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HBO Max is a premium streaming app that combines all of HBO with even more must-see TV series, blockbuster movies, and exclusive Max Originals. With unlimited access to thousands of hours of entertainment, we’ve got something for everyone in your family. So, kick back in your comfiest loungewear and find your next favorite from one of our curated hubs including DC, the Cartoon Network Collection, Classics curated by TCM, Sesame Workshop, and more. Here’s what’s waiting for you: • All of HBO with even more critically-acclaimed movies, binge-worthy TV series, and all-new Max Originals. • Bingeable collections hand-picked by our editorial experts—not robots. • One-of-a-kind kids experience with flexible parental controls. • HBO Max Hubs devoted to beloved brands including the Adult Swim Collection, the Cartoon Network Collection, Looney Tunes, Studio Ghibli, Classics curated by TCM, Crunchyroll, and more. • Download episodes and movies to your phone or tablet to watch offline, anytime. • Up to five viewer profiles with customizable profile images. Content and feature availability on HBO Max may vary by region. Some titles and features shown above may not be available in your country. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Purposes disclosed in the App Privacy label may vary based on features or services that may not be available in all regions. HBO Max is only accessible in certain territories. Some restrictions apply. ©2021 WarnerMedia Direct, LLC. All Rights Reserved. HBO Max™ is used under license. For help, please visit Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: For California residents only, manage sharing your data at:

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Why can’t you cast HBO Max?
Corey_like_Feldman on 2022-01-28
Only reason for 1 star is the inability to cast. Why is that? You go to a friends you wanna watch a movie you can’t cast from your phone. I’m not trying to login everywhere. Fix it. Please and thank you! If I could have one wish from HBO Max first and foremost it would be the ability to cast to television sets within and away from my home. If I could have two wishes from HBO Max it would be to bring back Dream On (I know it’s a nearly impossible usage rights issue-but like Lennon, I too am a dreamer). If I had three wishes from HBO Max it would be to keep doing what you’re doing because I ❤️ it: The Righteous Gemstones✔️ Euphoria ✔️ Hacks✔️Succession ✔️ Barry✔️Last Week Tonight✔️ Bill Maher✔️ And Just Like That✔️The Other Two✔️ A Black Lady Sketch Show✔️ Sharp Objects✔️ Big Little Lies✔️ The White Lotus✔️ Curb Your Enthusiasm ✔️✔️✔️ and many, many more that I could list but alas this review needs to end eventually. You do so many things better than everyone else, please fix the technical issue and allow us to cast, because world peace is a ways away. Thank you.
Ridiculous App
Plotinus's Raven on 2022-01-28
Never had difficulties with HBO when using their portal through Amazon but HBO abandoned Amazon some months ago I assume to save money. Now I can only use this stupid app—well, I can use it when it works which is seldom. I am writing in January of 2022 and it appears from past comments to be just as buggy now on my iPad and Apple TV as when people complained months ago. I find an episode of Succession; the App assures me that Succession is playing on Apple TV through Airplay; however it only appears on my iPad sometimes. At other times my iPad and TV show the same—still—picture but as soon as I push play on the iPad I get one of several messages on my TV: My “internet connection is not functioning’ (it is functioning); “the content can’t play now, try later;” or an icon for loading content revolves ad infinitum on screen. If I try to mirror HBO content when it appears on my iPad the video vanishes from the iPod screen while never appearing on the TV screen. If these bugs continue much longer I will cancel my account. Why pay for continual frustration?
Creates problems, far behind others
Hoagiebelly on 2022-01-28
This app has experienced more errors than successfully completing any of its basic functions. Other streaming platforms are so far ahead it’s embarrassing. The amount of successful downloads pales in comparison to errors, shutdowns, freezes, and slow downs when they are requested. The app itself causes MAJOR slowdowns in bandwidth, to the extent of other devices (even those hardwired) pausing on streaming with other platforms, zoom, gaming or just using Google. I have to routinely reboot devices using HBOMax, and my router when there is an error and so far it happens every third episode, and half to three quarters of any episode download attempt. Content is decent, but doesn’t, in anyway, justify the frustration, and time-sink needed to use this platform. It happens on PC, Samsung smart TVs, IPhone, IPad, and android platform as well. I don’t see my use of this continuing for more than a month or two at this rate. Also the intuitive flow of this platform is worse than almost any other streaming service I’ve used, maybe only exceeded by one other UI.
