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With Hulu you can watch thousands of TV shows and movies, exclusive Originals, past seasons, current episodes, and more. If you're an existing Hulu subscriber, you have the option to watch Live TV for sports, news, and can’t-miss events on the device of your choice. That means you can enjoy all your TV in one place with a personalized plan that works for you—Hulu, Hulu (No Ads), or Hulu +Live TV*. *Regional restrictions, blackouts and additional terms apply. Stream movies, discover new shows, and more. Here’s what you have access to on all Hulu plans: • A curated TV experience—get personalized recommendations every time you watch • Personalized profiles—create up to 6 profiles so everyone can keep track of their shows, movies, networks, and more • My Stuff—track your favorites by adding shows, networks, and movies for quick access across your devices • Watch at home or on the go—all on your TV, smartphone, or tablet • Premium networks—Get networks including HBO®, SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX®, and STARZ® for an additional monthly subscription fee Our ad-supported plan lets you browse the largest streaming library. Stream over 85,000 episodes of the shows you love or haven’t yet discovered. Find classic hits like Seinfeld and The Golden Girls. Discover today’s most popular shows like This is Us and The Good Doctor. Get exclusive Originals from Emmy® winner The Handmaid’s Tale to the Stephen King-inspired Castle Rock, or The Act, starring Emmy® winner Patricia Arquette. Hulu (No Ads) This plan gives you everything you get with the Hulu plan in an ad-free* experience. *There are a few shows in our streaming library that are not included in Hulu (No Ads) due to streaming rights. Episodes of those shows will stream uninterrupted — there will just be a quick ad before and after each video. Plus, you can download from thousands of titles to watch offline.* *Select content available for download. Hulu + Live TV Watch live and on-demand TV from 60+ top channels, including sports, news, and more. Plus, get unlimited access to the entire Hulu streaming library through our ad-supported plan. Hulu + Live TV plan only available on Apple TV Gen. 4, iPod Touch Gen. 6, 4K Apple TV, or iPhone/iPad running iOS12 or later. Download the Hulu app and start watching today. You’ll be charged as a recurring transaction through your iTunes account starting at the end of your free trial (unless you cancel during the free trial). Payment automatically renews unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription month. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime, or turn off auto-renewal by accessing your iTunes account. Hulu is available to U.S. customers only. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Your California Privacy Rights: Do Not Sell My Personal Information: This app features third party software which allows you to contribute to measurement statistics (e.g., Nielsen’s TV Ratings). To learn more about digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, including opting out, please visit our privacy policy. Please see for more information about Nielsen measurement. We may work with mobile advertising companies to help deliver online and in-app advertisements tailored to your interests based on your activities on our website and apps and on other, unaffiliated websites and apps. To learn more, visit To opt-out of online interest-based advertising, visit To opt-out of cross-app advertising, download the App Choices app at Hulu is committed to complying with the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising and the DAA’s Application of Self-Regulatory Principles for the Mobile Environment. Hulu, LLC

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Live TV has bad interface & glitchy perfomance
The Sidewinder Three-Thousand on 2020-10-24
I pay a lot for Hulu + Live TV and am feeling more and more that it’s not worth it. The interface for Live TV is so bad, so cumbersome, it’s as if no one who works for the company actually uses the service. If they did, they’d be on the phone in a hot minute getting these awkward interface choices and consistent glitches hammered out. Live TV is an afterthought, and it’s second along the top menu choices. There’s no option to customize the top menu to make live TV first. Wanna see something you recorded? Go to My Stuff, the third menu along the top, then find Manage DVR, the FIFTH option in the submenu. If you’re watching a live show on the Apple TV app, be prepared for the remote to become unresponsive after a half hour. You won’t be able to pause fast forward. The only option Cuesta hit the menu button I’m completely quit Hulu and start over again. There are dozens of glitches like this. Another one: if you are using Airplay from your iPhone to send a show to Apple TV, be prepared for it to have the audio and video go out of sync. Or to have it become unresponsive and need to restart. Wanna pick up watching a show where you left off? Sometimes it remembers exactly where I was. Other times, it starts right back at square one. Lastly, when you record a show, depending on what network it’s on, be prepared to HAVE to watch all the commercials (Disney channels like ABC or ESPN are top culprits). Even if you are trying to skip to the end, you’ll still need to endure a 3-4 minute commercial block just for the privilege of being able to access the fast forward controls. Yes, cable TV is too expensive, but at least with Comcast/Xfinity, if you record a show you can fast forward past the commercials. It’s frustrating to pay almost $70 for live TV and not be able to skip around to parts of recorded shows without having to wait for a commercial block to play. I hope someone from Hulu is reading these comments. There are actually some nice little touches (like being able to watch a show you didnt record from the beginning) but those are eclipsed by the awkward interface and many technical glitches.
