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Small choices lead to all kinds of weird consequences in this compact simulation of life! Go to a safari, annoy your neighbors, fool around with your friends, go on a date with your goth girlfriend. See where life takes you! - Crazy amount of choices! - All sorts of literal roads you can take with possibly wacky consequences! - Easy one-touch controls

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Galaxygirl12 on 2020-06-05
I love this game it’s so much fun when you first start, but eventually you realize it could be better. Overtime this game has gotten a little boring. At first it’s fun to name yourself and make quick decisions but it doesn’t take too long to get to know every option and choice the game can throw at you. Plus I have been trying so hard to get a random character that looks like my friend so I could do his life as a joke. I wish I could choose the gender and the skin and hair color of my character. Also the game is very vague in a way. You choose your job which leads to different decisions later on, you can kiss the birthday girl/boy and make them your girl/ boyfriend even if you don’t even know what they look like or anything, etc. but in reality all you do is run down a line and make quick decisions. I think it would be a smart idea to add more detail to the game like add pictures by each path showcasing the different options and what you would be doing, (PS for stuff like throw cake at the birthday girl/ boy, kiss them, or shy away just as an example, if it shows you doing these options make sure the person in the photo is the npc that will join you on the path) add more options, and maybe add the option to watch a generated video in the end of what the life would look like with the exact decisions you made and the exact people that joined you. Of course these are just ideas but please take some stuff like this into consideration. It gets boring after a day or too because I’m stuck making the same decisions every time! Plus it gets annoying if I want to have a certain character and it randomizes me a completely different already programmed in person to play as. I think allowing users to have more options and adding more detail would be so great. Please take some of this into consideration.
Really bad game
The real review on 2020-06-05
Let me just say, this is the worst game I have ever played. The questions are just so idiotic, like why do I have to kiss the birthday girl/boy? What if I don’t like them? If you don’t pick that option, there are consequences. Your allowed to choose your life, not have your life simulated by someone else. I saw this ad and I thought it looked kinda interesting, so I made a bad move and decided to download it. The game isn’t even that fun to play. Well, if you were like 7, this would be a little interesting. But it’d also seem really boring at that age. Another thing is the lag. It’s not even enjoyable when you have really bad lag. Overall, I highly don’t recommend this game and I suggest you do not play it. It’s obviously rushed and not well-maintained. But please, I recommend you don’t play this game if you want an enjoyable experience. But of course, if you want an non enjoyable experience, this game is just perfect for you!
The Candy Queen on 2020-06-05 the first 1 second in the game,it asked me to rate it.i was like how am I supposed to know if I like the game if i haven’t even played it yet?.next,so in the ad,it says u can choose ur gender but,guess what.i couldn’t choose. it just gives u a random gender.another thing, it’s a bit it says:ur at a bday party.and the choices r:kiss her,throw the cake at her, or spit at her.i mean,come on that’s a bit inappropriate.oh another thing, it asks u the SAME QUESTION OVER AND OVER.something else, it doesn’t say you finished childhood or any of the stages in life.its not a problem for me, but why do the producer have to lie?the reason I gave this app 2 stars ⭐️is its,kinda fun.i guess. ok I hope the producers improve this game,please do..I hope u read this producers!!! well that was my review.(pretty please improve this u can see above,I have a LOT of problems.)BYE!!!
Actual Antithesis of Fun
M.Oeuf on 2020-06-05
This is legitimately the most boring game I’ve ever played. It’s so linear and the questions repeat after a short amount of time, the speed is so painfully slow and there is nothing interesting going on. There is no actually endearing goal and there is nothing that makes you actually want to play it. I almost fell asleep playing this game and I bet if I did and had a dreamless sleep I’d still be having infinitely more fun than I would playing this effortless pile of garbage. There isn’t even music in this game and the models all look like they were ripped from a free 3D gif website. Don’t even bother downloading this game, it’s not even mind-numbing enough to relax to, it’s just boring drivel and I don’t know why it exists when it isn’t enticing enough to get money. Even the worst of Voodoo’s game catalog is probably more interesting than this effortless cash grab.