Painful to Download Shows for Offline Viewing
Wanting God on 2022-01-28
I really want to love HBO Max app but it’s painful to download shows for offline viewing. They have the best show line-up among all the streaming services but the many glitches reduce the positive viewing experience. The download button (arrow-down symbol) frequently disappears. Then, there’s the frequent logging out. Supposedly, on my iPad Pro, automatic log-on is supported. And when you watch a downloaded show, even if you only watch 30 seconds into the movie, you only have 48 hrs to complete your show. After 48 hrs, it will expire and have to attempt to download it again. Good if it lets you and supposedly, it will allow you to “renew” the permission but frequently it will tell you have reached the maximum limit of downloads for that particular show. And lastly, when your internet goes off in the middle of a download, the process goes back to square-one when your internet connection resumes. Lots of potentials…but too many problems. Learn from Netflix and Disney Plus please!
Content is great, shows are horrible
JNTNN__ on 2022-01-28
Sorry to write a bad review. I’ve been using the HBO app for about a year now and the app is poorly written. - Every time you exit and come back to the app the entire app reloads and doesn’t let you jump back into things. If you’re trying to pause a show quickly you have to wait for about 10 seconds for it to reload all over again. - I’m currently watching big little lies, great show, but it doesn't register at all in recently watched. So it’s hard for me to pick up where I left off. It does this with other episodes too. - not to compare it to other steaming apps but the user interface could be more seamless. It all feels too clunky and doesn’t transition well when trying to browse through your favorite show’s episodes or even something as simple as skipping to the next episode.
UMReb on 2022-01-28
It’s a moot point because they have a captive audience. But it’s insanely hard to navigate, has counter-intuitive controls, and has a ridiculous feature that on some smart TVs renders voice commands from Google Home, Alexa, et al, useless. If you tell your home speaker simply to play a show, you then have to manually select which profile in HBO Max to use. I even deleted down to having only one profile and it STILL does it. Another HUGE shortcoming is that if you try to run your TV’s sound through an HDMI cable to your AV/Home Theater receiver, it’s completely scrambled. It sounds like mosquitos arguing with each other. Just read some of the other reviews. A truly shameful performance by HBO.
Can’t watch downloaded content on flights
whydoesyourappdothis on 2022-01-28
I specifically downloaded episodes of Euphoria to my iPhone on the HBO Max app to watch during my 3 hour flight. The downloads were showing on the app before take off but when I went to watch the episodes during my flight the app took forever to load and showed the episodes in the downloads section, but they were greyed out and I was not able to select an episode to watch. Thankfully I had downloaded some shows on the Netflix app which worked seamlessly during my flight. Really disappointed with HBO; with the amount we pay to subscribe to HBO Max it’s ridiculous that the application does not function as promoted to customers.
worst app ever
can of mushroom soup on 2022-01-28
what is the point of an app you literally cannot use. everytime i try to open the app it says error cannot connect to hbo max. i’ve deleted and reinstalled the app like 6x and nothing happened. i’m fully updated on my phone software and bought my phone like 2 years ago so i know it’s not my phone. all my other apps work fine, including netflix, hulu, and crunchyroll. seriously the worst app ever, there’s also no help with troubleshooting and no way for you to login on your safari browser because it takes you straight to the app store for the stupid app.
Very Poorly made app lets you watch 20 minutes and then want you to get back online
Ray4rail on 2022-01-28
So the only reason why I got HBO was so that I could watch movies on my iPad when I go to places without Internet connections. For the last month or so I can only watch 20 minutes of the movie and then the app wants me to get back online. I need to end my HBO subscription and I would warn everyone unless you’re going to watch it at home only don’t waste your time on HBO and don’t waste your time on the stupid app. Hopefully since the new iOS 15 version is out maybe they’ll do an update and the movies I have downloaded will not keep cutting out.
Getting 2010 vibes from the app
mitch1795 on 2022-01-28
The app is horrible. Does pretty much whatever it wants and takes it's sweet time doing it. For a premium streaming subscription, the streaming part is a prohibitive issue. It's been about a week, and in all the time it's taken to load, scroll, search, cast, scrub, skip, whatever, I could've watched a whole movie by now. Might be best to contract development out somewhere else. I'm not sure I'll keep my subscription come renewal time. I've held out this long without HBO, so I'll be fine without paying for the headache of using it.

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