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Relax — booking travel just got easy. Hopper predicts prices for flights and hotels, with 95% accuracy up to 1 year in advance. You can watch a trip right in the app and we’ll send you a notification when it’s the best time to buy — recommending you to book now, or maybe wait just a little longer. We’ve helped over 30 million travelers book trips around the world, saving them more than $1.8 billion to date. That’s a saving of up to 40%. Hopper features the major airlines in the US, Canada and around the world such as American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, Frontier, Spirit Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Air Transat, WestJet, British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, KLM & many more. Search Flights & Hotels Over a million flights, hotels, rental cars and cute bunnies. Plan Less, Travel More Instantly identify the cheapest dates with our calendar. Buy, or Watch and Wait Book flights or hotels straight away, or wait for a better price. Get Notified When it’s the best time to buy, our bunnies will let you know. Book in App Grab flights and hotels quickly, and securely, right in the app with a swipe. Some of the other awesome things you can do with Hopper: • Find the cheapest days to travel using our colour-coded calendar. • Use filters to get custom predictions that suit your trip — removing long layovers, stops, or basic fares that have extra fees and restrictions. • Get information and tips about airports and hotels. • Compare prices and amenities from hundreds of airlines and hotels around the world. • Receive personalized recommendations about deals you might like based on previous trips and your budget. • Save your bunny profile and payment details securely for even faster booking. • Our gentle Fair Bear will give you an overview of all the important details in the fine print. He’ll let you know about all the bits and pieces, like carry-on allowances to seat selection. • Get help 24/7 from our support agents, made up of actual, real bunnies, sorry no, real humans. Hopper has no ads, no spam, and no stress — just accurate predictions and the easiest way to book and save on flights and hotels. So relax — booking travel just got easy. Oh, and it’s free! So download Hopper and let’s start planning your trip. Hopper Love • “The 10 Best Free Apps for Air Travel Junkies” - TIME • "How Well Do Airfare Predictors Work? Hopper: 8/10, Kayak: 6/10, Google Flights: 0/10” - WSJ • “List reveals a number of apps from lesser-known travel services that bear looking into: Hopper, HotelTonight, trivago, Skyscanner” - AirfareWatchDog • “Compared to exact searches on Expedia, Kayak, and Orbitz, we regularly found that the best deal quoted on Hopper was the best” - Travel and Leisure • “Don’t neglect stand-alone airfare apps, including Hopper, Kiwi and Hitlist” - The Washington Post Say Hello to the Bunnies • Facebook: • Instagram: @hopper • Twitter: @hopper • Website: Have a question or some feedback? Give us a shout at [email protected] and our bunnies will get back to you.

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Extremely bad experience!
mrwatsong on 2021-04-12
4 night stay at the Marriott downtown Atlanta - I had an extremely poor experience here and it was my first time staying. I came into my room and found long hair in the bed stains in the bed and condom wrappers on the floor. I even asked for cleaning services and never was able to get them. On my last night I was finally offered a clean room, 3 days into my stay of dealing with that disgustingness. I spoke to the managers and employees about this. (Kevin, gimena and Tonya) I was told I’d be compensated for a refund and then when I spoke to hopper about it (who I purchased the room through) I hopper told Me the hotel said they never got a complaint from me and never offered me compensation of any sort. It’s been back and forth for over 2-3 weeks now. I feel there seems to be lies on both companies ends. I even told both companies to work together and check the cameras because I was the only one in and out of that original room so who’s mess was that? Hopper won’t refund me and keeps saying the hotel has to but the hotel says they have to. It this is poor customer service! I have photos of the issues from my room and emails of everything too. I am hoping these companies can still work together and be fair in issuing me my money back in full! My confirmation code is: M8P2B2BSJCH2
Future Travel Credit Issue :(
Swagbiebs on 2021-04-12
So I had purchased two tickets(3/4/21) on hopper and also paid the extra fee for the refund option in case of an emergency. Sadly an emergency did occur where I had to cancel the tickets. When that happens you can either be reimbursed (through PayPal) or they give you future travel credit to use within the app itself. They don’t give you an option to choose the PayPal refund or future travel credit and of course it had to be future travel credit that I received. At first that wasn’t a problem to me because I knew I could still use it for another trip. So I go into the app and try to use my FTC and an icon with a frowned face bunny pops up and it states “ oh no! Trip exchange failed. Looks like you’re request couldn’t be completed. Please contact us for help.” I go to send an email because as most of you know from other reviews they don’t have a customer support number. Like what? I sent my email on 3/5/21 and it’s 3/29/21 and they have yet to respond. I feel robbed & scammed. I hope to whom ever is reading this that nothing like this happens to you. (P.S. they advise you not to send too many emails because it’ll “ increase the time needed to resolve your request”.) Update: here’s the hopper booking confirmation code: JHBPDA
Utter scam avoid at all costs
Nfbrown on 2021-04-12
I’ve previously used Hopper to book flights, but during the pandemic my experience with the app utterly plummeted to the length that I would classify this app as an outright scam. I had placed a booking for two one way flights and ran into issues regarding the scheduling (entirely my fault), but the nightmare came when I tried to contact support. Hopper doesn’t have a support line or any humans to speak to at all forcing you to contact them through email which oftentimes takes multiple days to the point of it being entirely fruitless to contact them at all. To make matters worse when you finally do get to cancel your flight and are issued a travel credit just as I came to find out you can’t use it on any other flights despite there being multiple with the exact same airline on offer! I’ve tried to contact support regarding this issue multiple times yet never received a reply and as email is the only way to contact anyone at Hopper you’ll come to find out they essentially took your money and ran. At all costs please book through an airline themselves at least they have real humans you can talk to and have your issues sorted out. AVOID THIS APP AT ALL COSTS!
