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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



iBird Pro, the first complete birding app for the iPhone, is now guided by the 2019-2020 American Ornithological Union (AOU) standard and is 100% compatible with iOS 13. Besides including all 900+ species of birds of North America, iBird Pro contains databases for four other regions: the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hawaii, and the famous island nation of Palau. And it’s not just a digital field guide, a fascinating new feature called Photo Sleuth uses AI so you can identify a bird from any photo you take or upload. Released in 2008, iBird was the first comprehensive birding app for the iPhone loaded with features that inspired Apple to put iBird in their famous videos "We have an app for that." iBird offers functionality that sets it apart from all other birding apps. For example, only iBird offers both photographs and field-marked illustrations for every species. Of course, the beauty of drawings is that the illustrator can emphasize the important identification markings of the bird family, something photographs can’t do. For this very reason, iBird offers over 1,000 composite illustrations. Photographs, on the other hand, let you see how the species appear in real life. So, to optimize your experience, iBird includes both drawings with toggled field marks along with multiple photos of almost every species of bird -- usually of the male, female, juvenile and subspecies. We also include in-flight photos for many of the species. As we just mentioned, every one of the 950 species accounts contains a detailed field marks layer for each illustration. The layer can be toggled on or off to highlight important identification characteristics along with calling out similar species. These field mark layers sit on top of illustrations that are all high-resolution composite HDR drawings showing each species in its natural environment and can be zoomed until you can see fine feather details. And to augment your ability to identify a species, iBird not only contains over 4,000 bird song and call vocalizations but also provides the AI-based photo recognition feature--iBird Photo Sleuth. Photo Sleuth can identify a bird from any photograph, even poor photos taken with your smartphone or tablet. Watch a short slide show of how Sleuth works here: A stand-alone version of Photo Sleuth is also available in the app store. But we’ve saved the best for last – iBird's best feature is its comprehensive birding search engine that can turn anyone into an expert birder. The engine comes with over 35 characteristics that can be searched (such as body color, GPS location, habitat, bill shape, song type, etc.). No internet connection is required to use iBird in the field as it has a self-contained database of all content. The iBird Pro architecture is now “consolidated”, i.e., its default North America database can be supplemented with databases of other countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hawaii and Palau. You can purchase these additional databases from inside iBird, and instantly switch between them inside the app. Furthermore, you can install iBird Pro on multiple devices and share it with your family plan so that, with one app, everyone can enjoy thousands of new species. In addition to all of the features we’ve mentioned, iBird Pro offers these fantastic in-app purchase features: Birds Around Me (BAM)—shows just those species within a radius surrounding your GPS location, Percevia™ smart search—a patented feature that helps you identify birds just like the birding experts, Time-of-Day—lets you search for birds by activity levels during day or night, dawn, dusk, etc., and Owls of Mexico—which includes illustrations with field marks, range maps, songs and calls for 16 remarkable Owl species. Version 1254 adds 38 new illustrations—to see these go to Search > Illustration Update > 12.2. More Details of iBird Pro Version 12.5:

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MiguelCarvajal1959 on 2020-12-05
This app used to be great up until iOS 14 came along. Since September of 2020 I haven’t been able to access my previously paid in-app purchases or any new ones I attempted to install after paying for them. I have contacted the developer and their reply to me was that iOS 14 screwed up everything and they were working on a fix. In the meantime I requested and received a refund from Apple for the newest in-app purchases when I submitted a complaint, however as of 11/23/2020 I’m still unable to access my old in-app purchases.
Purchased Photo Sleuth - Does Not Work/No Refund or Timely Support Provided
Skinoch on 2020-12-05
I have owned and used this app for years, in addition to the Photo Sleuth add-on. The Photo Sleuth which I paid for no longer works. Customer support is lacking, and no refund is provided for the add-on I purchased. Updates are sporadic (maybe 3X/year) and have yet to address issues that I have brought to this company’s attention in the past. This is really a shame, but not surprising anymore. I can no longer recommend this app in good conscience. Yes...buyer beware.
Doesn’t work with PhotoSleuth
minimal nickname on 2020-12-05
The iBird app itself is very nice, but I only bought it for the PhotoSleuth add-on which doesn’t work- it craps out during the final stage of installation. I contacted customer support asking for my money back. I got a terse message saying that they know about the problem and please be patient. It has been several weeks now, still no refund. Buyer beware.
sleuth not working for months
boodabill on 2020-12-05
Never mind I bought the original separate I it’s Sleuth program which they charged me for a second time to bug it as an in app program, I just want it to work. It hasn’t for months. This company is blaming software updates by Apple, granted you have to write new code. So please do it.
Need to fix in-app refresh of add-on on IOS 14
Mick94114 on 2020-12-05
Hey, Photo Sleuth was great. I’m glad I added it, but since IOS 14 reloading previously paid extensions has been broken. This is your problem, not Apple. Come on folks. Fix this problem. I mean what are you doing in the Pandemic?
Birdbook with audio together
Whop54 on 2020-12-05
Great app. Been using it since version 1 and am very happy with it. Appreciate the continuous improvement and feature additions in search. Thanks Mitch
heixbcndud on 2020-12-05
Made an in purchase and I have tried more than 15 times to get it to install but no joy. Gets to about 70% and fails. Paid 4.99 for it. Grrrr
Not enough content
patrishna on 2020-12-05
I paid for the app but then everything I want to look at costs more money. Not good value!
Was good but has become junk!
Newbie-geezer on 2020-12-05
Giving up. They block usage wanting upgrades and registration. Done. Going elsewhere.

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