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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Welcome to Idle Digging Tycoon. In this game, you will manage your workers to dig and build beautiful houses. Earn gold and upgrade your digging tools to dig faster. Enjoy the addictive digging game and become the rich!

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Good but...
fakerealy on 2020-07-13
The game is fun and you get to dig out a place a see the building form you get to upgrade stuff. It’s fun in the beginning but later on when you click no thanks, to not watch it gives you one anyway. Like leveling up or click on giant or overseer or the meat that float in the middle of your screen sometimes. All I’m saying is get rid of the adds I didn’t ask for.
It needs more places to build and create
"Genral Shepard" on 2020-07-13
This game was very good for the first few days that I had it then I got bored and finished all of the places to create a shelter. This game has some potential to be great but if they don’t update more and come up with new places to explore the game will stop being popular.
Too many ads
Boomerguy33 on 2020-07-13
Ads. So many ads. I wonder since micro transactions are so hated and game devs need money will ads replace micro transactions it’s so hard to find a game without ads. However this is an “idle” game so it’s not absolutely unbearable but it’s pretty close
Paid $1.99 to remove ads, but they haven’t gone away.
treeguy87 on 2020-07-13
You don’t have to watch the ads, but the gameplay is slow without them. I paid right at the start to remove ads, but after being charged, the ads are still present. What kind of a rip off is this???
No available ads?
EssieLovesCats! on 2020-07-13
The game is great but I can’t do a lot of things because the advertisements are “unavailable” But otherwise that, the game is entertaining!!
Matthew Hill 13 on 2020-07-13
This game is really cool and I really liked it the only thing is is I finished it in like two hours
Fun games
It’s so fun in real life I love digging and it’s so so fun!!! And I love digging games!
I like the ad
beeeeeeeeeeeeeem on 2020-07-13
I like it because it had plants vs zombies music an I loooooove plant vs zombies
So many ads
liisunflower on 2020-07-13
The amount of opportunities to click on ads is just so dumb. Did not enjoy
P_Willis10 on 2020-07-13
Play game if you patience People say they have ads I don’t

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