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Jul, 2022


Jul, 2022



Get the official Google Calendar app for your iPhone or iPad to save time and make the most of every day. • Different ways to view your calendar - Quickly switch between month, week, and day views. • Events from Gmail - Flight, hotel, concert, restaurant reservations, and more are added to your calendar automatically. • Tasks - Create, manage, and view your tasks alongside your events in Calendar. • Video conferencing - Easily add video conferencing to calendar events. • Quick event creation - Smart suggestions for event titles, places, and people save you time when creating events. • All your calendars in one place - Google Calendar works with all calendars on your device, including Exchange and iCloud. Google Calendar is integrated with Apple Health to track your workouts and mark Goals as done automatically. Google Calendar is part of Google Workspace. With Google Workspace, you and your team can: • Schedule meetings quickly by checking coworkers' availability or layering their calendars in a single view • See if meeting rooms or shared resources are free • Access from your laptop, tablet, or phone • Publish calendars on the web

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Week3, biz still relies on appt accuracy
Sooxi54327 on 2022-08-09
Two updates since the ones that caused so many identical user complaints here, in help and all over the web and the same busy work nonsense taking up our days for a solution that only keeps us off the phone for awhile but will never fix the software issue they're still denying against 3rd grade reasoning and deduction. Added events don't show immediately, but we can't schedule extra starting time so make sure they eventually do. Moving appointments manually is a game of popping back up original time until about the 3rd attempt and deleting events is only done at the whim of the app after a random amount of tries. This is a NIGHTMARE for people who work with customers who they are invested making HAPPY through attentive CUSTOMER SERVICE and RELIABLE SERVICE and QUALITY they can know is a company priority. nightmare. You can delete the some events over Don't bring small businesses that rely on your apps down to your despicable level of ambivalence and now afunctional products. It won't last. Not everyone is dumb enough to keep bending over to say thank you for the flogging and lack of respect.
App is getting worse in 2022
mccarthydan on 2022-08-09
I have been a huge fan of this app for years. The last few months there appear to have been some changes related to how calendar items are retrieved, sync’d, and cached, resulting in two issues: 1) Calendar is blank when first opened. Used to have a cached version available for instant display. It seems insane that the prior functionality wasn’t maintained. Load time is too slow to wait for stuff to appear. 2) syncing seems intermittently broken. The little syncing blue-ish progress bar / line thing seems to always be there, and changes I make on my phone seem to get stuck sometimes. App restart fixes.
Slow to load multiple calendars and…
spankyspanky on 2022-08-09
It is PAINFULLY slow to load other calendars once you select them. I usually end up having to close the app and reopen it in order for someone else’s schedule to show up after checking their name. Also - I can’t believe there still isn’t an ability to add additional calendars within the mobile app. I work with thousands of people. Sometimes I have to book a meeting with someone whose calendar I haven’t “subscribed” to yet. Why do I need to be on the desktop version in order to subscribe to a new calendar?
🎀CollegeWallet on 2022-08-09
As a person with ADHD, I think it would be extremely helpful when looking at the jumbled month-view, to have the boxes of the past days turn gray… as it is now with the blue circle on today’s date and *all* the boxes being an ocean of white background, I find it difficult to tell what day is today on a quick glance, because I have so many events that that repeat weekly. I’ve used this app for maybe almost a decade, and it is helpful, but I’d like to find my place quicker to focus on what’s ahead. Thanks.
Number in icon should be Today’s Date
LunaZeita on 2022-08-09
If it weren’t for the fact that the google app always tells me today is the 31, it would be my primary calendar app. Would also be nice if there was better Apple Watch support. Google is the only work email brand I’ve used and being able to sync my work and personal meetings all into one view is the only way I can keep my life organized. Except for the bit where I use the calendar app to keep my brain current on what even is today, and that 31 is enough to mess me up every time.
Needs to be able to share on apple calendar
ivy6942 on 2022-08-09
Google calendar is amazing! I love it also because it can sync with my apple calendar; however, events that were made on google calendar are not able to be shared with another person on the apple calendar! I really wish they would make it so that events made on google calendar that shows up on apple calendar can be shared with another person through the apple calendar app! That would make it much more convenient.
M00NDragon on 2022-08-09
I use to love this app but they changed it now since I have times scheduled from 8p to 4am now they overlap and show up onto the next day and it gets confusing with the appointments I have scheduled for that day coming up. Sooo frustrating. So now I’m looking for something new that works right. They need to just change the program back. Why fix something that works already ugghh!!!!
Better than Apple’s
RPinka on 2022-08-09
The Google calendar app for iPhone is much better than Apple’s calendar app, however, it’s better on Android. The widget functionality is far too limited to be of much help. It would be great if you could interact with the widget without opening the app. It would also be great if there were larger widget options where you could see more of your day in a “quick view.”
mskittykatz63 on 2022-08-09
Google calendar works great on my computer and is very convenient and helpful. However, on my phone? Nope. I try to load a calendar from my other google account and it just doesn’t show any of my events. It doesn’t help if I can only access my calendar stuff on my computer and not my phone. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time with the google calendar app.
✔︎ my favorite, but no icon badge for date ▓º
fjpoblam on 2022-08-09
Nice list display: scroll through event view, see days highlighted on month at left. No icon badge: use home page widget instead. New event repetitions primitive at best. Support? 🤣 None. (And what’s this “ [㉛]” as an icon? 😝 At least make it Omar’s 5🤚🏼)

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