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Jun, 2022


Jun, 2022



Guess what is being drawn and outlast the other players! Choose right and move to the next round! Choose wrong and you are eliminated! Can you beat everyone?

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Why was the answer “ALCOHOL”!?
Soplhia on 2022-07-02
I was having so much fun playing this game until I reached to level 22 one of the answers was “ALCOHOL”! I’ve been getting the answer wrong over and over until the hint thing pop up on the screen and then it says that the answer was “ALCOHOL”. I saw that app was 9+ and if you are lower than adult age then your not allowed to have any at all! There can be a chance that kid that is lower than adult age might want to try it since it looks fancy but they can’t drink it because it will make you faint or feel extremely dizzy 😠. When I saw the answer was “ALCOHOL” I just immediately deleted the app and that’s why this text exists to warn everyone who want to play this game (sorry if it’s long but there’s just a lot of explaining😓).
1 Problem and 1 suggestion:
Hvfjvxjbis on 2022-07-02
Okay so overall this is a great game. I love it but I have one problem. This game is meant for 9+ right? Yeah. But I misspelled a word and it counted it wrong! That’s stupid. I only put an a where it was supposed to be an o. The game is so nitpicky. Please fix this! It gets on my nerves. If you actually read these reviews it could be an awesome app. So please read this! To all the downloaders out there please read this too. Now the suggestion. I’m not counting off a star for this. It’s just a suggest. I was wondering if the player could sometimes be the drawer. Not every time tho. Thank you for reading my long review! You do not have to do the suggestion. But it would just be nice to know my review was read. :)
There so good at tricking you
paokara7 on 2022-07-02
Has I said in the title they are so good at tricking you but I like it like on the first round it is Lolipop or microphone at the start you totally think it is a Lolipop but it s a microphone it is so much fun but I lost on the first round that embarrassing well it is hard fun kinda tricky but it is not if your really good at guessing so I give it five stars it is free and you can get it on the apple store and it does not clutch there isn’t to many adds in my opinion and I love this game sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun you half to download it please
Ok game
Adelina. Jade. Smith on 2022-07-02
They need to actually invite more people that are alive and they actually have a brain then just like some computers I know computers are smart but like they don’t need to be dumb in the game so I think they should add a little bit more realistic things and just not food and stuff like a lollipop is identical to a microphone so I don’t know what they wanted to me to do about that it look like a lollipop OK!
alex_RATES2727 on 2022-07-02
see this is game is very fun… when there aren’t ads. i kid u not i counted how long u play versus how long the ads are (let’s be clear u play 2 times and then ads come on) i swear u play for 12 seconds and the ads r 4 minutes and 27 seconds. this was so pointless. deleted it immediately!!! waste of my storage space.
The best game
briannys about game on 2022-07-02
This is the best game becasue u can learn how to draw things and u could practice How to draw becasue u could look at the picture and see and then draw I love this game so much!!!! But there are a lot of ads and I don’t really like it but other then that I love the game!!!!!
How good the game is
sillybilly lily girl on 2022-07-02
It’s good like in the ads but it’s not entertaining there should be more to it if ur looking for a quiet game that u don’t have to think that much to get the answer this is ur game over all it’s free and sometimes l sit back relax and play this game it can be fun enjoy
Apology Video
B0ldGu¥4637 on 2022-07-02
Hey guys. I’ve known you’ve been asking for this clouded for a long time. I’ve come to the realization that I shouldn’t have licked that child in public. It was very inappropriate for me to have shown me licking a child. I hope you guys accept my apology.
Cut down the ads a little bit 🥲
kleefromtheknightsoffavonius on 2022-07-02
The game is LIKE AWESOME, but one minor problem is that, when I complete like the levels or when all the people like “ die “, it just pops an ad up and it is annoying -.- . Please continue to do updates, change anything, and making this an awesome game!
Yea we can get together for tomorrow night and we will get back together and then go
glad to have you on 2022-07-02
Yea we did but I did not want to hear that you got a hold on me and you didn’t want it lol I just wanted you to know if I did it but you didn’t want me too lol lol I just got home from work and I am so sorry 😢 but we don’t need anything else 👧🏽🥎✈️

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