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Sep, 2022


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"HeartWatch is so good, you’d think Apple built the app itself." John Patrick Pullen, Time Magazine. Top 5 in Health & Fitness in 63 countries. TOTAL PRIVACY HeartWatch has no user analytics tracking. No advertising plugins. No 3rd party code. No data upload. Ask your "free" heart app if they can say the same. ABOUT HEARTWATCH HeartWatch is the best way to get a complete picture of all the health & fitness information captured by your Apple Watch. NEWS - Explore the different News Editions to learn all about your health progress and trends. - Morning Briefing: read about your key health information to start your day - Fitness Habits: news all about your fitness trends with a dynamic fitness habit tracker WELLNESS - An intelligent view of all key heart rate metrics. Daytime, Sedentary, Sleeping, Waking & Workouts. - Detailed trend analysis including heart rate, blood pressure, HRV, blood glucose, blood oxygen (SpO2) and more. - Background heart rate alerts on Watch with context. - Note capture for individual heart rate readings. - Detailed ECG analysis ACTIVITY - Every day isn’t the same. Intelligent move, distance & steps goals based on your current habits. - Daily forecasting to help you stay on track to meet your goals. WORKOUTS - In depth analysis of heart rate, training summary, GPS maps and more. - A heart focussed workout app on the Watch with custom alerts to keep you in the right zone. - Detailed trend analysis. - Stream workout info from your Watch to your iPhone. JOURNAL & NOTES - Keep a daily journal with notes and measurements - View a detailed list with a complete overview of all notes, measurements and workouts - Input notes and measurements from your Watch or iPhone. Includes blood pressure, temperature, blood glucose, weight, waist circumference and body fat percent. GRAPHS & ANALYSIS - Over 30+ health metrics to view - Apply 7 day and 21 day trends to any metric, with the ability to overlap - View over 6 weeks up to 12 months EXPORT - Export for all health metrics & workouts. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR HEALTH Heart Watch is a very useful tool to get alerted about any possible health issues in a concise format that you can show your medical practitioner. HEART MONTH Featured app in the official Apple Heart Month 2022: REQUIREMENTS This app requires an iPhone that has the Health App installed. Heart readings are read from the Health Data Store which is ideally populated by your Apple Watch.

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Cool App
DownToFeelGreat on 2022-10-07
Recently I stopped being a sedentary person and decided to take the reigns of my future. Checking all of the vitals while doing such a huge shift is important. This app is perfect for me. So many types of information for me check to keep my interest and keep me moving towards a goal. In the past all I had was a scale. There is something about the rings, the avatar, the charts that keep my interest in getting better. Some things go over my head but the color coding keeps me on track! Thumbs up
Indispensable & nearly perfect
lkvahgoihang on 2022-10-07
This and AutoSleep are among my most indispensable apps when I’m wearing an Apple Watch. However, since picking up a Garmin Epix as my daily driver, this app is no longer of any use to me. Very disappointing, considering I can still get some similar information on other apps (Athlytic, for example). Here’s hoping the developer finds a way to fold heart rate info from non-Apple Watch sources into the app.
Love all the info and nicely arranged
Luckgnome on 2022-10-07
I love all the stats this app gives you. I have Atrial Tachycardia (a form of SVT) and use this app to monitor my heart rate while I’m awake and while I’m asleep. I also love the goals it gives, they are always very reasonable. I also love the motivator of the character starting out heavier in the morning and the more active you are during the day the skinnier they get. Really great app!
Best data information available
sax885 on 2022-10-07
If you are interested in gauging your health and fitness through exercise and diet this app will give you all the tools you need. It is so detailed I am still learning all the fantastic features and best of all the privacy is superior to any other app that I’ve had in the past
Incredibile heart app, worth the money.
Eatera on 2022-10-07
The app is so comprehensive, no stone is left unturned , the interface is easy to get comfortable with and intuitive. Data, data, data, like someone said, cannot make bricks without clay. The app just does that, it provides you with all the data you need and beyond.
Great app, easy to use
FitNotThin on 2022-10-07
This app offers a lot of info, most of it is easy enough to understand. It works well with your Apple activity tracker and allows you to keep track of sleep, weight loss, burned calories, and trends.
Heart Watch
JKD III on 2022-10-07
I’m 75, with 3 stents and I exercise over 300 minutes a week. I use and look at this app every day. It provides useful and vital data. I’m thankful it is as useful as it is.
First false alarms and then stopped working
ceciloops on 2022-10-07
I don’t know why I gave this app a chance. I used it for 1 year and it has a strange UI which has a poor UX. Also, it’s been giving false alarms. And today stopped working.
No longer shows heart rate as Apple watch complication.
QuantumCalzone on 2022-10-07
It can only show a static graphic which doesn't satisfy my need for a quick check at a glance to see my heart rate.
No updates
scottadus on 2022-10-07
Apple Watch complication never updates unless I tap on it. What’s the Point if i have to manually do it.

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