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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



Best. Farm. Ever. Welcome to Hay Day, the most popular farming game on mobiles and tablets, number one in 122 countries. Learn the lay of the land, tend to your crops, and trade goods with neighbors and friends. It’s a real special place where the crops never die even though it never rains. Sharing the farm with our quirky animals only makes things more fun! PLEASE NOTE! Hay Day is free to download and install. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in­-app purchases in your device's settings. A network connection is also required. ~~~~~~~~~~ FEATURES ~~~~~~~~~~ * Grow and customize your farm * Trade crops and fresh goods with neighbors and friends through your very own roadside shop * Fulfill orders with your truck and even by steamboat * Repair your dock and cast your lure to fish the waters * Build your own town and welcome visitors ~~~~~~~~~~~ MEDIA MENTIONS ~~~~~~~~~~~ Hay Day‘s presentation is fairly cinematic for a mobile game. It’s eye candy. The controls are also smooth, non intrusive, and use the iPhone’s touch screen well. Watching your crops grow and your twee factories spew out products is a quietly pleasing experience. ~~~~~~~~~~~ PLAYER REVIEWS ~~~~~~~~~~~ 5/5 The artwork is phenomenal, clear, missing no details and certainly comical. 5/5 The animals are super cute and nothing ever dies. No pressure if you can’t play for a few days. 5/5 I love this game I play it everyday to build my farm up. I love how it branches out from just a farm to fishing and mining. Overall very fun game :) 5/5 Great game. Love the options!! Got this game for my iPad and it out does any other farm game I have played. Wonderful design and thought process. 5/5 A “happy feel good” game! 6 stars from this girl! ~~~~~~~~~~ SUPPORT ~~~~~~~~~~ Neighbor, are you having problems? Visit or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support. Under our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, Hay Day is allowed for download and play only for persons 13 years or over of age. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Parent's Guide:

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Worst customer service I’ve ever came across
Amberandmike1010 on 2020-09-25
This was mine and my hubby’s all time favorite game. We’ve spent countless amounts of money on diamonds and specials they run every now and then. Well today after doing the update to my phone last night I was locked out of my iTunes and apple account. I logged into my heyday and it said that I had fraudulent charges against my account and I had a negative 179 diamond balance. I contacted iTunes and apple and was told that it was very weird what happened and that it was a mistake and they fixed my account and I was able to log right back into everything without any issues and they explained to me to contact HayDay customer support and they would surely clear this up without any issues. I did. They refuse to help me in anyway. Wouldn’t point me into the direction of anyone else I could contact except apple even after I explained I’ve already spoken to them and they admit it’s an error. So now I’m out of all the money I’ve dropped into this game because I refuse to play a game that rips people off and refuses to help in any way. Plainly told me they wouldn’t do anything and was willing to lose paying game players to rip me off the measly 20 bucks knowing I would of dropped it right back into the game in a week. So yes it is a fun game but if you ever run into any trouble and have spent money they will NOT do anything to help you in anyway but let you leave and think nothing of it
Crashing every time I play
NadavL. on 2020-09-25
I love Hay Day. I just picked it back up after not playing it in a while but every time I play it now, I only play for maybe five minutes or so and the game just crashes on me. Every single time. I have uninstalled the game, reinstalled it, and logged back in with no success to fixing my issue. Can a dev get back to me with a solution please? I have the most updated version of my processing system on my phone and of the game and I don’t really have this issue with any of the other games I play on my phone. Aside from the constant crashing, the game is so fun and entertaining. Out of all the farming simulations I have played, this one is the best in my opinion. There are so many different things to get into once you level up and you really don’t have to put your real money into the game in order to level up. This is an excellent game. I just wish it would stop crashing on me constantly.
I am so addicted!
Poncho via 0902 on 2020-09-25
I love this game, but I only give it four stars for a couple reasons. First thing I mention is the new addition of the valley. You guys tried really hard but came up kind of flat on the valley. The Second thing I want to mention is the timer for bunny time. I realize Bunny time is relatively new, but you really need to do something about the timer. Many times the timer goes off sooner than it says or it completely skips it! You’ll get almost to the bunny time and then skip it completely and it makes you wait 24 more hours!! REALLY?!? Do you know how very very very very frustrating that is?!?! Anyway, I love this game, I love the derby’s and the ability to have a neighborhood that you can talk, to and help them, is awesome!
Obtain items
MsNikkiT2U on 2020-09-25
This is my second time trying to play this game. It his hard to obtain the items that you because it seems like a race with other players to purchase items that you need/want. It’s need easy to obtain diamonds either and I have one more issue one players need assistance on the farm there should be a way to know if it’s for the boat, the farm or tourist. I shouldn’t have to search all over to know it s only for the boat or the farm. It’s hard enough with the upkeep of the farm. I may quit this game again. Does this game ever update?? Still having the same issues.
The actual game is great
ab122073 on 2020-09-25
The actual game itself is great. Pretty entertaining, and easy to leave and pick up whenever you want. But— it crashes constantly. I don’t have an old or outdated device or software, the thing just crashes. And it’s also up to date. I don’t have this issue with any other apps or games, I also play clash of clans and clash Royale, both operate perfectly. Some days it won’t crash at all, then the next day it crashes every 30 seconds. It’s really frustrating. But the game itself is pretty good besides that.
App keeps closing
sweattttttsser on 2020-09-25
I just downloaded hay day a few days ago . I used to play it years ago . It’s a great game and I’m happy to begin building my farm . My one complaint is the App keeps CRASHING! The app will close on its own about 60% of the time I am using it. It will crash and I’ll be back on my home screen . When I restart the app I don’t loose any of my progress . Which is great but it is very frustrating to have to re open the game over and over again . Can you fix this please !!?!?!
Account closed
<3Caddie<3 on 2020-09-25
So my account was permanently banned after talking to someone through their troubleshooting chat. I haven’t played in a while and I was trying to get back into my farm instead of having to start from the beginning. They asked questions and I answered everything to the best I could and then bam, the conversation closed and I was locked out. I was at level 59 and just wanted to pick back up where I left off. Disappointed is an understatement.
New areas
❤️Geese❤️ on 2020-09-25
Look don’t get me wrong, hay days the best game ever but I was disappointed about a few things. When I reached level 22 I was so happy to get my farm expansions. But when I clicked it to see how I could get a square fixed it required like 7 of EACH item!! I was so sad. I still love the game but still... Please fix it. Maybe 1000 coins a square could work? If this was not a problem I would have given this game 5 stars. PLZ FIX!!!
Want to get into again but I literally can’t
Serg10s on 2020-09-25
Please, I don’t know if this is something on my side. My interest in this game has peaked again after leaving it a while back ago, but sadly I cannot enjoy as I am crashed out the game after being on for a few to a couple minutes. You’re own game is kicking me out from enjoying it. If this is a bug issue on your side please fix as I really want to play Hay Day again. I will make this 5 star if this can be resolved for me.
SuperCell Help
Mehahiggins23 on 2020-09-25
I absolutely love this game! However they have changed a lot and seems to be more of a pain in the butt to play.. I can not for the life of me get the confirmation email to sign up for my supercell account which is not allowing me to use my roadside shop or my newsletter.. Can someone please help me with this..? Would love to be able to play the game on my tablet as well without having to have two accounts..

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