Canceled flight on 4/19, still haven’t received refund on 4/6
Bceri95 on 2021-04-12
After booking a flight and then canceling only an hour later after realizing Hopper charges random fees, I read their refund policy and they state that a refund could take UP TO 15 days. It has now been over 15 days and still no refund. I reached out twice now to their “get help” section and STILL no response, after a week. I beg you all to never book with Hopper. This is my first experience and will certainly be my last. The company has no customer service, no phone number to call and to email to send emails too. It’s absolutely absurd!! I wish I could give them negative stars. I’ve had to reach out to my credit card company to dispute the charge now. Hopper booking code- SYPABT.
It’s a scam!!
Lisasochill on 2021-04-12
-4/6/21 UPDATE ON MY REVIEW! Hopper reached out to me via Apple and asked me to add my confirmation number PUBLICLY ON MY REVIEW so they can “look into the issue.” This is the level of professionalism you’ll get when traveling through Hopper- DO NOT USE THIS APP!! They will find every loophole in order to never have to deliver on what you have paid for. Also they outsource their customer service to make it even more difficult to get any resolution to issues you will come across. If you do still feel the need to ignore this review and use the app do not pay any extra for “free cancellation” or “trip protection” these services although paid for, will not be provided.
They won’t let me cancel my flight
girl in distressed on 2021-04-12
I canceled my flight a month ago but today I recieve a notification from hopper that I have to make a payment towards my flight. I’ve tried to contact them to explain that I canceled my flight but THE AUTOMATED ROBOT MESSAGES Won’t allow me to cancel my flight through hopper. I went to frontier to cancel my flight and to get a refund but they said that my card is not the same one they have on file. HOW? I only use one card. So frontier cant refund me and hopper’s robots still haven’t respond to see if I can cancel. Even though I made sure I canceled my flight a month ago. After I get this sorted out I’m deactivating my account...
Be aware: They’ll keep your money no matter what
doubleflo7 on 2021-04-12
I booked a motel for a night of sleep on a long drive, when I arrived the room was in atrocious shape, with human waste, sticky floors, and disgusting bedding. I told the front desk, and since they had no other rooms, they said they’d just refund the price of the room. I booked another place further down the freeway without using Hopper and got a clean room without issue. When I contacted Hopper they took about a month to reply: finally saying they had no record of my complaint, and that was that. Any platform that doesn’t protect consumers or vet the products it offers is bound to lose me and my friends as a customer.
Booked a car thru your vendor - ZERO communication
Yuri NN on 2021-04-12
Update: In case nobody read my message before responding. The car renting company DID NOT answer any calls. At this point I do not know if they even be open tomorrow (Sunday) or if they have an after-hour drop off service. It is too late to cancel. I’m going to the car rental place tomorrow and will post a detailed feedback. Stay tuned. Reservation code is US722236910. I reserved it a few days ago for the upcoming week and have a few questions. Nobody at NU (your car rental partner) bothers to return my messages. This is not a good start. Please intervene and set their act straight. Thank you
No refund or credit after ONE YEAR A-Z0SH22
mattcsmith68 on 2021-04-12
Don’t ever use this app! Based on my experience, you will likely lose your money if there is a flight cancellation. (To the developer, regarding your 5x non-response of on my cancelled flight, A-Z0SH22, your inability to refund my money is infuriating. After 5 unsuccessful attempts over the past eight months to get my money refunded via your app, you told me to provide the tracking number on this review, and now you’re telling me to post again on the app. Your organization is criminal. You’ve been holding my $675.12 for over a year from a covid19 flight cancellation.)
Rebooking flights issue and no response from Hopper
Audiobook User on 2021-04-12
The algorithm for predicting flight prices is great but once you book, customer service is spotty at best. I need to change my flight to accommodate a rental reservation that they are holding for me, but I have not heard any response from Hopper. I sent a request through the app and received an automated email, but no response. There’s no number to call and now way to get in touch. So frustrating! How can we trust a booking though Hopper when we can’t get any support or help? Changing a reservation shouldn’t be this difficult! Hopper reservation confirmation is QACXHW.

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