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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Looking for a new creative hobby? Ready to become the best home decorator in town. Sharpen your decorating skills and design visually stunning three dimensional houses! You can choose a variety of exterior items from a comprehensive catalog to remodel your house just the way you like it, making it that much easier to bring your dream home to life! Renovate and design from scratch and showcase your creativity by constructing the most amazing houses. Design lawns, Select the paint, Work on the roof and walls to complete the dream house makeover. Idle home makeover is the best house styling simulation game out there. Features -Amazing Graphics -Easy and Fun Game play -3D design view -Variety of houses to decorate -Touch Control

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Listen up!
on 2020-07-15
This game is fun and addictive, I’ll give that, but, it’s SOOOOO time consuming! What I mean is: You have to pay a certain amount of money depending on which part of the house you’re working on, and the only way to get more money if you can’t afford anything, is either, by tapping a little piggy-bank on the side of the screen, or, there’s a free money icon on the opposite side of the screen that you don’t have to constantly tap, it just randomly gives you money every other 20 seconds. The problem with this mechanism is, when you need money, you tap the piggy-bank, but most currency in this game is counted in “k’s”, or “100,000’s”, and the money you get from the piggy-bank is only in hundreds, making it almost impossible to get the slightest bit of money. Therefore, you having to constantly tap repeatedly on the piggy-bank, which starts to hurt after awhile. I just wish that there was an easier, non-hand-cramping way to get more money. Like, maybe add a mini-game option, where you get a certain amount of money depending on which game you played. It also gets extremely expensive! I’ve been trying to paint on the base-layer for the walls, but it costs about 500k for a single swipe on the roller!! That’s a whole new level of ridiculous. I’m no wall-painter expert, but I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t cost friggin’ 500k for a roll! You might be thinking, “wElL, hOw MuCh DoEs ThE rOlL sWiPe?”, listen here, my friend, it only rolls about an inch for every swipe- I’m not even exaggerating. It says that it takes 216 swipes to cover the entire outside. FOR THAT MUCH MONEY PER SWIPE, IT SHOULD COOK ME BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND DINNER! And since it’s so difficult to get money, I’m pretty hopeless that I’ll ever finish the paint job. Please fix it to where it’s less expensive! Or at least an easier way to get money!
Great but…
cutiepie 1923_yeah on 2020-07-15
I finish the 3 Houses Way too fast. It would be great if more houses are available right away. And what you see on the ad is not what the actual game is. In the ad it shows somebody putting the thing on One by one. But in reality the game is you clicking a button 10,000 times to finish your house. And I have know idea how to unlock the other houses. It would be great if we had a little bit more creative freedom too. I like this game. But once you upgrade it so many times. You can finish your house in like a half hour to an hour because you’re just making money while using your money. And I can’t figure out the time thing. Is it one day or one hour I can’t tell. And because I don’t know how to unlock the other houses. I’m just making a bunch of money in an app that I can’t really use anymore. I don’t know if they have more houses or if they’re still trying to make new ones. But now I have to keep the app and it’s gonna keep using my space or delete it and then when they come out with more houses have to re-download it because I do really like the app. And it might not save my progress and money I already have so that I have to start completely over. Also there’s way too many ads without you even clicking on something to have to watch an ad and then you get no reward for it and then you can’t use your pig things that you got for the money that you had to watch an ad for anyway!
Fun Game But It Could Be Better...
SillyGiraffes on 2020-07-15
So I literally JUST downloaded the game and somethin I think you definitely should fix is... when you claim ur prizes from leveling up and stuff, it makes u watch an ad to claim it and I don’t think it should be that way. Plus, why does it cost more money to get stuff for the house every time u go to buy stuff? Like it seriously can get frustrating sometimes bc half of the time all u doin is just watching ads for like 1,000 years every minute which feels like so frustrating. I also feel like it takes 12,000000 million times to click on EVERYTHING u need for the house. Like it feels like all I’m doin is watchin em ads. On the ad for the app, (which isn’t very descriptive by the way), it shows the person putting down each block individually which is not wut it is. Like so frustrating to ppl who want it to be like the ad. So I thinkin u should change that for em gettin frustrated bc I like am SOOOOOOO frustrated right now. I had to give the game a ⭐️⭐️ bc it nah as cool and em fun as it seem it in the ad.I really thinkin u should change that stuff. Plz do it soon!!!!!!!!!!
It’s not good but it’s not bad
use creator code "o-g-robert" on 2020-07-15
It took me well over 2 weeks to finish the three houses they have in the game, at first I would spend around 10-30 mins in the app but then I upgrades got so expensive I couldn’t make the money of the upgrades in 10 mins or more so I invested on the offline stuff which I have 2,730% offline income and almost 4 days max of offline time that gets me around 10B but that’s hardly enough for those last upgrades the last week I spent upgrading the house were just me going into the app once a day claiming my offline income getting upgrades and then letting the app rest till the next day the max you can make a second is around 310 k and some upgrades are 800B so just imagine best tactic is to upgrade offline time and income and go in once a day upgrading and leaving.
Good but not great
chinchilla_dog_vanilla on 2020-07-15
I’ve been playing this games for a while it’s pretty fun, but everything is so expensive! It’s hard there isn’t much gameplay you just have to wait until your money comes back up. So I wait and I buy the up grades and to be offline but when I bought it, I went all the way to 24 hours! But when I bought the last one to make it reach that... IT STARTED OVER!! I was so confused is that a bug? Anyway I have to get it back up and the money didn’t start over either, so it was 1.1 million just to upgrade it ! And it kept going, so I’m kinda mad at that. Also the ad isn’t like the game at all it’s and idle game not a decision game
Your_Mom0224 on 2020-07-15
Don’t get me wrong. I love this game. I like the, I don’t want to say thrill but I don’t know what to call it, when you finish a house. The game is not like it shows in some of the ads but it is still a good game. The one thing I have to complain about is the amount of houses. I am debating on wether to delete the app and forget about it or to wait until they come out with another house. So if the developer reads this, please release the houses marked as “Coming Soon”.
Really buggy with earnings
Acdumass on 2020-07-15
On many occasions, I return to game and find my earnings at $0. Other times, I click the ad to double the offline earnings and the game either freezes during the ad or finishes and doesn’t apply any earnings. When it freezes in the ad, I have to close down game (I’ve tried just waiting for long periods and it doesn’t help) and then when I go back in, I’ve lost all of the offline earnings. This is extremely frustrating and I’m considering deleting this app.
OrangePeels90 on 2020-07-15
The game itself is fun, but it’s so littered with ads. Literally everything including just leveling up to requires you to watch an ad. Then if you click the floaty things that are on the screen they give you ads. You decline them. Ads. I’d play the game if it wasn’t for that right there. Especially early on on the game where you’re leveling up a lot. You might as well just watch tv because it’s just ads. Complete waste of time. Wouldn’t recommend at all.
Ad Machine
Thesemar on 2020-07-15
I wanted to like this, and tried to push myself past the atrocious amount of ads. Unfortunately, not only do they inundate you with ad options, they also force video ads on you even when you choose the option to not watch an ad. On top of that they only bothered to make three houses, because they were more concerned about pulling in money through ads by making some cheap and underdeveloped game. Pity, the idea could have gone somewhere.
Description of game is false advertisement
Mehnousernamejustpost on 2020-07-15
Why does the game description say you can choose between different options for the exterior of the house? There are no options to change anything. I finished the first house and it’s hideous, absolutely 0 options to change the color of the siding or anything. Don’t say things that aren’t true. I wasted so much time hoping I’d get the option to customize it and that just simply isn’t a feature. Uncool, don’t lie about game features.

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