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Aug, 2021


Aug, 2021



Hyer is a simple, straightforward and powerful job search app that connects people to opportunities and businesses to resources in real time. A two-way street that works for everyone. For a better way to work—and a better way to live. HYER JOB SEARCH APP FOR TASKERS Looking for a way to make money and make a difference? With Hyer, it’s easy. Simply download our app, create a profile and select a task that fits your skills, your schedule, your life. Finding a job using Hyer is quick and easy: • Download our job search app • Complete a profile & background check • Search for and apply for jobs/tasks in your local area • Get paid fast with Instant Payouts HYER FOR BUSINESSES Does your business need to expand coverage, or scale its workforce in real-time? Developed with your needs in mind, the Hyer app helps businesses like yours: • Scale your workforce in minutes with qualified, fully vetted taskers. • Save money! With no sign-up fees or contracts, Hyer is over 40% less expensive than our competitors. • Rely on simple and intelligent technology to respond to workforce demands in real-time. • Gain greater control over the tasks required to run an efficient, engaged team. Ready to go Hyer? Install our on-demand labor app today. Once vetted, you’ll have instant access to a pool of Taskers ready and waiting to work. To learn more about Hyer, where we’re headed, and why we’d love to have you be a part of our community, visit

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Unreleased backpay and instant cash out issues
DraftKingsofficial on 2021-09-21
They currently won’t let me cash out for some reason every time I try it pops up like it’s cashed out and returns in my account with the cash out fee taken out they still me 200 from a shift I worked and never received my funds for mostly everything is through email which is wack when there customer service is bad you have to bother them every few days about this app once I got in touch with them about my unpaid shift they blamed it on stripe the payment service that they use and till this day I never received my payment I’ve been inconvenienced with late fees on my bills due to this situation and I’ve never be reimbursed
Lost my last $20 SCAM app
mad cstomer on 2021-09-21
Hi. I’m very disappointed in this app. I filled out every form, put all my account info in and failed my background check for something from 13 years ago which doesn’t affect any of the jobs offered. I’ve worked at several of the places and I’m now being discriminated against after spending my money. You should tell people their record has to be squeeky clean or you’ll just be spending you last $20 to look like a fool. I haven’t had any trouble in 13 years . This has to be a scam. Please give me my last $20 back. Thank you.

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