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Oct, 2020


Oct, 2020



Ultimate ASMR game! Ready to restore houses and sell it to the highest bidder! Buy ruined houses and make it glow again! Fill the cracks, fix the floor and clean everything! Finally, furnish the house and it is ready to sell! --- Privacy Policy: Terms of use:

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It's cool, but needs lots of fixing.
-+moon+- on 2020-11-30
If you are looking for a game that is quick and easy with tons of levels to pass time, then this is the game for you. I've always preferred games that I can play to pass time rather games that are time consuming. This game is great don't get me wrong, but there are many fixes that need to be made. When you buy a lot to fix, the prices go up and up with each lot you go. That doesn't bother me, except for the fact that there are really basic lots that you have to "buy" for 40k or more. It is a lil bit too much for basically the same lots within the first street. Money in this game is very easy to earn so it's understandable. When you get the choice to fix and paint the walls, you also get a choice in what colors to paint. The paint color blue, you have to buy for about 1 million, and purple, you have to buy for 1 trillion. Like I said, money is easy to earn, but I am on street 7 with less then 200k. I have had many rooms that i have wanted to paint those colors, but cannot because the price is too high for the colors. Again, not the biggest issue, but still gets on my nerves. Ads. We all hate them, but each ad brings real life cash to the producers of this game. I normally like to keep my phone on airplane mode to avoid the ads, but most options you get, are only available if you watch an ad. Each ad isn't longer than a minute, but it's still annoying having to watch an ad for almost every option I want. When it comes to selling your rooms to the costumers, you normally get three applications. The only downside to this, is once you turn down an offer to look at the others to see if you might get a better deal among the three, you cannot go back. Most of the time I enjoy seeing the character models and their price offers, but I cannot go back and choose the one I want. Advertisements on different platforms for this game. I downloaded this game because I saw an ad for it on my personal Instagram. The ad was far different from what the actual game provides. It bothers me slightly as I downloaded the game because I wanted to play what was advertised, but clearly, that wasn't the case. Overall, this is a good game but I think that there should be a couple of fixes. I understand that the producers prefer and want those things specifically that way. The main thing that has made me give this only 3 stars instead of 4, was the fact that I wanted to play what they were advertising, but I didn't get that. Huge props to the producers of this game, I'm not trying to be a B-word, just trying to give some pointers on how to make if better for new players in the future.
Needs more options overall
aerisangel on 2020-11-30
This game is great for satisfying my OCD and I do enjoy it but it’s very limited in options. Same furniture, colors and there’s no way to pick out your own lamps, pictures, kitchen cabinets, etc. I hope they will expand this game and add more options to design each room with everything that goes into it. I will continue to play for now but if you guys don’t expand the options and details into the game, I can see it getting very boring. Add in some rugs but let us pick all of our own stuff. We should be able to change the colors of everything even the furniture that needs cleaning. Then this game would be lovely to play. So please more variance and options!!!!!!!
Ads kill the game, No exaggeration every 15 seconds
ThatManJSwizzle on 2020-11-30
I typically don’t write reviews but this one I felt I had too. There is seriously an ad that is triggered every 30 seconds with this game. Anytime you complete anything you’re faced with an ad and then if you need to buy something for the place to make money you have to watch an ad. To top it all off to get your money you have to watch an ad too. I’d typically refrain from reviews especially because I make games and realize ad is the only real source of incomes. But C’mon, you’re probably generating enough ad revenue off one player to be able to retire after they complete the first mission
Didn’t really remove ads
CircleDotSquare on 2020-11-30
I paid the $2.99 to remove ads which should do exactly as it says right? I was definitely thinking that, but after I paid I was still having to watch ads. Closed my game and reopened it and the ads between tasks went away, but I still have to watch ads to get the luxury items, wall colors, etc. If I’m paying to remove ads that means ALL ADS. So that is the reason I’m giving it two stars. It’s a cute game but it really doesn’t need all those ads if you’re charging people $2.99 to remove them. Like seriously.
Advertising Mayhem
JadeRogue on 2020-11-30
After playing the game for 30 seconds you will come to a point where you have to place 3 pieces of furniture in the room. Each piece of furniture is a 30 second advertisement. If you are will to watch 1 min and 30 seconds of advertisements in the first 30 seconds of the game you are more ad tolerant than I am. I understand the need for ad revenue. This however is way over the line. If you disagree then please, enjoy the game.
Too many ads
dinonuggetsplop on 2020-11-30
I feel like I’m spending more time watching ads than I am playing the game. After every single task I do, there’s an ad. It’s really annoying especially since it’s the same 30 second ad every time. And it’s not like you can skip them; they make you watch about 20 seconds of them before it takes you to another screen to “try the game out”... I think this game would be fun if you could get rid of some ads.
I love this but.........
Avawolf72 on 2020-11-30
I love this Game is so fun but there’s one problem every time I click the three buttons for to watch an ad to get it it always says Please wait then it says Ads are not ready Try again later then I try again later then it says it again and nothing is wrong with my connection or WiFi. If your reading this just know that the free thing won’t work ☹️☹️.
To many adds and they are sometimes inappropriate
heLlagsch on 2020-11-30
I mean it is a fun game and all but way to many adds and some of them are inappropriate. Some show that the games are 17+ games and sometimes 12+. It says there is a 4+ rating but really a 17+ add on a 4+ game. it can keep you busy and it’s fun but please get the add thing fixed and I don’t want to waste money on no adds.
Great game!
_k.dabratt on IG on 2020-11-30
This game is amazing and fun to play. I love the idea of renovating homes and getting profit from them and this game is exactly that! Plus the ads aren’t super annoying and are really short. But if you want the ads removed then it’s only $2 and you also get 4K in game credits to spend. I think it’s a win win!
The commercials are very inappropriate!!!
SC fam on 2020-11-30
I do not appreciate the horrible inappropriate commercials that are on this app. This is supposed to be a game for ages 4 and up. If my 4 year old was watching this I would be so very disappointed in these companies that are supposed to make games kid friendly for our children.

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