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Create, edit, and collaborate on the go with the Google Docs app. Work together in real time * Share documents with your team * Edit, comment and add action items in real time * Never lose changes or previous versions of your document with version history Create anywhere, anytime—even offline * Capture spontaneous ideas on the fly * Get things done, even on the plane, with offline mode * Save time and add polish with easy-to-use templates Search Google right in Docs * Use Google Search without leaving your document * Search all of your files in Drive, right in Docs Edit and share multiple file types * Open a variety of files, including Microsoft Word files, right in Google Docs * Frictionless collaboration, no matter which application your teammates use * Convert and export files seamlessly Part of G Suite: Google’s intelligent apps for business * Connect and collaborate with your team, using one suite—Gmail, Drive, Calendar and more * Use Google’s AI to bring data insights to every employee * Join more than 4M paying businesses who trust G Suite to power their organization Permissions Notice Camera: This is used to takes photos to insert into documents. Photos: This is used to access photos under the control of Photos Application to let the users pick images to insert into documents.

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Great for schoolwork
hhjcosjdfcwenjk on 2020-04-09
I love it! The tables are great and magixly delicious food and the staff was so very helpful I had a lot to say and it is very very well worth the price I love it to do a good thing about the atmosphere here it was a lot to make and I was very impressed by how awesome the customer is I wanna was a good way of making a great selection and I wanna is a great little cafe and I was very disappointed with my order the stuff I wanna I had was a good time to go back to my room page to read it it is very very clean the service was so very very well I had to go to my book
Docs lover ❤️❤️❤️
What'sthewordguru on 2020-04-09
I am absolutely in love with google docs for iphone! It is so convenient and effective. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that doesn't own a computer, or cannot make it to their local library to type up their work. This app offers the same results as it does on a computer. This is great for me. I’m in college, and because of the coronavirus, I have no access to computers.
Perfect. 11/10
Devil Animations YT on 2020-04-09
I cannot tell you how good this app is. It helps me do funny stories, historical projects, and comics. It is just perfect. Some people say it crashes too much but I can’t say the same. It crashes rarely and not in bad situations. Maybe that’s luck, but I don’t see a really “bad time” besides in a school program. Still, it’s perfect. I’ve had so much fun with it.
Nothing work right
poiutedcbb on 2020-04-09
Kids have to use google classroom, drive, doc, sheets and slides for at home school and none work right. They need to be able to use these with iPad and iPhone. Teachers show us how to edit chart using scribble and the menu bar is completely different than what my iPad has and I can barely edit anything with these
It works fine but...
honset and realistic reviews on 2020-04-09
I love this app and I use it all of the time for school and stuff but I would like to know if their is a google forms mobile app because I looked it up and I didn’t fine it and I think it would be nice to have a mobile version.I have almost all of the other google apps but I can’t seem to fine google forms.
Enjoy this application
gfellis on 2020-04-09
Docs is very simple and straight forward. Has much more flexibility and features than Wordpad that comes the Windows machines. Of course, it is much less expensive than the well know word processing software. For some one who only does word processing for personal communications, it makes a lot of sense.
cutejock66573 on 2020-04-09
I really love this app but when I am typing and moving on to another page a can’t see if u am moving to another page and this only happens when I use this app on my phone and it makes me very angry that I have to guess if I’m on the next page when I use this but it works Brett well in my computer
I love Google Docs!
Mdstink on 2020-04-09
I’m never paying for Microsoft Word again! Docs is so much more convenient. And, I can use it on multiple devices. Plus, I don’t have to worry about loosing info, because it auto saves my work, and syncs to all my devices. I can go from working on my computer, to my iPad or my phone with ease.
Long time to load up
Cha Ching cha Ching...... on 2020-04-09
I don’t why the page is taking too long load up. I have no pictures and is only 2page article in typing about an easy DIY. Cool app for ipad or iPhone with word.doc but after saving frequently cause I don’t want to mess up or loose the page. But some reason it’s take for ever load up!
It’s ugh
the life the art the on 2020-04-09
It’s all okay and all but it’s not the best. I mostly use this, for story writing and it’s great! You can change the color of the text and all that. But I want something that you can draw with your finger, see I want illustrator tools to!

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