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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



Tap in to our fashion feed, anytime, anywhere, and all in one spot — the H&M app. Get instant updates, track your orders, use your own photos to find similar items in stock, and get inspired by our users all over the world! Imagine yourself browsing our feed and experiencing it live all at the same time. Sounds exciting? Keep reading! Our app also comes handy when you’re already inside one of our stores. Let’s say you can’t find your size or would like to know if an item is available in more sizes and colours? Scan the price tag — our SCAN & FIND feature will let you know! Seen something you like and got inspired by? VISUAL SEARCH lets you explore what we have to offer by using your own photos or screen shots. It recognizes patterns, colors, styles, and gives you a list of matching or similar items in stock. Save the items you love the most in your own list of favourites — just tap the HEART ICON. Keep up to date with the fashion world by activating PUSH NOTIFICATIONS! You’ll be the first to know when a designer collection drops and you’ll instantly be notified when we have special offers and events! Don’t miss out — download the H&M app now! When you download the H&M app, we will process your data in accordance with our Privacy Notice. For more details on this, please go to

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Sandi Retail on 2020-09-26
The online app is the worst .... it should be user friendly and it is the opposite! Attempting to check out is futile.... they continually deny any charge one uses-the computer system used is totally ineffective . I am not alone in this and have heard from many customers who have given up shopping with H&M. Who in this day & age can afford to lose business?!? I am a substantial citizen- was told to call my bank to check if they were called... the answer was NO. I was a regular shopper with this site but am giving my business elsewhere since I have spent too much time & frustration trying to order-I can well afford to purchase anything I want- Shame on you H & M for not getting your app “fixed” to accommodate customer support!
Kind of annoying
etherixxx on 2020-09-26
First off : I dislike when I’m looking for boys clothing girls clothes still come up in my search. I understand the gender neutral movement but most stores sell way more girls clothes than boys as it is. So you kind of hope to just see boys. Second: the filling out of all your billing information is such a long process I wouldn’t be surprised if something in my cart sold out for however long it takes to fill it out. Also it doesn’t remember anything you typed so it may simultaneously clear and you’ll have to start all over again. Lastly when you place the order it takes ages to confirm. I had to do this twice before it finally went through I was waiting 5+ mins the first time.
iiUnicorn_Emii on 2020-09-26
This app is weird. When ever i get out of the app it always says that “sorry page not found” or “sorry something went wrong” like seriously?? This morning it told me to refresh it bc it wasn’t working and it said to delete the app if it doesn’t work and i did. And when i tried to log back in, and i typed everything right and he said “email or password not correct!” fix the app! Edit: So i went back into the app and i went to my shopping cart and it deleted ALL OF THE STUFF I HAD IN MY CART!!! FIX THE APPP!!!!
Very Disappointed
snorkelson247 on 2020-09-26
I usually love H&M, granted I’ve always shopped in-person until COVID. I ordered a large package worth $275, and they lost it. H&M has offered me a full refund with 20% off my next order and free shipping, but I can’t trust that I will actually get my shipment through online ordering now, not to mention all of the items I ordered are sold out. ***If you value your purchases, don’t order online and only shop in-person*** They have lost my online business.
Jhaszmyn on 2020-09-26
Why am I downloading this app everytime I click on it? I have not been able to in a year, just click on the app and it open. Instead it’s constantly making my update the app. I just updated it today and then went to somewhere else on my phone. Came back to the app and here we go again “ we launched a new H&M app,” howwww!? I’m fed up and bought to all together delete this crap.
Seamless App Experience
ChristinaM14 on 2020-09-26
I love the H&M app and think this app experience is far superior than that of other shopping apps! Easy to navigate, smart buyer functionality (buy now pay later, Klarna option), etc. It just makes sense! I also love the member points and that you don’t have to buy into a credit card.
Love H&M
zedysherbs on 2020-09-26
Grew up with Hennes&Mauritz and till today an sll time favorite Love that they still use alot of natural materials for theyr clothing at least we as costumers have the option to choose from what we like an prefer h&m got everything under one Roof! Im Always coming back!
No changes to order
Jkm2525 on 2020-09-26
They have an imaginary window of time to make changes to an order. If you notice something is off, when you call to cancel or make a change they refuse to assist. I’ve never heard of another company that does this. You would think they’d appreciate your business. Garbage.
My first review
Dealisson on 2020-09-26
I love h&m overall. Yes it may have difficulties with purchasing and ordering online, but the clothes and accessories are extremely cute & h&m should fix their problem with the app itself. ❤️❤️
cgcvffvhtf on 2020-09-26
I made an order on the 8th, and I got 3-7 day shipping. I got many emails saying that my order was about to get here, but they kept extending the date. It is now the 21st and it still hasn’t come yet.

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