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DAILY HEART RATE MEASUREMENT IS YOUR WAY TO HEALTH AND BEAUTY Never miss a beat with InPulse! Check your heart rate instantly with your iPhone. No other devices needed! Simply place your finger on the camera to measure your heart rate. Receive reminders to check your pulse and track your heart rate on a daily basis so you can stay healthy and fit. Get your stress levels under control and your negative emotional reactions identified and leveled. The Main Advantages of the App: - Measure your heart rate using your fingertip and camera - Use Calendar to monitor your blood pressure - Export and share your heart rate history - Get daily, weekly, or monthly reports - Add tags and comments to your measurements - Integrate with Apple Health, and your pulse measurements will be sent to the Health app, making it even easier for you to keep track of your heart and overall health. How to Use: - First, make sure your fingers aren’t cold. When checking your pulse, be sure your fingertip covers the camera lens and camera flashlight completely. - Press gently with your finger. Pressing too hard may result in reduced blood flow, which will make it more difficult to get an accurate result. - Supports iPhone 5s and later and iPads that support the Flash function. You can choose a free trial with all features available. UNLIMITED ACCESS TO ALL FEATURES - You can subscribe for unlimited access to all app’s features. - Subscriptions are billed automatically at the rate depending on the selected subscription plan. Important Note The app is not designed for medical purposes. It is meant only for fitness use and as a source of general health information. By using the app, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: Have questions? Check out the FAQ page at Or contact our support team: Heartly yours, Fitmeup team

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Horrible charged a one year subscription after app was deleted
Gkvfd41 on 2020-09-29
I downloaded this app to try to when my Apple Watch was dead was very dissatisfied with the services that were provided by this app and deleted it almost immediately. I assumed by deleting the app it would cancel the subscription but now I was charged $100 not even seven days later for a one year subscription that I’m not even using I have reach out to several different departments and Apple and still not able to recover my money if I don’t hear something back from the creator of this app or Apple Support for this company I will be filing a dispute with my bank immediately.
j_diva17 on 2020-09-29
Sometimes it works but....other times it dosent when I used it for the first time I though it worked,I then tried one more time and it stayed at 00 almost the entire time then jumped to 70. I though it would be fun but sometimes leaving your flash on your on your arm starts to sting. 3/5 wouldn’t recommend
AJalyssar1 on 2020-09-29
It’s ok but when I’m trying to see my heart beat and like I do place my finger in position it just doesn’t do nothing when I do it I mean it vibrates my phone but I just didn’t take it idk if that made any sense but if someone is having the same problem as I am I think they will understand.
This shows just how stupid people are
hdhdhsofhsbfibje on 2020-09-29
This is not a real heartbeat sensor you can put objects in front of the camera and it will say some random bpm I put a book in front of it and it said it had a bpm of 70 likewise with a water bottle. This is not a real app it’s entirely a scam especially to the people that paid extra
cloutmaster6676 on 2020-09-29
I was curious to see if it actually worked so I used a stylus on the camera and it said that I had a heart rate of 89. Wasn't even my finger, so unless the stylus decided to perform surgery and give it self a heart, and than do a few jumping jacks than this is fake.
Doesn’t work
Exility00 on 2020-09-29
I have an iPhone 7 Plus so I don’t know if it’s just because I have an older model but this app does not work. I got done with a work out and I can feel my heart beating fast so I use the app and the app tells me 68. Like that’s so fake it’s insane.
The Health of your Owen body
Nigthkiler on 2020-09-29
It’s cool how old is at work he just put a flashlight on your finger and it gives you your rate of your hearts be working now doing something I will give you the results thatWhy I recommend to get this app but you don’t have to if you don’t want to
Inaccurate waste of time
Supercooper123 on 2020-09-29
The app is not at all accurate- it reported my heart rate 30% higher than other apps and what I normally get at the doctor. The free app also only allows one measurement and is CONSTANTLY trying to get you to upgrade. Pretty much worthless.
False advertisement
Ashleylong30 on 2020-09-29
I clicked on the app to download it because it was free but now it is trying to get me to purchase a year plan for $49.99 and then a $7.99 plan I do not wish to purchase anything I would like for free this is why I downloaded the app.
kevinYeet on 2020-09-29
I gave it five starts so everyone could see this but I would give this app a solid three stars because I have a pulse reader and I used them both at the same time but the app was 3 hpm away over all this isn’t a bad app

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