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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



iBird Ultimate is our most advanced birding app. It comes with two important features built in: "Birds Around Me" (BAM), a feature that restricts the birds to just those found in your current GPS area, and the patented “Percevia™ Smart Search” feature that gives anyone the skills of a bird identification expert. If you are not sure you’ll need these features, you can try iBird Pro, a less expensive app that offers both as in-app features you can buy at any time. iBird Plus is like Pro, but with half the search attributes. This final version of iBird Ultimate contains our most recent North America database with 946 species (962 if you choose to add Mexican Owls) updated with the latest 2018 American Ornithological Union (AOU) standard. The new Purchases menu contains optional features you can purchase to enhance the app, including Time of Day, Mexican Owls, and the amazing Photo Sleuth feature that uses a neural network to identify birds from any photo. As this is the last version of iBird Ultimate, we are providing users with our new version of iBird Lite that gives you free access to the same North America database in iBird Pro. Lite has been designed with the future in mind. It has been totally overhauled and is now a “consolidated” app that allows you to buy and install databases for any of the 4 regions available. Again, unlike other bird apps, these databases are inside the app, which allows you to use them in the field with no Internet connection. If you'd like to move to this new version of iBird Lite, simply install this new 12.01 version of iBird Ultimate on your device (iPhone or iPad) and then install the new 12.01 iBird Lite. When you open iBird Lite, you’ll see a free copy of the North America database (you would normally have to purchase it). ALSO, YOU WILL DISCOVER THAT ALL IN-APP PURCHASES (EXCEPT PHOTO SLEUTH) ARE FREE — OUR GIFT TO YOU FOR BEING A LOYAL IBIRD CUSTOMER. More About iBird Ultimate iBird™ Ultimate has most of the great features of the iBird product line and has been our most advanced app for many years. Because this is the last update, we encourage you to install our new consolidated app, iBird Lite. If you want to take your birding skills up a level or two, iBird Ultimate includes in-app purchases for features such as the Percevia™ Smart Search feature that gives anyone the skills of a bird identification expert, and the “Birds Around Me” (BAM) feature that restricts the birds to just those found in any GPS area. What makes BAM so useful is it can give you the birds in any GPS area. So, if you are traveling you can make lists ahead of time to know what you can expect to see. You can then make your list a Favorite and save it for you birding adventure to check off. More Details of What’s New: Whether you are an experienced or a beginner birder, iBird Ultimate starts with 946 species of both native and rare North American species, as well as popular Hawaiian birds. The number of species increases to 962 when you purchase the in-app Mexican Owls database option. Also, this app has been updated with the 2018 AOU and ABA checklists. With the iBird Ultimate’s avian matching system, you can search for birds by color, location, shape, habitat or any one of our 35 identification field marks to find your bird. iBird's comprehensive species pages have 3,300 built-in bird songs, 4,500 professional high-resolution bird photographs, 1,700 hand-drawn composite illustrations and over 1,000 range maps. Version 12.01 of iBird Ultimate Guide to Birds now includes iCloud for backing up and sharing your own photos, notes and favorites among all your devices and a share feature that lets you send any species page via Mail, Messages, etc. With over 1 million downloads, iBird is the standard by which all birding apps are measured.

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Amazing app!
Araks O. on 2020-02-22
This app was well worth the price, and is currently my number 1 birding reference. It’s much more robust than any of the free birding apps, and there’s tons of useful data available for each species, including diagnostic field marks, photos, vocalizations, distribution maps, and details on their ecology and conservation. They’ve even included Wikipedia articles for many species. I like that there’s flexibility in how the app is organized, and the “birds near me” feature is incredibly detailed and helpful for ID-ing unknown species. The free bird stickers are a nice bonus as well. Overall, it’s like having a full field guide in your phone, and for that I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.

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