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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Ants are the true lords of the underground. They’ve been building cities and expanding their communities well before man was able to cobble together his first hut. Now, you can enter the land of ants and see first hand their organized and structured world take shape. Command your growing colony of ants and have them devour other bugs, hot dogs and even an airplane! Let your army consume everything in sight and earn money that you can use to: - Upgrade and grow your colony into a mighty ant empire! - Supercharge your worker ants and their speed! - Max out your ants strength! These ants are waiting on a new commander, will it be you?

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CHI MY THE ORIGINAL on 2020-10-27
I love this game. It makes me feel a lot of joy. I’ve always loved watching ants collect. The upgrades are easy and watching the ants go to work is very satisfying. This is my most favorite insect themed game. Most games centering around insects usually revolve around destroying them. But I love to observe insects, and this is amazing. I like to focus on upgrading their numbers instead of their speed and strength because real ants work in numbers, it gives me a more realistic experience. Plus, it makes the game last a little longer. I really want more content to play with the same basic controls. I’m never really happy when mobile games rely too much on bonus items. This game has the perfect balance.
How about this?
apersonwhocreates on 2020-10-27
For the update: Could you let us upgrade our ants so it can mutate into a different kind of ant, add queen into hole, make the hole into a factory so we can see or interact with things in the hole factory, making larvas, when a larva hatches it gives you 1 ant per day, new skins, spiders who come and the ants have to attack them, war, more objects to feed on, and drunk ants (drunk ants are made when you drink the red ,blue ,and yellow liquid, and last red blue and yellow liquid that shrinks. Your welcome :)
Move on to something else
rbeamer on 2020-10-27
Completed the levels and nothing to do in under 40 minutes. Paid to get rid of ads, and still got popups for other in game purchases after every third item. I tried to purchase the pop up item just to make it go away, and I got an error window, that I had to tap over and over to get it to go away. This is just a money grab and very poorly done. If you want to play for a few minutes to kill time, it’s fine. But don’t waste your time otherwise. I am seriously questioning many of the reviews here....
It’s alright
Literation on 2020-10-27
I like the simplicity of it and how there is no prestige system(l hate those). The only thing I don’t like is how many ads it shoves in your face. I know a great idle game out there, more complex and visually better. I deleted it not because it had micro transactions but it’s prestige system. In fact, I loved their way of handling micro transactions. They put it in the menu and the menu’s name was saying something along the lines of “How to support the developer”. Be more like that c:
Good, just something that bothers me.
alex Alejandre on 2020-10-27
Overall, the game is actually pretty good. Upgrading, more ants, different foods and worlds, very entertaining. But it would be a better game if you could just make one thing and that is ads. If you could make it so that ads would only appear if you want them to, not to say no to watching an ad, then watching an ad anyways with no reward. It’s really annoying. But if you could change the way it would give you an ad when you say no at the question, the game would be perfect.
Ads for marijuana/cannabis...
Iluv2paint8 on 2020-10-27
I keep getting the same ad. A cannabis ad that promotes it. It’s inappropriate because kids play this.. do you want a 13 year old to start thinking about marijuana?? Who would want to play a drug idle game? Not me. What if you grow up to be a drug dealer because you know how to sell it?? I know some people who play this are adults but most of them are kids.. be safe and DONT let your sponsors post inappropriate ads. I would go for a different company. :)
You had me, until you didn't.
DerpKaHerp on 2020-10-27
It's already bad enough that I spent more time watching ads than playing the game. All was good, my ants ate the food, I got the prompt to triple my money, watched and ad and on I went. Well naturally you'd think you have a choice, so I decide I just want to keep going and I click the X. I'm immediately presented with and ad that yield zero benefit, and I just had a selection for it. I immediately uninstalled the game, greed at its highest.
Lost potential
Dana1776 on 2020-10-27
It’s too bad really. You will beat the measly 3 levels in very short time. It seams as though the dev just wanted to push something out quickly to generate ad revenue, on the topic of ads at the end of every level ,which only takes seconds to complete, you are offered the opportunity to watch an ad in return for a triple bonus. Don’t be fooled they are going to make you watch the ads regardless of which ever option you choose
Love it!
Foxi_playz on 2020-10-27
It’s amazing! I just have one request the strength is wayyy to expensive I upgraded it 7 times and it’s at like 9k not a lot of ads and fun! So I don’t have much to say but just bring down the price on strength if you want this app I highly recommend it if your like me and read reviews to say whether you should get it or not then i think you’ll love it!
Cute game, but gets old fast
DonthaveAmoneytree on 2020-10-27
This is a cute satisfying game. It’s almost like a stress reliever. Unfortunately, it gets old quickly and you get tired of doing the same thing over and over. There’s not enough variation and stimulation to keep you interested. I did finish the game though and would recommend it for short term play.

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