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Get fast access to Google Search with the new Google home screen widget built for iOS 14. The Google app keeps you in the know about things that matter to you. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets. More ways to access Google: • Google Search widget — Search from your home screen with the new Google widget built for iOS 14. Choose from 2 widgets, giving you a quick search bar in both sizes, and shortcuts to choose how you Search with Lens, Voice, and Incognito in the medium size widget. • Google Lens — Search with your camera, copy and translate text, find similar apparel, identify plants and animals, scan QR codes and more. • Voice Search — Search conveniently and quickly using your voice, no typing needed. • Incognito — Search in Incognito mode whenever you want. It’s always a tap away from the homescreen. Search safely and securely: • All searches in the Google app are protected by encrypting the connection between your device and Google. • Privacy controls are easy to find and use. Just tap your profile picture to access your menu and delete recent search history from your account with one click. • Search proactively filters webspam to help ensure that you see safe, high-quality results. Search and browse: • Nearby shops and restaurants • Live sports scores and schedules • Movies times, casts, and reviews • Videos and images • News, stock information, and more • Anything you’d find on the web Get personalized updates in Discover: • Stay in the know about topics that interest you • Start your morning with weather and top news • Get real-time updates on sports, movies, and events • Know as soon as your favorite artists drop new albums • Get stories about your interests and hobbies • Follow interesting topics, right from Search results Learn more about what the Google app can do for you: Your feedback helps us create products you'll love. Join a user research study here:

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Dee Dee- Care Manager @ Sunrise at Summit
PCRRT on 2022-06-29
My wife Carole Thau and I moved into this lovely facility on Dec 10 2021. Two weeks before our move, we met both Dee Dee and Christine at our apartment at Lantern Hill. Both were very professional in assisting with a smooth adjustment at Sunrise. Since my wife needs special care because she is in a wheelchair most of the day, I was most impressed with the comprehensive and thoughtful training provided by Dee Dee to the Care Giving Team. In recent months, during which most of the Care Givers had difficulty getting my wife into bed, she mentioned the possibility of using a mechanical lift that was available. Since it would have been difficult to use this lift in our room 214 at that time, Dee Dee had the foresight to suggest that I view Room 204 that was vacant at that time. Our daughter Robin Plattman and I readily agreed .It was an important recommendation that has allowed better care for my wife. In summary, Dee Dee is an exceptional and professional employee who displays a high level of “Emotional Intelligence “ I admire that she has been employed at Sunrise for many years. Sincerely Paul Thau one Sincerely, Paul Thau
New update ruined Google
CringeBrian on 2022-06-29
Ive used google as my primary search engine for a while, but Ive always needed a second. A huge problem has always been the ability to download images or lack thereof on the Google App, they fixed the issue around 2019-ish. We were going steady when the download image feature was seamless, you hold down the image and a pop up with the words ‘download image’ appeared. Not anymore. Its been replaced with an annoying Google lens feature and a useless image source pop up with download image no where to be seen. We are all aware of these feature and the image settings or three dots at the right hand corner would be an adequate place for them. Forcing Google lens onto your users as some sort of quota made your app an afterthought and inferior to the Safari app. Not to mention Safari has a better ‘Tabs’ system. I would recommend the Chrome app which is less user friendly but way more competent than this worthless app.
Add custom Siri
Etherealwi on 2022-06-29
First of all I want to feature that can change Siri‘s name, and I don’t mean like computer or device I mean like hey Sarah Second of all I would like a custom Siri voiceSo that way you can get special recordings and use them as series voice kinda like our Vocaloid worksMedia of people saying like every single like different sound that google needs like you can find them on like YouTube or look them up or something Third of all and this is totally optional to make the Siri bubble be able to change to like a photo you have even if it’s just like some kind of an avatar thank you so much if you add these And by change Siri voice I don’t mean like to change it to like a boy or a girl I mean for it to be like really customizable to your favorite celebrity or something. You could go to the Shortcuts app and make them say some stuff so sorry that this review is so long I did this all using the microphone
I’m switching to safari because of the June updates
Sdhtevhssjgfx on 2022-06-29
Before this month the app was fairly good for a search app but now it’s useless. At first it was hacking trouble just saving what tabs I wanted open and would delete whatever tab I just opened once I left the tab. This applies to both new tabs where I wanted to compare results and tabs I had open for a few days that I went back to frequently. Then it made the layout of websites go into a weird zoomed out format that made it so you could accidentally swipe out mid read. Lastly the reason I’ve given up is because you can no longer save images. When you hold down an image now it just shows “image source” and “search within image” neither of which I would ever use. On the off chance that you manage to go through image sources and find a saveable image it’s grainy and awful quality.
App is Fustrating
jhondup on 2022-06-29
Google app was so easy to navigate. Now I can’t do anything without being confused. If I Accidentally click on a redirect link I won’t be able to tab out easily, using SEARCH BAR( was replaced with copy link which is something I hate the most), and I can’t use that < arrow thing to go back to last site which was removed and replaced with an X sign Also THE DAM SAVE IMAGE THING WAS REMOVED was removed, and HALF OF WHY I USE GOOGLE IS REMOVED. I’d rather use safari or edge FOR now than this app. It’s just frustrating to use since this “ new features to provide a better search experience. “ update
Impossible to save images now
Super mom lover on 2022-06-29
I use google to look up images to reference, but need to save them to zoom in more or save for later in case I can’t find the image later, but the new update has destroyed that, and screenshots don’t suffice because of other icons blocking the image and a lower quality. Now I have to open them in a browser which takes away a lot of the convenience. I also wish reverse image search could be implemented for mobile devices. Constantly have to request the desktop site on safari just to do it from my phone, but that is more of a long time request. I just want the old way of saving images back.
Piece of garbage
Emerson#1030 on 2022-06-29
First they locked me out of my account. I had a phone stole, then replaced with a new one. Go to sign in and I can’t verify it’s actually me. Takes 3 weeks to finally gain access. Not it wants to verify my age. I have had this account for 20 years. Never had I had to verify my age. Now it won’t give me access to my saved pictures and work information. It wants me send a picture of my credit card to verify. I think not google. Just let me have access to my pictures and other person information so I can transfer it over. I’m so done. Worst app ever
Crashes When Searching or Browsing
vStexdel on 2022-06-29
Love the Google app but I found the Google Chrome app to be much less buggy. When making a search, the app becomes unresponsive. 9/10 times refreshing doesn’t work and I have to close the app and try again. Websites also become unresponsive. You try to open up something and it just freezes. Chrome doesn’t seem to have this issue. This seems to be an ongoing problem even with the updates over the last year at the time I’m writing this review.
A Review on the Google App:
Astronomy! on 2022-06-29
Whenever you get a new iPhone, the first web browser you'll have is Google. Now Google is like any other web browser, but it cares more about security. Google is also one of the “giants” in today's society with modern technology. This app has other features, though! You can search with your camera, and there is a little game hidden there, which you can play for a while in the “tab” section. Well, that's all I have to say about the Google app!
Can’t download images so switching to Chrome app
Spliffymode on 2022-06-29
I’ve always used the Google app and believe it’s the best search engine app. However with the current update I can’t download images. When I hold down on the image to download it just gives me an option to “find source image” or “open in another app.” I tried searching for a fix and couldn’t find anything. As much as I like this app it’s just too inconvenient to not be able to download images quickly. Switching to chrome until they fix this.

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