JHEire on 2020-06-05
This game is okay because the outcomes usually make sense... But the game can get really ridiculous! So, you collect books, coins, & hearts to unlock paths because some paths are locked and costs a price of one of the three. Seems fine, right? Wait till you hear this. I was playing and I can only choose one path that makes me lose about everything. The question was: “What will you do with your dad’s cellphone?” or something like that & then my only option was “Break it.” And my dad got mad at me and I lost like 20 hearts and coins for a decision I was forced to make and the other pathways have prices that are ridiculous. So I have some ideas... First of all, the three items should work in a new shop so it will work in later lives. Second, you can customize your character. And maybe listen to the other reviews... Thank you for reading!
Boring, and ignoring entire groups of people
RagingStorm049 on 2020-06-05
First of all the game is boring. The questions are repetitive, there’s no cause and effect, if you get a girl/boyfriend then they don’t DO anything, and when I was looking at the ads I actually got sort of excited because you could choose a gender and you could be something other then a woman or man which I see a lot of games over look. This hits me pretty hard because my identity is really important to me. Also the game automatically makes you straight. I think their should be chances for LGBT and straight relationships. Also the only way to have kids is to adopt one after being bombarded by your parents to give them grandchildren and declining or to accept it. And what about furries? Not to mention all I’ve seen are white people. What about blacks? So yes, I have a number of issues with this game.
Good but needs improvement
poopface9999999999 on 2020-06-05
This game is pretty fun but I have a few suggestions. First I think at every question it should stop so you have more time. Some people read slowly or don’t know what to choose and want to think about it. Second, don’t make people have to watch an ad to get resources, it gets really annoying. Third, let people customize their character to change the facial features, race,etc. Finally, the one that is most important to me, let people choose their gender(including all genders not just boy and girl),let there be an option to become trans later in life, let people choose their sexuality, what gender they want to date, etc. I would really appreciate that. I am a girl, I am bisexual, and I don’t want to marry a guy I want to marry a girl. Sorry this was long I just had a lot to say
You have uploaded an unfinished game to the App Store.
ᗰIᑕᖇOᗷIᗩᒪ on 2020-06-05
This game is unfinished. Unless you’re a caucasian with blonde hair that’s straight, this game isn’t for you. Not even moments after starting a life (of an non-customizable character), you’re forced to hide or tell your feelings to your crush, who happens to be female if you're playing as a male. This doesn’t personally affect me, but imagine how annoying that is to any LGBT players. Jesus, Devs. Put in that tiny bit of work to be able to choose your skin tone and sexuality. And for the love of god don’t advertise it like you can do so. Pro-tip: Don’t upload an unfinished game to the App Store.
Had potential
GriffinLover on 2020-06-05
This game looked really cool in the ads. It’s a good idea, but the game is BAD! You can’t change your avatar, what if you don’t want to be a curly haired guy?! You have to spend stuff like knowledge to do stuff, which is annoying because A) it’s slow to earn and B) you keep knowledge with you all your life! You aren’t like, “I need to do my homework. I might lose some stuff I know, but whatever!” That doesn’t happen! And life is to fast. I chose to wait to have kids, and I never got another chance. I did want kids, I just wanted to wait for a bit. This game had potential but was just bad.
don’t even bother. seriously
Awoooga on 2020-06-05
sometimes I download games just to see how atrocious they are. despite having a 4ish star rating, I could tell this game was going to be crap based on the actual reviews by real people and not bots. I decided to get it anyway to see if it was at least salvageable as a joke or parody game. It was not. there are unskippable ads literally every 10 seconds. the choices are extremely limited and have no real purpose. the animation is hideous. there’s nothing fun or funny about this “game”. just another cash grabbing waste of pixels

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