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Ready to be rich? Become the richest supermarket entrepreneur! Build your own business, earn money, and become the best supermarket tycoon in the world! Start with a mini-mart and turn it into a major supermarket business. Build a bakery, sell fruit and vegetables, offer high-quality fish and meat. Run your own perfume and electronics departments. Let the customers fill their shopping carts! Research new features to improve the quality of your products, offers, and departments. Make your business grow! Become the best supermarket manager. Hire sellers and make them increase your sales and profits. Set the salary of the employees from different departments. Take care of your customers too, offering them a wider range of options and healthy products. Build a huge parking lot where they can safely leave their vehicles while they shop. Develop different marketing strategies to attract potential and existing customers. Choose the best products and improve your research to offer the best deals to your customers. Their opinion and feedback is critical to run a profitable business. Happy customers are returning customers! If you like idle and tapping games, you will enjoy this casual supermarket management game. Idle Supermarket Tycoon is an easy-to-play game where you run your own business with different product departments. Make important management decisions to build your empire and transform your small supermarket into one of the greatest in the world! Features: - Casual and easy gameplay - Different challenges to complete - Amazing animations and 3D graphics - Unique products to sell! - Make important managing decisions to expand your business - Save your progress in the cloud and recover it if you change your device

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This app is my favorite game ever
?!af on 2021-03-01
So when I start playing this game I literally loved it at first, I love how you can upgrade the shops and you can do so much you can add shops and you can actually go to Paris and Beverly Hills.But I want to open up the car dealership shop but then I have to go on my next level off of Beverly Hills and yes I am on the Beverly Hills level right now this game is great in all but I just wish that you didn’t have to pay so much gems in the app for the car dealership shop which you can add to your store and it Has to be the same amount just like if you want to get out of Beverly Hills level the next level I think it’s Paris and I really want to get onto the Paris level but don’t take this too seriously I still love the app and it’s a great app thank you so much for making the app you don’t really have to change all of it but if you do thx u so much anyway.
Tutorial on Franchises will not let me proceed
NathanConti on 2021-03-01
The app is pretty fun overall, and a good way to spend time in between doing other things. I even put some money into the game to remove the ads, because I wanted to directly support the developers; however, when the tutorial for the franchises mini game shows up, I cannot tap anywhere on my screen. I can only watch my supermarket and zoom in on it. I cannot move past the tutorial, collect rewards, upgrade my stores, or even watch ads. I hope they fix this soon. This game is great, but it is unplayable in its current state of the game. (Additional side note: audio does not work for Bluetooth earbuds / headphones).
Decent time waster
Azuuzuu246 on 2021-03-01
Game started out as a decent time waster with decent progression. Got to Miami and suddenly the progress slowed to a crawl. I wouldn’t care about that so much, except now they have this franchise event that won’t run. Get a pop up about how we need franchises, guy goes away, and the game doesn’t work. Cars are coming in, but I can’t move the screen or tap on anything. Not worthwhile for me to keep s a time waster game when the events are broken, so I’m uninstalling.
Why free money?
JChrisBoynton on 2021-03-01
the game gave me free money for no reason. I don’t mean like 100 bucks to start, I mean 100 decillion. I’m not joking, I thought it would be fun to finally get some fun but 10000000000000 grand? That makes sense! (sarcasm). you become a decillionaire right off the bat. All the reviews are probably just 5 year olds who just found out how to read and write. You don’t get free money all of a sudden
Great Game but 1 issue
Tim213# on 2021-03-01
So the game is really great and I’ve been addicted but heres the thing... So every time you sell your supermarket or you have a ton of money I would like a button like 1x,10x,100x so I do not have to keep tapping just to level up. I think this would make it easier for players to lvl up faster and not have to keep tapping. Overall good game and very impressed. Keep up the good work guys!
Impossible to progress
JMBSpeedy on 2021-03-01
I got all the way to the Paris supermarket, and had a good time doing it, but I seem to be completely stuck here. I try the 2x multiplier, I even payed for permanent income boosters out of desperation, but my income doesn’t appear to change at all. I don’t even make enough to upgrade my own stores, so I can’t even make more money the old fashioned way. What am I expected to do here?
Game is great but
alex_2835 on 2021-03-01
This game is great it is but there’s a weird problem that when I click the app it just stays frozen for some reason and also if you can is it okay to add a new shop for your supermarket like a toys shop or a video game store or a type of small restaurant if you can’t it be fine but anyways this games is fun it’s always great I always play it in my free time it’s just to good
Rewards for franchises disappear after I get them
SibunaHOA2 on 2021-03-01
So I have been playing this game for a long time and I’ve come to find out that as soon as I exit out of the game, I lose my rewards for the franchise. I was supposed to have the multiplier x3 for 7 days (I just got it today) and I closed it (I didn’t fully close it. Just went to my home screen) and I open it again and it’s gone. I instead have a x2 multiplier for an hour?
Good game but
Aye bro 101 on 2021-03-01
Good game but that guy that helps us just came up again saying that we need a new franchise or something and that he’ll help me do it but now I can’t do anything can’t move can’t upgrade nothing and I don’t think deleting this game will do the trick so if you can do something about it then can you stop him trying to “help” me
JJ Moran on 2021-03-01
I LOVE THIS GAME! I am only on the Tokyo market but the one thing I dont like about the game is that you can only do one mission at a time. It would be better if i got a list of 2 or 3 missions for that market or maybe even a “grocery list” if you will, of missions. Overall the game is so fun and i am obsessed!

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