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You can easily discovery top songs, the most popular video songs of all the time with Music Player. We prepared for you best music playlists. You can browse music by genre or country. Discovering great new music has never been simpler. Music Player is more powerful compared to other music video players. This songs player will give you many categories to choose from and millions of songs. We guarantee that you will find any song you are looking for and play it directly. Explorer top songs of 60+ countries while listening music with draggable view player. Manage your favorite list, playlist and history. List related songs and related playlist help you listen more lovely songs. NOTE: My app is using the third-party API source from TubeMusic. All the free music is provided by TubeMusic services. We alway comply with the API Terms of Use

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Concentrated Acid on 2020-11-29
I love using this app. I mostly can search all music I want in this app and you can search everything from YouTube uploaded. I couldn’t find everything I want on the other apps even those said music from YouTube. I have been downloading lots of music Apps to get the quality and accessories I want but those apps are not working like this app.Some when you type the artist’s name, it just shows couple songs and you can’t find the song even though you type the title of the song after that you get out from app the song pauses.This app happened that the song pauses after you got out from app before too but they already fixed and updated it again.Appreciate it. I have been using for this app so long and I will be using this app ever if it’s still working like this. I wish they add equalizer, sharing songs to someone to some apps and more accessory to join to TV on YouTube.It will be the greats app ever if developer add those things to this app. I will give five stars if they add more what I said above.Five stars will be ready there the day they add those.
Bug is fixed!!! Finally!
‍♀️ on 2020-11-29
Song finally doesn’t stop when it ends! Thanks for fixing this

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