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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



Enjoy the parent experience with many mini games now! Shave father's beard and help your children's homework. Wash dishes and prepare your children's lunchboxes. Play basketball in your backyard and jigsaw in your free time! Use very simple mechanics like swipe, tap, drag and hold to play each mini game. Get ready to enjoy an experience of house life!

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Fun but needs work
Moriah Elizabeth fan 2020 on 2020-12-04
I admit this is a fun game and I know that adds are a way to make a bit of money but seriously TO MUCH ADDS! I played this a lot near the starting of COVID 19 because it was time consuming and gave me something to do but now after the election the cases are getting a little better and this is just a waste of time when you could be doing something more productive and positive like art, play with toys, shop online, read, do school work but I don’t recommend playing this kind of good/bad game sorry to be so judging to the creators of this game but lower down on the adds and add some things to the game it NEEDS work thank you for taking the time to read this and have a good day, Stay safe
READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Mackenzie Good on 2020-12-04
This is kinda fun but I’m the mom, right? Why do I have to do my daughter’s homework myself? WHY? I just realized that when I was on level 3! As I said kinda boring and I kinda don’t like the adds because I DOMT KNOW HOW TO TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE! SO I CANT WAIT UNTIL I FINALLY KNOW HOW TO TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE! But after all, this is a perfect game just that I’m the mom and I’m not helping her, I’m doing the homework myself! And also I’m on day 10 and I got to play bowling WITH A TOILET PAPER?!? PLEASE FIX THATPlease take this thanx 4 reading this review! THANKS FOR READING THIS DEVELOPER IF THATS YOU!
Good but....
PuppyPlayz0817 on 2020-12-04
This game is great if your looking for something to do but a few things... first of all WAY TOO MANY ADDS look I get it the game is free they want you to get more games of theirs and such but it’s so annoying! Second it’s kind of boring... I mean look the adds for this game kind off lied I was so excited to get it! But nah it’s not too fun. Third it’s too easy! I know not for some people but I’m on like lvl 449! That’s high. I don’t know if the developers write those reviews that say it’s hard but it’s really easy. Thanks for reading if you did. I hope you take my suggestions!
So much adds
RyRy5634 on 2020-12-04
So when I downloaded this app I was so exited cause the add lookedExciting. So I downloaded it, when I got on and did my first task, there was an ad and I kept on doing them and there was so many ads. I think you should lower the amount of ads there are. Maybe one every 10 levels but the amount of ads on this app is... yeah. No hate AT ALL. Btw it’s really intertaining and I love this app so I give it 4 stars
como hikua on 2020-12-04
Ok, so, you see the adds, the cover, all hair right? WRONG PEOPLE! There is literally 0% hair. It’s just sad. Also, it is really boring! Do not buy this thing. It glitches, crashes, the adds again, IT IS SO UN-REALISTIC, this thing has literally nothing that I like in it. It’s not like I even wanted to buy it, THE STUPID ADD MADE ME. I promise you, ALL OF THIS IS TRUE
Måršhmëłłø_Łøvër on 2020-12-04
So when I downloaded this game I was reading the reviews and it seemed like good game but when I got pasted level 70 it started to repeat the levels and it is starting to get boring but other than that is game is a awesome game and in coronavirus it is a great way to send time.
This is great
Nahkithegodess on 2020-12-04
Listen Teachers and parents this game is amazing teachers this game helps u learn math make it’s at least 3-6 grade because this has division and multiplication and Parents ur kids can learn a lot they can even learn a adults life now not the innapropiate stuff but easy stuff
House life 3D
Granada ca on 2020-12-04
This game is awsome ! I love because it has so many different things to do to learn and it is so fun, I like that there are not many adds because most games have an add every minute but this game does not that is why I like it and I love it . Thank you for making this game.!
honestly dont get it
xiionia on 2020-12-04
i saw this on an ad and it sounded pretty fun but i got it and its definitely the worst game ive ever played. the ads are insane and you spend more time on ads than the actual game. you dont even do anything in the game either. i wouldnt even give this one star
Ok but to much adds!
Humaidamaria on 2020-12-04
First of all I love the game but I don’t like the part when there are to many adds.When your moving on to the next level every time there are adds.I gave this at least one star because you actually feel like your a parent.Please take away those millions of adds

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