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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



I can paint, you can paint, everybody can paint with the I can paint app.

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Terrible game
DAWNRat on 2020-09-23
This game is terrible. Seriously, don’t waste your time downloading it. You only have a certain number of loops you can do, and it has a stupid level system. Apparently, you have to make what an NPC orders. In other words, you don’t get to choose the color of paint or canvas. I mean you could, but it would mess up what you were supposed to be making. Plus, you can only buy up to nine extra loops, witch doesn’t get you anywhere. On the first level, you get to move the can to only two loops! The game also glitches a lot, and when it does, it messes up the loop. The game and adds for it say nothing about stupid levels. I just wanted a game where I could make spirographs. Oh, and don’t get me started on how many pop up adds the game has. You literally get to do one canvas, then up pops an add! It’s infuriating! In the adds for the game, there are unlimited loops. Why isn’t the game actually like that? Also, they have rainbow paint, but the game only lets you have two colors of paint, minus the bonus levels. The vip levels you can kind of have rainbow paint, but it’s really splotchy, and doesn’t look like a spirograph. So anyone who reads this, don’t get this game. It really is a terrible game. I’m very unhappy with it.
Cannot ADvance
Muserudita on 2020-09-23
It keeps telling me “ad is not ready” This is frustrating. I cannot watch the ads to get the new kinds of pant, or to sign up for the new VIP thing. I tried deleting the game and reloading it, but all that did was erase my progress. FOLLOW UP: I went through sending emails back and forth with the developers, and the response i got back was unhelpful. They told me to close other applications running at the same time? Yes- i already know that one, and do it every time i stop using one. All my other apps let me watch ads to get boosts all the time. I am disappointed because i liked this game very much. Ordinarily i would just delete a game that does not work. I tried to help get this one running properly. Nothing doing. I am deleting the game.
smart117 on 2020-09-23
This app is a amazing idea props to the creator!! BUT I have several complaints and things you should change about the game. First of all the level system drives me insane, all I want to do is make art! The game makes it very difficult to do so, I am only able to do like one swing at the painting then boom level up, take the levels out completely and this would be a 3 star review!! Second of all there are wayyyyyy to many ads but mainly the ads are just from the leveling up which NEEDS to be taken out!! Third of all the people in the game are horrendous.
could use updates
Tylersprincess on 2020-09-23
the ads don’t really bother me that much since i can just put my phone on airplane mode and avoid them. BUT there’s other things that could make this game so much better. 1. have a free-style mode where you can do whatever you want. loops, colors, canvas. 2. be able to get the cool cans like you use on special levels & the cool paint patterns. 3. be able to save all the painting you’ve made. i think these features would make the game SO MUCH BETTER!!! maybe even add an option to pay to disable ads.
Great Game
OMASHUAZULA on 2020-09-23
Anyone else think of Home Alone when they play this fun, simple, and satisfying game! One problem is the number of loops, I wish there was like a creative mode where you can make as many loops as you like. Also, I didn’t find ads a problem because I can just activate airplane mode. And last, Can you include a way to save your art to your images on your device? I hope you read this because it is a great game and I want it to improve to get you guys more downloads! Thank you!
Not ready for prime time
teacherd5966 on 2020-09-23
The concept of the app is good, but it freezes up too much, every few minutes you have to close the app completely then reopen it to keep going. It tries to force watching more ads on top of the ad between every level, but that causes it to freeze up even more. Get the bugs out do it runs smoothly and stops freezing, and it will be a fun game. As it is now, don’t bother to download.
You need to read this!!!!!
honest Bre on 2020-09-23
Ok listen up, this game is nothing like the adds you don’t get to free paint or do basically what you want. IT’S A TRAP!! I don't want to make this a hate comment but the LEVELS!!! I don’t understand them!!! This would be awesome game if you could free paint, so awesome. Please if you reading and you agree right reviews like this the game will have to listen!!! Thank for reading.
Fun, but could use work
Vidwiz on 2020-09-23
There are limited items to unlock, it would be nice if there were more. I would also suggest making it so you can purchase more then 9 extra loops. There are also only 2 characters which shouldn’t be a problem but if there were more that would be great. It would also be super nice if there was a “gallery” feature where you could go and see all your previous paintings
Don’t bother
for2netchic on 2020-09-23
I only chose one star because it made me. EVERY single time you make a move - watch ad first. Every. Single. Time!! It would be enjoyable if not for the ads, but that’s not all! You can’t choose to do a project like the ones shown above, you only do what the “customer” requests. But first... watch this ad! ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Total disappointment, don’t bother.
Best game Ive played
WaterAnt835 on 2020-09-23
I really like this games I have ADHD and anger problems so this games really helps Im only on level 25 And I can make 12 loops I like that you can buy loops for money I really enjoy this game I would see like that one dude said a creative mode or something like that in the game all I can say is that I really like this game and I suggest you should try it!

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