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May, 2020


May, 2020



The most addictive Idle Clicker game ever! In this brand new idle game you can decide about the creation of the earth. The more you upgrade the planet, the more energy you will get. Spend energy to colonize the planet. Plant plants to allow animals to grow! Can you unlock the atmosphere? Easy and simple gameplay: - Great upgrade system that will keep you playing for hours! - Prevent a natural catastrophe by unlocking the atmosphere. - Start off with upgrading the ground and unlock animals and humans! Features: - Beautiful animations! - Create the world as you want it! - Many categories to upgrade! - Endless hours of gameplay!

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Completely tedious
Jabber1256 on 2020-06-03
This game is genuinely one of the worst games I’ve ever played. I knew because it was an “Idle” game that it was going to be designed to be slow and laborious in order to force you to make in-app purchases unless you wanted to sit around and wait. I have nothing else to do today and I thought I wouldn’t mind. The problem is that the game is purely one mechanic: tap a button to add something to your planet. They tried to dress it up just slightly by having about seventeen different notification systems but between the ever-inflating cost to simply push a button, the ads which roll consecutively, and the sheer boringness of the actual gameplay, it’s too dumb and joyless for even an unemployed, quarantined shmuck like me to bother with.
Best idle game
Bee4ever!! on 2020-06-03
I think this is the perfect idle game if you plan on playing one, and it’s just so addictive. I just wanna talk about something that could be possibly added. When you create humans, they could make their own countries and go to war, have allies and political stuff. I know that’s already in world 2.0 but it would be cool in the original world, and possibly you could also add economic stuff in countries. Thanks for reading and best idle game ever.
Jack818191912929 on 2020-06-03
After a month of use, it breaks and no longer launches. This has happened to me before, I thought you guys would’ve fixed it by then because that was a year ago. But it still doesn’t work. I’ll change it back to 4 stars if you fix this issue. It shouldn’t be that hard... unless it’s on purpose to buy your trash.
I luv this game❤️
chicken_nugget123! on 2020-06-03
I love this game, I’m already at 1 Trillion. But I saw an ad that was inappropriate because the ad has this girl holding another one and saying she was so hot, and this game is 4+. What I’m saying is that this game and other games that are 4+ shouldn’t have inappropriate ads.
This is one of the best games I’ve played.
pete3200 on 2020-06-03
This is one of the best game I might have played, one time it crashed, so I deleted it, I have it again. But I want to have 200x or 500x or 1000x.
I like it but.. needs an update.
Dsmonkie on 2020-06-03
I've been maxed on all three planets (technically two since it's earth twice+ mars) for awhile now... are we ever getting something new?
Bad game
hyt CT y on 2020-06-03
This a dumb game because you have to by Mars that Is very stupid and dumb so I deleted the app and I am upset and you have to do so much stuff
Gomi1289 on 2020-06-03
If you love Ads to pop up at random then ads popping up during your ads this is the ultimate idle game for you!
Awesome game
imahat on 2020-06-03
This game is so fun but after I unlocked everything on both worlds, I didn’t get any challenges or anything.
Terrible game
Mfinch74 on 2020-06-03
I can’t load in what the heck and I want to bye for 2.99$ to have 10x forever please respond or spam

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