Live TV is pretty awful
HORSES=AWSOME on 2020-10-24
We signed up for live TV, not streaming / downloading shows and primarily watch sports. The functionality is terrible - the kids love rewinding big plays during games. Unfortunately pause, rewind, fast forward never work appropriately. You will get messages saying you cannot rewind during this Ad (still in live game, not during commercial) then you will be anchored to the 1st point you tried to rewind. Often Hulu will take you back 2 or 3 quarters in a game and you are unable to rewind or fast forward. We had 9 errors showing 4 different codes in 20 minutes during Monday night football on 10/19/20. I could not connect with hulu on the phone, I spent 90 minutes on a chat and resolved nothing. Search the hulu community before you subscribe - you can see years of unresolved issues and they copy/paste responses from hulu. On the upside, family game night is on point! Boo Hulu
It’s Irritating
venombreon on 2020-10-24
Most of the time, the things you want to watch won’t even play, its like its not even trying, it is super annoying and even if it does play, if you were in the middle of an episode before and you want to continue where you left off, instead of continuing where you were it goes right back to the beginning, meaning you have to start all over again! That is super irritating! Whoever was in charge of that function was an idiot! No one should have to start over on an episode unless they choose to do so! the last update was riddled with glitches! For som reason the clock and battery and service on the top half of the screen doesn’t hide like it’s supposed to, that is super Annoying!!!!! Can someone please fix this please, is that to hard to ask?
Buggy and lacking basic features
Shaloha91 on 2020-10-24
Seriously Hulu? This is the best you can do? No background video playing, the pause button in full screen is located in an awkward spot (should be in the middle of the screen), going back to a show’s page is unnecessary difficult, and the app in general is very slow and buggy. For instance, in the latest update, episodes don’t even auto play properly. Instead of moving on to the next episode of the season, the app will restart the same episode over and over again. For a company this big and wealthy, you really have no excuse for this kind of terrible UX and Development quality. Get it together, Hulu! (And have a look at the YouTube app sometimes, you have a thing or two to learn from them).
Binx. JessJess Binx. on 2020-10-24
My family and I had Hulu live before and had many problems with it. We ended up not using it and just cancelling. Eventually we decided to get it again only without the live. Everything was going well only had issues with casting to our chrome cast. I found a new show to watch, Project Runway, and really enjoyed it. In the middle of a season I went to finish it and I couldn’t find it in my “continue watching”. I searched it and I can’t even watch anymore it without buying Hulu’s other subscription. Why was I able to watch it before but not now? It’s overall frustrating and disappointing.
Hulu app needs work!
JadedDame on 2020-10-24
A lot of work. Tech support is lame. Errors, keeps telling me I have too many videos playing. What!!! And commercials. Ugh! I could watch Elementary on Hulu plus with no commercials but as soon as I switched to Hulu plus TV I got stuck with commercials. Keeps disconnecting when I stream with ChromeCast. By the time you add no commercials, recording to the cloud, and other things it starts getting pricey like....Directv. I had it one month and cancelled it. Trying YouTube next.
Add all of naruto shippuden dubbed!!
tjwhodey on 2020-10-24
The show Naruto Shippuden has been finished for 3-4 years now and the full English version is has been out fit 2-3 year and yet all episodes all the way up yo season 3 episode 140 is dubbed and after that is Japanese. Theres been over 1000 requests to put the full dubbed version onto Hulu spanning back all the way to 2017. Hulu doesn’t listen to it’s customers, and thats apparent on their community page when out of every person writing on there they haven’t responded.
Issues Live Streaming from phone to TV
mektekbear on 2020-10-24
I always put on the Live news and stream if from the app on my phone and then screen share it to the TV. IT USED TO let me go to other apps while still streaming from my phone to the TV. NOW even if I am not on any other apps it will stop streaming from my phone to my tv within just a couple of minutes of me trying to do so. I’ve checked both my Bluetooth and internet connections and everything works GREAT, so it must be the Hulu app not working. PLEASE FIX!
Hulu Watch Party
TC30726 on 2020-10-24
I really like the Hulu app and of all the streaming services I’ve used this is one of the best. However, the online version of Hulu has a feature that the app does not, but really should have. Hulu watch party is a cool feature, but even on the web it’s limited to people over 18 so the kids can’t use it. Please expand this feature so that everyone can use it and so that’s it’s available across all platforms.
gzo887 on 2020-10-24
Okay so I tried Hulu out during March and I’ll tell you this you miss a payment with them they will charge you 40 dollars late payment which is insane... Not only that They have bunk shows like no one watches the fades lolz never herd of that one and marvels runaways come on y’all seriously need to top it up a notch Netflix be having them chill movies for the night if you know what I mean and tv shows

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