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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Classroom is a free service for schools, non-profits, and anyone with a personal Google account. Classroom makes it easy for learners and instructors to connect—inside and outside of schools. Classroom saves time and paper, and makes it easy to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, and stay organized. Classroom is designed to help teachers create, collect, and grade assignments paperlessly, including time-saving features like the ability to automatically make a copy of a Google Document for each student. It also creates Drive folders for each assignment and for each student to help keep everyone organized. Students can keep track of what’s due on the Assignments page and begin working with just a click. Teachers can quickly see who has or hasn't completed the work, and provide direct, real-time feedback and grades right in Classroom. With the mobile app for iOS, students and teachers can view their classes and communicate with their classmates in real time. Students can open their assignments and work on them right from their iPhone or iPad. Teachers can keep track of who has turned in work and grade the assignment - at school or on the go. Students and teachers receive notifications when they have new content in Classroom, so they are always up to date. There are many benefits of using Classroom: Easy to set up Teachers can add students directly or share a code with their class to join. It takes just minutes to set up. Saves time The simple, paperless assignment workflow allows teachers to create, review, and grade assignments quickly, all in one place. Improves organization Students can see all of their assignments on an assignments page, and all class materials (e.g., documents, photos, and videos) are automatically filed into folders in Google Drive. Enhances communication Classroom allows teachers to send announcements and start class discussions instantly. Students can share resources with each other or provide answers to questions on the stream. Secure Like the rest of Google Workspace for Education services, Classroom contains no ads, never uses your content or student data for advertising purposes. Permissions Notice: Camera: Needed to allow the user to take photos or videos and post them to Classroom. Microphone: Needed to enable audio capture for recording videos to be posted to Classroom. Photos: Needed to allow the user to attach photos or videos to Classroom. Photos or videos posted to Classroom will be stored on Google servers in order to show them in Classroom.

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App is okay
what's wrong with rhis app???? on 2023-02-07
I like Google Classroom, it’s free and convenient, but it does have a lot of problems. It has so many bugs! When I went onto the to-do list, there was an assignment that said it was graded, but when I’d click it, it would just say ‘turned in’. I reloaded the app multiple times, and it didn’t fix it! I know it’s not my phone (it’s only a few years old) so it must be the app! When I came on here to write a review, I saw the app had an update, so I thought, ‘this might fix it!’ I updated the app, went to the assignment, it had the same problem! I don’t know why it’s so hard for the app! There is also other things. I hate how the app doesn’t automatically reload on my phone when I do something on my laptop! I always have to pull down on the screen, and then it reloads, but it takes forever! And that’s another thing! For some reason, it doesn’t take long to load on a laptop, but takes forever on smaller devices (phones, tablets)! And something I can’t stand is when I go into an archived class, at the bottom of the screen, there is a bar saying, ‘this class has been archived’. I know! I went into the archived classes! I know the class is archived! And a few suggestions I have: 1. Make it easier to organize the to-do list! I wish you could look at assignments from multiple classes, but not all. Nope. You can only look at assignments from all or one of your classes. 2. Make it so it loads quicker! Not all of us have sweet time to waste, sitting here, waiting for your app to load! 3. (This one I’m not super mad about, it would just be a nice feature) Could you make it so we can look at classes from multiple accounts all at once? It’s annoying to switch back and forth from one account to another. 4. Make it so devices on the same account sync faster! It’s so annoying I have to reload the app on my phone when I do something on the website on my laptop! And you know what else is annoying? I get notifications on my phone a lot quicker than on my laptop! Overall, it’s an okay app. I don’t love or hate it.
Grey Wolf🐺2009 on 2023-02-07
According to amendment 1 of the 27 amendments, i am able to start a petition to get rid of this app. And don’t be saying “ExPlaIn yoUr Reasoning” because no, teachers. I won’t. I cry to myself every night because of all the work I get from this, I am also sleep deprived because of how many notifications I get at midnight. If I could rate this a 0, I would. This app also promotes the saying: if idiots could fly, this’d be an airport This app made me add “cry” to my to do list. I wanna rip my eyes out. I don’t think this app should promote such feelings. My teacher said that you will use all math in the real world. Just just like this app, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!! This app will brain wash children to forfeit all belongings to lord megamind. I joined the Amish colony because of this app. I now churn butter, milk cows and more! I threw all my devices to the dog diarrhea in my yard
Basically unusable in mobile
EKsciguy on 2023-02-07
At the beginning of this school year I was able to grade the assignments that had a rubric and it was clunky but doable. I would have rated it two or maybe three stars depending on how much lag i was experiencing at the time. I went back today to see if i could grade my notebook assignments and I find that my rubric is there but doesn't respond when i select a score option. I can keep a running tally in my head and enter the score, but selecting an individual rubric item is useless. I do find the browser rubric grading to be streamlined and easy. The app version is broken. Please fix this.
Funny jokes
poklw on 2023-02-07
A man walks into an enchanted forest and tries to cut down a talking tree. "You can't cut me down," the tree exclaims, "I'm a talking tree!" The man responds, "You may be a talking tree, but you will dialogue." As I get older, I remember all the people I lost along the way. Maybe my budding career as a tour guide was not the right choice. A man wakes from a coma. His wife changes out of her black clothes and, irritated, remarks, “I really cannot depend on you in anything, can I!” I just got my doctor's test results and I'm really upset about it. Turns out, I'm not gonna be a doctor.
It’s the one and only app for your app eats tacos and drinks potato’s
WyWy530 on 2023-02-07
This app has given me a liking towards pizza because the fact that you can eat a diaper full of peanut butter and also make a piece of paper dance is quite remarkable. I am here to announce that a new flavor of Red Bull is out and you should eat it for new wings. Don’t forget tomorrow is a towel day so bring your favorite towel to the park so you can eat a dumpling at dinner time. That’s all from me. Sincerely, that one guy on the interwebs
look im not going to use this over the computer without dark mode
PurpleToonLink on 2023-02-07
why is there no dark mode? how about the health of the eyes of the kids using this app? i can sort through my google drive to organize my assignments in dark mode. i can edit my google docs for class in dark mode. i typed this review in dark mode. i go to the google classrom and my eyes are getting obliterated.
YOUR CLASS TARD on 2023-02-07
this game is not fun i cannot play any of my games and there is assigned work and if you don’t get it in on time your parents will beat you up and the more assignments you do the more you level up.. join classes to get class points to level up your avatar.. all in all i do not recommend 🙄🔥⭐️
The Pandemic Ruined this
anonymous_.-. on 2023-02-07
Let’s be honest we all have this app one star cause of the pandemic lol I mean it’s not like the app is good it has a lot of glitches and a bad interface but subjectively I think a three star rating would be more accurate lol anyways let’s the meme live on 1/5 stars <3
this app is not good
fyfxydufuf on 2023-02-07
this app made me lose my house job kids wife and dog don’t download this app it’s horrible and i hate it. i think i’m going crazy everything is going downhill since i downloaded this app. just know i will find whoever made this app and i will
hebdjenenje on 2023-02-07
THIS APP DIDN'T GIVE ME FREE VBUCKS😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😪😪😪😪😪🥴🥴😑😑😑😑😑😓😓😓😓😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😭😭😭😭😡😡😡😡🥶😡😡😡🥵😓😓😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🥵🥵🥵😤😤😤😤😤😤😠

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