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May, 2021



Looking for a new creative hobby? Ready to become the best home decorator in town. Sharpen your decorating skills and design visually stunning three dimensional houses! You can choose a variety of exterior items from a comprehensive catalog to remodel your house just the way you like it, making it that much easier to bring your dream home to life! Renovate and design from scratch and showcase your creativity by constructing the most amazing houses. Design lawns, Select the paint, Work on the roof and walls to complete the dream house makeover. Idle home makeover is the best house styling simulation game out there. Features -Amazing Graphics -Easy and Fun Game play -3D design view -Variety of houses to decorate -Touch Control

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dellebelle1950 on 2021-06-20
I would give it 0 stars if possible it goes straight to a blackish screen and then kicks me off the game I liked online to see how to fix it and I even tried all of those suggestions and none of them worked I do not recommend this game to anyone especially the younger children because it will make them very mad because it doesn't work.
on 2021-06-20
I love this game!!!! Although it had a slower start, I got into the billions and everything was pretty easy. I got this game on May 21 and finished May 23. So I’m disappointed, I even did all the event house and now I have like 289 billion just sitting. I want another update with more houses!!!! Otherwise this game is amazing.
Kinda disappointed
Unicornsthebest12345 on 2021-06-20
I wanted to play the game that was in the ad. The ad lied when I saw it. Hear me out; the ad I got for this looked cooler than the game actually was. I was pretty sad. But yeah, if you like the game, cool! Nothing against it, but I wanted the game in the ad, not the one I got Bye bye! Thank you for reading
It’s good.....
LadySlothonYT on 2021-06-20
If you like idle house games then this is the game for you! But there are bonuses like auto builder (only lasts a minute) and whenever I accidentally tap it there is a cancel button but it still gives you an add, and you don’t get a reward so....... play if you like adds
Great game but..
Shirley Boy 01 on 2021-06-20
This is an overall great game to play I loved it, but they is a lack of updates. I’ve been stuck with no houses to build for well over a year.
Bucky086 on 2021-06-20
Need more houses to build. I have been maxed out for about two months or so now. Please update the game and put more in it.
Lacks on Content
Juice6219 on 2021-06-20
Games needs to be updated. I haven’t had a new house in over 4 months now. I’m almost at 1 trillion dollars
Austina358275 on 2021-06-20
Game is amazing but lack of new houses to build hasnt had a new house since december of last year
I do really love this game
Nerd loser on 2021-06-20
This game is really fun but please please please just update it
fun but finished too fast
eekTøp on 2021-06-20
i literally finished the whole game in two days ahh

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