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Sep, 2021


Sep, 2021



It's time to show off your basketball shooting skills! Hooper Hooper is an addictive game that provides the best and most realistic ball shooting experience. Designed for players looking for fun time and real challenges. Train yourself anytime, anywhere. Easy to play 1.Click to shoot the basketball 2.Get bonus balls based on shot score Features: 1.Easy to control, fun for every age players. 2.Great shooting experience. 3.Simple but special picture style.

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Worst game
unicorn soph on 2021-10-23
Ok but when will I get the robux
annabananayui on 2021-10-23
Ok so this game is very fun if you are looking for a basketball game or shooting hoops. But when I get robux it is rare I have to wait till I shoot like 89 hoops I’m am not saying it is bad but where is the robux! I need new hair like is very addicting to, but the ads! Like you don’t need to advertise every minute like please let me try to get robux isn’t that the point?! Don’t even get me started with the little ping pong balls or whatever like do we need a challenge to get it in the little things like please I NEED ROBUX. I don’t need the red line like take that away ! Ok I’m done BYEEEEEE!!
Total trash
Hermit crabs 625 on 2021-10-23
If this game actually gives you real roebucks it’s a good game but if it doesn’t it’s the exact same word as the title total trash but I mean it’s honestly not that bad to me but I will give it like at least maybe five stars maybe maybe I’ll caps but dang it dang it why you stupid phone I’m just busy like talking into this microphone I said I’ll caps but OK just ignore all that but on this game it is pretty good with all the roebucks but I don’t know if I can actually get it because if I can I can finally customize my dream skin.
Its_theKingOfAppstore on 2021-10-23
seriously this game is so freaking trash, when i saw a ad pop up when I was watching on YouTube, a commercial showed hooper hooper showing if you dunk the basket ball you win robux, but when I downloaded the game it said β€œyou redeemed 10k robux” and when I go on Roblox it showed 2 robux which was always my balance. This game should get removed from the App Store and you should fire your developers and ashame them for doing that.
What a scam
Neg boo on 2021-10-23
Hey so when I saw this ad I said I rlly want robux. So the game finished downloading I played like for 2 hours straight but a didn’t see any robux on my account and I was like nani where my rubox and I said this game stupid and a flipping scam. So if u see these games just don’t download them those ads are fake so however made this f u ok be safe kids don’t waste your money on fake games because it’s a scam.
jabfnc on 2021-10-23
So when I found this game I thought it would be really cool and besides I’m really good of at the um basketball I think so yeah this helps a lot so you know the robux we only need 100,000 just for 6800 robux that’s OK because I could just play I don’t care about the robux neither in the coins the 3 million that’s too much but I know I came home make it thank you so much hooper hooper
OMG the game is so much fun to play it is a great app
macavity on 2021-10-23
To all the people who are saying this game is a rip off and saying there are too many ads you can save up your coins you just need 300 coins to buy no ads for a month and 300 coins is not a lot I’ve already gotten at least 1 billion coins so my readings I love the game I definitely recommend it it actually gives you roebucks I have already gotten 10 K it’s also really fun!
It’s nice
hdie dtsne gehv on 2021-10-23
I think this game is really nice and a cool way to get robux but their is one problem this is a little too hard because getting 100,000 robux is not easy and getting 2,000,000 coins is not easy I think a 1,000,000 is better and 50,000 robux is better yea the the robux you get is a little low but it’s better than before
Waste of time.
NarwhalsAreAwsome_19 on 2021-10-23
This game may be fun at first but it gets extremely repetitive. It advertises as giving free robux/game codes etc. All fake. Not only that but it keeps spamming ads over and over. Not only is this a complete scam, but you get nothing and I mean N O T H I N G. From this.
Do I even have to say.
hope you love the review on 2021-10-23
Feel like this is a scam almost.. in the ads it says β€œget robux for free” like what the heck is that supposed to mean because I’m not even getting robux. This game makes no sense. Your stupid ads aren’t true. You don’t even get whatever you think your gonna get.😠

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