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Jun, 2021


Jun, 2021



Get ready for the best high heels game EVER! This shoe game is fun, this runway is epic, this shoe race is for baddies! The taller your heels are, the easier it will be to escape from the walls. A different obstacle awaits you at each parkour! There are rails on the roof where you have to spread your legs and slide, walls to jump, a stick to balance and a huge podium waiting for you at the end of the road. Don’t forget! You need to pick as many as high heels on the road so you can walk on the final podium! Walking on the heels will make you feel like a QUEEN! Everyone loves to look perfect and these heels will let you shine like a star! There are many different shoe options in the game! Shiny heels, colorful heels, boot heels, rainbow heels, and even heels with wings! So just put them on and POP OFF! As you should like a queen… MAKEOVER YOUR CHARACTER! You'll feel like a designer in this shoe race. Among the dozens of different accessories you can buy in the store, there are buckles, necklaces, puppies in a bag, angel wings. And most importantly, you can find designer heels with very different models and colors to suit your style! You can get many fancy accessories to take your stylish shoe game to the next level! A full makeover! You can get fancy bags, angel heels, bracelets, devil & angel crowns, and even a rabbit tail! You’ll love them all and we bet you will not take them off ever again! This is your red carpet! Make your best walk and drive the crowd CRAZY!

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afton family and mha yo on 2021-07-31
The reason why I ratted it one star is becuse:id only been playing for two weeks and i unlocked every shoe(even the add ones)ever item(even the add ones...)and all the skins(evennn the add ones....)I got over 1M dimands and i bought every in app purchase cuz why not and the leavels are just repating after leavel 100 it gets borigg fast and a waist off storadge and there are to manny adds like ik i can turn on airplane mode but it lags alot iff i do that.ik the app need to make mony kff off the game bt there are just to many adds,and like i said it lags alot....thay keep saying there "upadting the game"bye"adding more leavels"like cmon idk how PREZLEY likes this game.........It yoosted to be fun but now its boring,and the only reason why im not delating the app is becuse i spent alot off my monhy and stuff and i cant get a refund this game was even broing in a 7 hour car ride(im in hurtsTX and i was goining to austun normley it will take 3-4 houres but there where 3 car crashes on a bizzy high way so it took forever and the car keep breaking down-even tho it was perfectky fine before we went on the road-)it diddent pass ti,e it was just anoying for the chests all i get is dimands....i domt recamend this app only iff your a veryr new player and you can only play for like 10 minets......but probly iff you play for a hour you could probley complete the game.And high heels im verry happy that you got a good sponser but there is P everywhere!!!!calm down!!!!!!!!and all i see is goopuff adds and progressive adds..........Dont recmend!
Please don't ignore this!
Valdancer on 2021-07-31
High heels is a great, fun, awesome game! But, like everyone on this EARTH knows, there is always something bad behind the previews that you see when your playing a different game other than high heels. I just bought it a few days ago and it really is fun, but sometimes the hair challenge ad can mess up your game and glitch the level after the hair challenge ad. I do kinda consider it a parkour kind of just like hair challenge. I do recommend if your a mature kid, teen, adult/parent, you should ALWAYS monitor your kids no matter WHAT game they are playing. Because I’ve actually seen some ads that are 100 % TOTALLY inappropriate. I just recommend that the owners wouldn’t put in so many ads. Nobody really likes ads, all it does is get on their nerves. If they have seen the game before or heard of it then they can search it in the App Store, but ads don't really help. Also I do recommend, put some more clothes on the "Hella Punch" deal because it really is not the best example to young children who might be playing. the price of Hella punch girl is really expensive. It's like buying Robux or V-Bux from fortnite or roblox. I also do recommend you take out some ads, lower the price on hella punch girl, put some clothes on her. This letter is to the owners/dev's of this game. (And people who are interested in buying it) Thank you for reading!! <3 -God bless you all ;)
Great game, would recommend playing.
Big sister of george on 2021-07-31
High heels, A great game in the form of a woman’s fashion/style. It’s an amazing game showing off how beautiful Women can really be. The game is satisfying to watch and I highly recommend playing. Ive made it to level 50 already. But, beware, as there are many adds. I feel as if you could get used to them. Weird adds, but great game. Also, maybe add longer if not more maps? They are all the same, which in my picky statement, makes the game not the perfect experience. But, again I highly recommend playing High-Heels. Here is a note for the creator: Adds. Please, make the adds more, well, reduced. I know it does make y’all money but, a lot of people have suggested it. Also, the prices off the Packs/Game passes such as, Billie Eilish, Cleopatra, And hella punch girl are magnificent to see and I really would like to buy. But, Hella punch girl is way to expensive for what you get. But, Billie Eilish is quite cheap which I appreciate. One more thing, Maybe add some updates such as: Price reduce(s), Less adds, and more levels. Also, not to mention how it says “Ad not ready” when an advertisement for “The high heels” And you would like to get them by watching the ad, Once again like I said, it’s says “Ad not ready.” You you could please fix these honorable mentions for the “Customers” that would be awesome. Great game over all. Thank you, Sarvente. ✝️
Great game! But..
Da_UltamiteCatlover on 2021-07-31
