also seems to drain my battery very quickly.
Ottima ma manca qualcosa
Mandrea412 on 2020-06-05
Una persona che prende appunti prevalentemente a mano deve comunque poter copiare o incollare del testo sulle proprie note e deve poterne modificarne font, dimensione e spaziatura in modo semplice e veloce, cosa che non succede su GoodNotes. Un semplice esempio: Quando si copia e incolla un testo nello stesso box di un’altra riga di testo, il testo aggiunto non si formatta automaticamente alle caratteristiche della frase già scritta ma viene impostato secondo il modello predefinito. Quindi è necessario selezionare nuovamente tutto il box (con le dita dato che la tastiera non è assolutamente supportata) e modificare nuovamente tutte le caratteristiche del box. L’intero reparto dedicato alla UI della scrittura è da rifare: poche funzioni e assolutamente non allo stesso livello del resto del prodotto.

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