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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



Discover your next job opportunity on Indeed, the free job search app designed to connect you with better work anytime, anywhere. Forget the other job search apps. With 12 jobs added every second and smart search filters to quickly narrow in on your ideal role, your next job is at your fingertips. Whether casually browsing or urgently applying, Indeed has the jobs you want, all in one place, with advanced functionality to help you find work that meet your needs and easily apply from your device. • Search the comprehensive database to find jobs, which includes employment opportunities posted on other job search sites, and explore recommended roles based on your preferences and work experience. • Upload your resume or use Indeed’s resume builder to show your best self to employers and let your next job find you. • Apply with your saved resume to avoid rewriting the same information for each job application during your job search. • Keep track of applications during your job search and get notified when an employer has read and responded to your application on Indeed. • Understand what employees think about their workplace with more than 700 million company ratings and reviews. • Uncover what a job pays before you apply with more than 1.1 billion salaries searchable by job title, company, and location. • Find jobs with flexible work options using our smart search filters, including: remote jobs, side jobs, freelance jobs, government jobs, part time jobs, and jobs that allow you to work from home or work from anywhere. No matter where you are in your career, our job search app lets you show your best self, from application to interview. At Indeed, we help people get jobs. By downloading this app, you agree to Indeed's Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service found at, where you may avail of your rights at any time, including the right to object to the legitimate interest use of your personal data for marketing purposes. You further agree that by downloading this app, Indeed may process, analyze, and record any and all activities you take while using the app and any and all interactions and communications you have with, on, or through the app. We do so in order to optimize user experience and achieve the proper functioning of the app. In order to provide you with certain services and support ad attribution, user data, such as your IP address or other unique identifier and event data related to the installation of the Indeed App, may be shared with certain service providers when you download or install this app. This is performed for the legitimate interest of allowing Indeed to understand and optimize our users' complete customer journey by: • helping us understand how users arrive to Indeed • better measure the performance of our ads; • facilitating user logins through third party accounts in certain cases; and • helping us understand where a user accesses Indeed through different devices Please send your feedback to [email protected] Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

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RecruiterRay on 2023-03-20
Full disclosure, I prefer ZipRecruiter most of the time. I was exposed to Indeed years back, but I have found a lot of success with ZR. With that said, I decided to download the Indeed app and give it another chance. And you know what? I am impressed. I love how it reminds me to circle back with the applications, it then prompts me to send a message and it even provided me with some sample scripts of what I could say to the job poster. Wow! It kept me current, then removed the guess work—all I basically had to do was click yes and send. Fantastic! I have an in-person interview this Friday from one of the jobs I applied for. Thanks Indeed app!
Personal experience with this app
BRY 🪐🪐💫💫💫 on 2023-03-20
I've used this app for 2 years now & it's landed me nowhere. Either because companies just falsely post these openings to give an illusion of them being welcoming. Perhaps, that there's way to many people on this app & it's a slim to none chance to be reached out for an interview. Either of those scenarios, this app leads to zero opportunity. I'm confident I have a wonderful resume / attributes & there shouldn't be this many jobs ignoring my application. Out of the 40-50 applications I've sent out, only 3 or so have reached out. Which were only desperate companies. 3 , people! 3 only !!! Low rating for all of these encounters.
Best Market EVER is in INDEED
Miggzzzzzzzzz on 2023-03-20
I’m using Indeed every day, and I have two great jobs already. ALWAYS keep hunting and updating your resume, especially in the corporate world. LinkedIn, Zip recruiter etc. are not as good at all. I use Resume Now and Indeed and could not be happier, very friendly to use. Understanding the market and going on regular interviews (once or twice a week) raises your money and expertise awareness in your competitive field. You are worth the best! Personally do not have a masters degree and want “a” golden opportunity. So I will continue to hunt for the best on Indeed, very exciting!
Linkedin is worlds better in every way.
F.WallsProductions on 2023-03-20
Linkedin is a more accountable and legitimate career platform. I’ve been using indeed on and off for a while now and it is a cesspool for sham companies. Try and review these companies and your review is always rejected, allowing for these illegitimate companies to thrive on it’s platform. My last straw, I simply tried flagging a company looking to exploit me for free labor (which is a violation of labor law) and my interview review was flagged and rejected due to “not meeting their community guidelines.” This app & website is a scammers heaven.
Bad just BAD, Updates have made it Worse
GameOn1 on 2023-03-20
The latest updates have completely destroyed the functionality of the app PLEASE FIX and retrain or get Better dev’s developing and texting before release. Really don't know why Im writing this review NO one from indeed reads or sees any of these reviews. Anyone wanting to use this app just beware!!! Old review but still holds truth; This used to be a really good app for searching for jobs. But as the devs try and roll out update after update all they have done is made it the WORST job search app that is out there.
Too many recruitment companies
Demonic a on 2023-03-20
I have been using Indeed to get jobs for several years now. Within that time, I have acquired a profession in web & graphic design. Within the last year or so, I’ve noticed a problem with an over saturation of recruitment companies using indeed, rather than the actual companies that are seeking employees. This has created an issue with my phone becoming overly spanned with texts, people scamming through indeed and trying to get you on Skype to commit monetary fraud and an all around barriers to hiring.
Pretty good, but...
skippynoel on 2023-03-20
PLEASE add the ability to search through the jobs you've already applied to. It's frustrating trying to scroll through hundreds of job postings in attempt to find those I hear back from outside of Indeed, since it can't track that they've reached out to me that way. It's very frustrating and I feel it is fairly difficult to find jobs that you previously applied to, especially when they're all lumped with ones that have already rejected you. In short: PLEASE add a search bar in "My Jobs"
unimpressed costomer on 2023-03-20
I’ve had it for over a month. All it does is recommend jobs that I can’t do or don’t qualify for. Even when I push the don’t recommend this job button. They still recommend that job. Barely any of the employers responded. For the ones that did just told me I’m not qualified. This app is useless and most of he app doesn’t even work half the time. I’ve gotten absolutely nothing from this app except for my time and patience wasted
Waste of time
OogadagoD on 2023-03-20
I have good experience and work history. Made a nice resume. I’ve received hundreds of emails from companies to apply, I’ve put in at least 60-70 applications. Landed a few phone interviews. But it’s become pretty apparent most of the companies on here are just “looking” and not really hiring. That or its a REALLY competitive site. You’re better off just finding a place to work and putting in a direct application.
Great resource
KBShark_DoDo❤️ on 2023-03-20
This is the greatest, easiest resource I’ve found for finding jobs quick. I’ve gotten many jobs off of indeed in the last several years. They make it super simple to make a resume (which you can save to your phone and use for other jobs/positions not on indeed as well, which is a huge plus) and quickly apply for any jobs that are of interest. If you’re looking work, I’d recommend to anyone to start here!

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