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Find jobs using Indeed, the most comprehensive search engine for jobs. In a single search, Indeed offers free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards. From search to apply, Indeed’s Job Search app helps you through the entire process of finding a new job. World’s #1 Job Search site* - Join over 250 million job seekers each month that use Indeed - Find jobs in over 60 countries and 28 languages - Search the Indeed database of over 16 million jobs Search - Simple, fast-loading job search - Find openings in cities near you using your device’s GPS - View new jobs added since your last search - Search by job title, company and location to find your dream job - Find full-time, part-time, contract, freelance and internship jobs Apply - Use your Indeed Resume to easily apply to select jobs - Create a resume, joining Indeed’s network of over 70 million resumes - Personalize a message for each job before applying - Don’t want to apply just yet? Send a reminder to apply later Personalize - Recent job searches are remembered - Save or email your favorite jobs - Create a free Indeed account - Follow favorite companies to get the latest jobs and updates - Have the newest jobs delivered to your inbox - See which jobs you’ve visited, saved, and applied to Research - Preview page displays full description of job posting - See how companies are rated by employees - Read over 12 million company reviews - See photos of what it’s like to work at companies before you apply - Review your employer By downloading this app, you agree to Indeed's Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service found at, where you may avail of your rights at any time, including the right to object to the legitimate interest use of your personal data for marketing purposes. You further agree that by downloading this app, Indeed may process, analyze, and record any and all activities you take while using the app and any and all interactions and communications you have with, on, or through the app. We do so in order to optimize user experience and achieve the proper functioning of the app. In order to provide you with certain services and support ad attribution, user data, such as your IP address or other unique identifier and event data related to the installation of the Indeed App, may be shared with certain service providers when you download or install this app. This is performed for the legitimate interest of allowing Indeed to understand and optimize our users' complete customer journey by: - helping us understand how users arrive to Indeed - better measure the performance of our ads; - facilitating user logins through third party accounts in certain cases; and - helping us understand where a user accesses Indeed through different devices Please send your feedback to [email protected] *comScore, Total Visits March 2017 Google Analytics, Unique Visitors, September 2018 Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

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A long job search
/,(xdcfd on 2021-09-21
When you are looking for a job sometimes it’s an emergency, indeed is a great app with considerable job options but for someone in a difficult situation is very tedious. Indeed gives the employer the chance to make their possible employees take a test so if they pass they can be on the considerable list. The thing I find wrong with this is that these tests are not only repetitive but most employees require them so they can view your application and have you in mind. I’ll find myself answering the same dull questions for each one of the applications I send and at some point, it becomes a very weary experience. Taking test every 2 minutes for different jobs, same questions all over again. Is not only time consuming but is also a negative experience for some people who may suffer from some type of learning disabilities, the answers should be saved in a system so you don’t have to take the same test 4 times for similar jobs, it would save everyone some time and energy. Looking for the right job is already hard. Why make it harder?
Not reliable
Ashtonmist98 on 2021-09-21
I have my location set for my town and my radius set for anything that’s 15 miles away. I was offered several jobs and every time I got one that set up and interview or got an announcement about open interviews I’d go to the location on where it was being held and the managers would tell me they’re not holding a hiring event. Just recently I applied for a job and was given the position but when I spoke with the hiring manager over the phone they told me the job was 3 hours away from where indeed said it was. I’ve applied for several jobs (10+) a day and check on the apps I’ve submitted and I never get any response back. I’ve had this ape since 2015 and I’ve only found 2 jobs in that entire time. I don’t recommend this app to anyone unless you’re in a big city or popular area.
Globetraveler46832 on 2021-09-21
Hi! I wanted to let you know about something else I noticed. As a job applicant, I frequently would find out “after” I apply, that the employer had already received candidates. Throughout my experience and my friends experience, this is something that is very frustrating. I’d like to see on the post “before” I apply whether or not they have actively reviewed them. Two employers that I was able to talk to said they had already picked the person way before I applied. That’s very disappointing. Please also require that all employers provide messaging to directly talk and ask questions. Only some employers allow this and then communication is closed shortly after. That’s not right. Thank-you for reading me suggestions and experience.