Ok so I love this game, it has its pros and its cons, and I wanna make this review as fast as I can. So first off is not the ads, but the age rating. “4+” now what’s wrong with that? So I’m almost 10 and I got this and it says 4+, though it has some inappropriate characters. I mean, some of them show a lot of skin…Second is then the ads, but not how much they are, now there have been fewer ads, some weird some okay, some I like. But now there’s like this thing from a new update that u can get 2x-5x the amount of diamonds. When I try to do this, it says, “Ads not available now!” This annoys me. 3rd is that I have so many diamonds and I’m almost to lvl 300. Now before I couldn’t do anything with those diamonds cause with the keys now the biggest prize is just 55 diamonds. “HoRrAy” but then challenges were added, thank god. This isn’t the complaint. The complaint is that u need to add more heels and accessories. Please? I understand if u don’t but it’s FINE. Although it’s great and all I lost a lot of interest in this game, because it’s just the same levels over and over again, and each time I play, I just, hope to have that one obstacle where u skate on ice. It’s really fun :3 I rate this game 4.7 Keep up the good work! 💐Cat💐
To the maker
poooooooooooooiiooiytgkooop on 2021-07-31
Hi I love your game And almost all my friends have it when I go to there house they are all like I wish this game was online and so if u could make it so u have friends u you can race and usernames to send friend invites to or something Me and my friends would love that! Also I love the challenges but I did all of them in like to seconds lol so Ik u might not know what a new challenge could be so I came up with a few for you! 😊 you could do one where you walk past some of the items like spread out some of the items in like the hella punch bundle or in the Billie eyelash bundle btw I think those names are so funny 🤣 but yeah so like have her accessories and heels and then at the end you get to dance at the top with her if u get to the top and then at the end of that have the hella punch ad thing pop up or which ever challenge it was so yeah pls think about it and I already did the upgrade think omg I luv it too much I kinda stop playing for a min Bc it kinda got boring to me but omg the update made me instead of scrolling on tiktok at 3am I’m playing high heels at 3am lmfaoo so good choice on the update thank you for reading this 😁
Important please read
Aunjolie Reyes on 2021-07-31
I enjoy this game truly I like how it comes with many characters but sometimes I can get adds right after I play and when I wanna unlock a new character it won’t let me because it says ad unavailable also this game is not for 4+ since pride month just passed their was lots of rainbow flags and pride shirts people wore but 4+ is way to young to understand that and all the characters are skinny I think somewhere in that game they tried to tell people about beauty You don’t need heels to show that you should try adding sports shoes because high heels are a stereotype thing also….my bad all of the women like I said are skinny so I think you should add some characters that can be more bigger and I think all the games were people are fat is that one game where they run and have to eat healthy food to get smaller but that’s sad and I think if you put these type of characters in the game it will make them feel better thanks you for listening and have a good day
Love this game! 🤩
anonymous🌹 on 2021-07-31
Wow... so I feel like this is the best game I’ve ever played to be honest. I’ve seen people playing this game a lot so I decided to download it. First sadly wouldn’t let me in. I think it was because I only have a 6. After a while, I decided to try again. It finally worked! The game was a bit laggy at first but then was very smooth! 😁 I think the ad amount is fine. It doesn’t go while you’re playing or dressing up. The characters are amazing! I love how you have the celebrity’s and singers! Also another thing I love is the accessories! I love this game. It’s very addicting and I love how it goes from very a little hard! This game is amazing!! 😍 - Anonymous
Love this game but I got some requests
Miss alyssa$ on 2021-07-31
I love high heels I’m on level 160 this game has so much creativity and so much detail and it can really rest your mind in my opinion. But I do have some requests first one is the challenges stop at level 73 I would like to have some more for everybody because they are pretty fun. The other request is I would like if we can buy outfits with our diamonds as a example: you put out billie eyelash well I want us to all be able to buy the character with our diamonds. Also the last request is if you guys who made this can make more outfits wear it says buy random and stuff like that. Other then those things I really really like this game thank you if you saw this and have a good day.
The ugly thing in your game called Mia Eyelash
Maddie<3333 on 2021-07-31
Hi! If I would give this game a rating it would be a 0! But sadly it doesn’t have an option for that! There is a character in your game called Mia Eyelash which is the dollar store version of a singer that I love so much called Billie Eilish. I don’t appreciate you changing her name to Mia Eyelash and making people pay for that piece of trash. I hope you fix your whole game mabye just delete the whole game. Please get rid of that ugly thing that is such a disgrace to Billie and everyone else that worships her! Thank you! Not. It really makes me sick looking at that thing. Delete it. And making people pay $5 for an offbrand Billie LMAOAKAJKSJSKANDNSDJ bye- ugly rats. Delete it.
Great game!
Slime cyco on 2021-07-31
Hi! Okay so I’m sick of those people. Those people who think a game lags or isn’t working but it’s really just their device and leave a bad review. I’m not one of those people. I think this game is awesome. I love how Billie Eilish and Cleopatra were added to purchase. It’s great how there is so many characters with different body shapes, skin tones, and genders. There’s a very good customization selection as well. The only thing about this game is there’s quite a bit of advertisements. But other than that it’s amazing. This game is very addicting and is fun to play when you’re bored. Thank u creators for putting so much time and thought into this game! 😊

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