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Get more done with the new Google Chrome on iPhone and iPad. Now more simple, secure and faster than ever, with help from Google built in. NEW with iOS 14 - You can now set Chrome as your default browser. Follow the in-app prompt or go to Settings > Google Chrome to set Chrome as Default for all web links to automatically open in Chrome. • SEARCH WITH GOOGLE - Chrome is the browser with Google built-in. Search and get answers on Google quickly. • BROWSE FAST - Choose from personalized search results that instantly appear as you type and quickly browser previously-visited websites. • SYNC YOUR CHROME - When you sign into Chrome, your bookmarks, saved passwords, and settings will be automatically synced so you can seamlessly access all your information from your phone, tablet, or laptop. • VOICE SEARCH - Use Google voice search to get answers without typing. • ARTICLES FOR YOU - Chrome surfaces articles, blogs, and content that we think you might like. The more you use Chrome, the more personalized it gets. So you’ll always have what’s most relevant to you at your fingertips. • GOOGLE TRANSLATE - Chrome lets you translate an entire site in a single click with Google Translate built in. • INCOGNITO MODE - Use Incognito mode to browse without saving your history (learn more at

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Bruhhhhhhhhhhh lol
2882888 on 2021-02-26
Hello, and welcome to Roblox! My name is Builderman. I started Roblox so you and your friends can experience just about anything you could possibly imagine across millions of immersive user-generated 3D worlds, whether you’re sailing across the open seas, exploring the farthest reaches of outer space, or hanging out with your friends in a virtual club. I’m here to make sure your experience stays fun, safe, and creative. Before you jump in and start playing, here are a few tips. You can customize your avatar using our massive catalog of clothing and accessory options. Once you’re set, pick something to play by checking out our most popular games! Did you know you can also play games with your friends across different devices at the same time, even if you’re on a computer and they’re using their phone or VR headset? Finding friends on Roblox is easy! Join or create a group, or invite others to play a game with you by sending them a chat message. Last but not least, be sure to read more about our rules and our account safety tips here. That’s all there is to it! Now, get ready for an epic adventure. We hope you have a blast! Sincerely, Builderman, CEO of Roblox
I love chrome but not recently
LUKE-MARK on 2021-02-26
Chrome has been nightmare to use for the past few months, at first I continued using it thinking maybe you guys are going to notice or maybe other people are going to complain and we’ll get an update or something but for the past three I’ve been waiting. My main problem is when my phone accidentally goes into landscape mode the app crashes and pushes everything to the right and then when I try to undo it by flipping the phone again and flipping it back it brings edges around the the text and brings everything to the middle and then pushes everything to the lest again. Another problem is on my asus zenbook version. The chrome app is acting so strange, I can’t acces the google apps from a new tab because it keeps logging me out but on the little top bar where it shows my profile and where the bookmarks are it shows I’m logged in. I have many gmails and google different settings on my accounts so the little circle you can use to switch between accounts is very important. Both chrome on my iPhone 11 and my laptop are acting very weird and I hope and update can come out soon cause I love using them and have so much information saved in my accounts
Needs updating and should work more seamlessly with IOS
Sujatha92 on 2021-02-26
Yes Google and Apple are competitors and maybe I shouldn’t expect seamless integration of Google apps on an iPhone. But if Google has been able to create iOS widgets for its calendar and mail, maybe they could find a way to create a “save website on screen” option with Chrome like safari can? I use a lot of cooking websites that do not have their own apps - to access them easily, I save their home pages on my phone screen as Safari websites. Would be much nicer to be able to do this with Chrome instead. Would be great to take this one step further — ability to create a Chrome widget stack for iOS screen that can easily scroll thru various websites I use often. As I’ve commented before, “Read later” option is appreciated but needs to be taken further — provide folders and a direct way to create a bookmark without revisiting the page.
Derp_OwO on 2021-02-26
It didn’t used to be like this, chrome worked so well with everything. It wasn’t until a year ago or so when they updated it and there are multiple bugs that make it kind of frustrating to use. My biggest gripe is when you are on a website and you flip your phone horizontal and it changes the viewing angle, and then flip it back and it rotates the screen again. But now the screen is stuck zoomed halfway out! I am on an iPhone 12, and this bug even worked when I was on the 11. This applies to every webpage, even Google’s!! At this point I’m simply dumbfounded they haven’t fixed such a common issue (many other people complain and say they have this bug) and find it shows a lack of care for their product. I will be switching at least until this is rectified.
Too many bugs
ISAAC AIDEN on 2021-02-26
I always liked chrome until the recent bugs occured. It is so frustrating to see that many famous websites are glitching on an ipad. For example pipedrive just wouldnt scroll down. The same happens on safari but not on a firefox. Firefox works with pipedrive normally and would scroll down all pages. Basically Chrome is not a desktop class browser no matter if you are using big ipad pro or a small one. Another big issue with chrome is autofill of passwords. Tried everything, clear cache, reinstall the app, restart ipad.... but nothing.. stored passwords just wont autofill.
Helps a lot
Mooie the Artist on 2021-02-26
Ok, so this app is really cool. It’s helped me understand myself better and has helped me pass time. I’m really thankful for it, but there are some flaws, like how even though I was in incognito mode for a search, and I have my google account configured so that it doesn’t collect any of the sites I’ve been to, it kept recommending the site when I typed “am I”. Same with other sites, but this one is where I noticed it. Any way, I like playing dumb games on game websites and watching anime with chrome. It’s awesome
Scaling has completely gone out the window.
Jarhead_jr on 2021-02-26
They have completely lost the ability to keep a website zoomed in correctly on your device. iPad and iPhone the same. If you go to horizontal/landscape view and then rotate back to portrait the entire thing is thrown off. You can’t zoom it back into proportion either, you have to reload the entire page. When dealing with page is there less than perfect for phone viewing it’s just downright frustrating. Starting to use Safari of all things full-time now. Hope you guys figure it out
Font Size upscale failure
an App Store user 999 on 2021-02-26
I have a practically new sixth generation iPad bought through my Broadband Carrier. Is this a substandard or downgraded model? I ask because Chrome will not respond to System double tap to increase Font size, nor is a non-Amp page from Google Search offered which might lend itself to Font increase. This is the version of the iPad which seems to have touch screen insensitivity issues SUGGESTION Can you offer to 'Translate' AMP pages into a larger Font?
Garbage since iOS 14.4 update
Rad050 on 2021-02-26
After updating to iOS 14.4, Chrome has become garbage. It freezes, crashes, and doesn’t give option to restore pages consistently. I tried updating the Chrome app, only to find out Google doesn’t update iOS apps anymore because of the privacy scandal! Oh and the update force closed my 150 open tabs with no option to restore. I literally have no reason to use Chrome anymore. Why are Google and Apple shooting themselves in the foot? F**k planned obsolescence.
Glaring problem
Crazy cocunut on 2021-02-26
Everytime my screen rotates whatever webpage I'm on shrinks and doesn't fill the screen and the only way to fix it is to close it from multi tasking and relaunch the app plz fix this has been a issue for a long time honestly shocked Google hasn't noticed or has continued to not fix it it's been almost 2 months since their last update come on we know you have the resources to fix this

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