Resume feature is offensively bad
Austin or ninja man on 2021-09-21
The inability to upload resumes easily mixed with the extremely backwards and convoluted process of making your “indeed resume” makes it a huge pain to apply for jobs on indeed. Ignoring the resume process, you could spend hours filling out the same info over and over again because the quick-apply feature requires you to fill out info indeed already has about you again and again for every application. Apply for 3 jobs and you will rewrite your name 3 times. You will rewrite your phone number 3 times. You’ll rewrite your location 3 times. It’s nice that there are so many jobs listed, but it would be better if applying wasn’t so excruciatingly repetitive/redundant.
It’s OK App…I guess?
Shelly Bean 13 on 2021-09-21
Indeed was the app that I used when I was in need of a job about 5 years ago. Now I am in search for a new career job and I’m not sure what happened but there’s something different. Most of the jobs that are listed seems like scam jobs with a sprinkle of well known organizations here or there. Plus why do I need to review my company before I can see other’s review about a company? This makes no sense at all. Indeed sends emails recommending job but blurs out the reviews from other people. This makes no sense at all. I would like to know if a company is the right fit for me. Please reconsider and make the necessary provisions.
Beware of Fake Listings
Makeup&MusicJunkie1 on 2021-09-21
Indeed needs to take care of their fake listing problem. I almost got scammed. How evil do you have to be to put up fake listings for people that are desperate to pay the bills? They need to put in some type of verification process or something for whoever puts up these listings. Now I don’t trust this app for applying to jobs anymore, unless it’s like for Amazon where it redirects and makes you apply through their own site. Looks like I have to go about applying the old fashioned way by going on the company sites themselves. I have enough stress without worrying about evil people putting up these types of scams.
Not great.
An angry nerd on 2021-09-21
You either receive a million automated emails from places that aren’t really hiring or they send you jobs that aren’t even anywhere what you are looking for. Not to mention the 10,000 Amazon job postings that I keep clearing and they keep showing up. All in all not a very well done app, each update seems to fix things and then undue other fixes. You’d be better off walking into places and asking if they are hiring. All of these updates and when I tell the app I don’t want a certain company or position they keep showing them to me. As stated I’m sure the money from Amazon to push their job positions is good.
Fake jobs sex trafficking
daijasandyilovsicomhoesmans on 2021-09-21
If y’all come across this job listing on Indeed DO NOT FILL OUT THE INFORMATION! This man has been calling and texting my phone nonstop acting like he’s a hiring recruiter from Eaton in Sumter! When I first spoke to him he described the job to me and it sounded kind of suspicious and then he asked me for my social security number and I told him I wasn’t interested in the job! Ever since then he’s been calling and texting me from multiple different numbers trying to get my information and asking me why I wont take the job! Y’all please be careful on Indeed when filling out applications!
Don’t actually apply on indeed
hyshukai on 2021-09-21
YOU MAY BE A QUALIFED APPLICANT BUT THE INDEED SCREENER ALLOWS LAZY EMPLOYERS TO INSTANLY REJECT YOU JUST BY NOT SEEING KEYWORDS IN YOUR RESUME. if an employer is this lazy I say you dodged a bullet! They also have these awful “ASSESMENTS” in which they’ll try to screen you out again. This is also faulty because this has nothing to do with your qualifications and you’ll almost always fail. If there’s an option to apply on websites. APPLY OFF OF INDEED. Only use indeed for browsing jobs. What does a ROBOT know about human qualifications?
Good App !
ohmygooooosh on 2021-09-21
This is a really good app and has helped me so much. My only frustration is whenever I need to search for a job in a specific location and input said location, it scrambles them and shows me places that are much farther than i put. Meaning I'll put my location and/or Zip code and it will show me places that could be about 40 minutes away and then the ad under that one will be 10 minutes away and that frustrates me to think Ive found a good job only to realize it is nowhere near the location I put. How can that be fixed?

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