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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Slice it all up! Relax and cut the fruits to get it all to fall in the blender! - Addictive mechanic - Unique Gameplay - 100+ Levels - Realistic graphics

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You get an ad, and you get an ad and...
NW GA on 2020-07-15
This plays an ad after EVERY level. And this game is simple. Most levels can be finished in 5-10 moves, then you get an ad. Play another 20 seconds, AD! The ads all last a minimum of 30 seconds, most even have a follow up interactive ad that forces another 30 seconds before the X shows up. I spend more time waiting on ads to finish than I do playing the game. Just an extremely annoying and over bearing need for the creators to make money off of ads while using the simplest of game designs out there.
Good game bad ads
amamikS on 2020-07-15
Every app is going to have ads but this particular app has an ad after every move you make. I had three advertisements in 9 minutes. The worst part is they’re advertising what I consider a really disgusting game called choices. It’s worse than a soap opera and I don’t want my five-year-old seeing it. so I will be deleting until they take R rated ads off. Too bad because it is fun.
Pretty Decent App
SiaMiaMooMooLover on 2020-07-15
A lot of the reviews are talking about how overwhelming the adds are. I honestly don’t understand what they are talking about. There are adds every 5 rounds which isn’t bad at all in my opinion. It’s a great app for when you’re board and have nothing to do. Maybe to make things a little more “entertaining” add challenges or challenges levels. That’s all for now, thanks!
I couldn’t even join.
SoccerKitty0408 on 2020-07-15
I DON’T KNOW IF THIS IS A PROBLEM WITH MY PLATFORM. But every time I try to play, it crashes like before I can even check it out. -w-“ I wish people could see if it’s a problem with my WiFi or something? Or it ifs not for mobile even if it seems like a MOBILE GAME. anyway, I appreciate you wasting your time reading this because it doesn’t tell how the game is!
Very fun game to pass time
Immikeydo on 2020-07-15
This game is definitely a fun game to pass time. I’d love to give this a 5 star rating but one of the adds has a glitch that doesn’t populate. And when the timer runs out it won’t let you click the X button this making you having to restart the game. The add that is giving it the glitch is (Family island- Farm game) please remove this add or fix this glitch.
I enjoy this game
kchr808 on 2020-07-15
You really have to think about your cuttings I’ve only had this a couple weeks or not even but I’m assuming that’s all it is unless they update and add more things to it. But there is a lot of ADS that happen every other level to where it feels like a lot. Just putting that out there. Skip-able after a few seconds but still can be irritating after so much.
Read review to know how awesome this game is
on 2020-07-15
I love this game it is the best it gets more and more challenging and I like a good challenge if you like slicing challenges and putting fruit into a blender then get this game oh and theirs Bonus levels where you can slice rubber ducks gingerbread mans and on the bonus levels you get infinite slices so don’t read anymore reviews and get this game!!!
eshrektileDysfunction on 2020-07-15
Way too many ads. It gives me the option to go onto the next level without having to watch an ad to do the bonus level, yet i still get an ad. And if i mess up and have to restart a level, i get an ad. I can get through a level in less than 30 seconds and its annoying having an ad pop up every time i complete a level. voodoo fix your game!
Good slice
good slicing on 2020-07-15
Omg this game is amazing if I’m sad I just go right to this app this game is very relaxing even if I’m laying in bed at night I have this game a 5 star rating because if I’m not tired at night I just play this game and I get tired so quickly you should give the game a 5 star rating!!!
Blah. More ads than game
Comcast user New England on 2020-07-15
You will spend more time looking at ads rather than playing the game. Some ads do not preset the X to close it and you are forced to get info about the ad to close it. If you have kids around 12 since the game has a 12+ rating, many of the ads are inappropriate.

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