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Shop online & get your groceries delivered directly to your door in as fast as 2 hours. Plus, your first grocery delivery is free! And it's safe—contactless delivery is available. Instacart delivers fresh food, alcohol, and household items the same day all across the US. Download the app to see what stores are available in your zip code. Prefer to pickup? Order online and pickup at your local store, where it will be waiting for you when you arrive. Ordering made easy 1. Enter your zip code 2. Shop stores for groceries, household items, electronics, and more 3. Add your items to your cart and place your order 4. Chat with your shopper in real time to make any changes to your order 5. Relax while you you wait for your delivery to arrive 6. Enjoy your items while you save time & money Contactless delivery Order safely from your home and get your groceries delivered to you same day. Our 100% contactless delivery helps to ensure you and your shopper stay safe. Find your favorite products Get fresh produce, late-night snacks, and even alcohol delivered to your door. Don’t forget essentials like toilet paper, other household items! And your shopper will ensure that fragile items like eggs and glass bottles are always handled with care. With Instacart, you can: • Find exclusive deals & coupons • Creating shopping lists • Reorder your favorite products • View nutritional information & filter by diet Where to shop with Instacart Shop from your favorite stores - Aldi, Publix, Costco, Safeway, Wegmans - and nearly 40,000 other retail locations across North America. Download to see what stores are available in your zip code. Terms and conditions apply. See details:

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Estimated delivery and customer service
office_quester on 2023-03-26
If I could give it 0 stars, I would. This company is unreliable. I am traveling out of state, most places in Maine were closed so I ordered a meal from a local supermarket at 8:50pm. Estimated delivery time showed 9:20pm (which I thought to myself, AWESOME!), soon after, the time changed to 9:55pm, then 10:45pm, then lastly tomorrow! I needed my dinner at dinner time, not the next day! I chatted instacart however Rashmi was of no help, she advised me to contact Instacart via phone. I called and spoke with Michael who placed me on a “brief” hold to look for an available supervisor. Not once did he come back to check on me - I was placed on hold for 22 mins then the call abruptly disconnected. He called back and asked if he could place me on a brief hold again; to which I replied, no because I had already been waiting for a resolution for an hour! He reassured me that he’d place me on hold for only 3 mins then he will return and let me know if there’s someone. I agree - and waited 17 mins until the call abruptly disconnected again! I called back this morning 3/22 and spoke with a “supervisor” who was terribly trained. She is NOT fit to be a supervisor. i spent 29 mins on the phone with her and she could not provide me a fair resolution, had a terrible attitude, was not empathetic, and HUNG UP on me after I asked her for her name! She was soo sassy and it was clear she was not there to help. When I told her I did not receive the emails she had sent or the credit she placed on my account, She said it was sent and left it at that. I asked her to hold while I checked and she said she can’t hold because she has other customers to assist; I stated that she’s a supervisor handling my call at the moment, and if I still don’t have a resolution, why is she hopping on a different call? At this point, she went silent. I waited and waited and she never came back, to which I confirmed, she hung up. I called back to ensure I could get her name to report her to the headquarters- found out from another rude agent (Sithembile) that the supervisor’s name is Joan. The agent Sithembile initially refused to provide me the supervisor’s name for safety reasons(?) does that make sense? I assured her that the supervisor provided me her name, I just needed to know it’s exact spelling AND if SHE was able to provide it to me, how come now she has to confirm with the SOP? Sithembile mumbled “OMG” as I continued to request the names. I also work in a customer care center. Instacart reps need EXTRA TRAINING. These reps and “supervisor” need to be coached and perhaps should not have a job in customer service. They don’t know what they are doing, their mannerism is horrible, and a supervisor could not do what a supervisor should be hired to do - de-escalate a customer’s poor experience to make it a better one. I’ve totally lost faith in what this company could offer. From their app to their customer service - ALL HORRIBLE. All they could do is issue an insulting $5 credit. How is $5 going to resolve the countless of minutes and calls I’ve wasted and the starvation I endured because Instacart couldn’t pull through to do what it’s company was made to do. Instacart - DO BETTER.
Lousy customer service
Artist4theking on 2023-03-26
I’ve been using instacart for a while now. I’ve had numerous issues when getting my order and the last few times they refused to either credit or refund me my money stating I complained too much. I paid for something and it doesn’t come. How is that my fault? The people that try to help working for instacart are nothing more than a joke. They lack customer service skills and when asking for a supervisor I’m told they don’t have one. They just don’t want to transfer the call etx and the shoppers some of them have no clue how to shop. For example I had a male shop for me and order milk and ice cream common sens egoism tell you shop for those items last! Ha when they got to me ice cream had melted and milk was warm and insta refused to help me. I’m looking for alternatives to online shopping! I have health issues preventing me from going out to do this on my own! Fix your system and get some competent customer service people same with those who do the shopping! I could go on.
Bad experience every time
myrcargar on 2023-03-26
I’ve ordered 4 times from here and every time something bad happens. My most recent purchase was delayed by hours and then it was never delivered. I got a notification saying it was on its way and then 1 minute later delivered. I contacted support and they reordered everything for me free of charge for the next day which was great. Although, the customer service support person wasn’t really answering my questions but they solved my issue so it’s okay. Other times it’s also delayed, has missing items, or shoppers don’t bother getting half of my order (which are things that are always in stock) and not bothering with replacements. Perhaps it’s just in my area but I will never be using this app again. I understand it’s not the app’s fault but perhaps stricter guidelines and rules for shoppers would help solve these issues.
Bad business
klairkc on 2023-03-26
They deleted my account because one my cards was declined. I selected the card on accident from apple wallet and they accused me of committing fraud because of it. They asked me for a picture of my CREDIT card and ID to verify my identity. I gave them the information and they still deleted my account. If the ID was a picture of a person who was not black they would have reinstated my account. I feel very upset that they have accused me of trying to commit fraud. If you all think I was committing a crime then file a police complaint. Don’t take my personal information and then when you get it decide to close my account. That’s wrong, I didn’t even want to do business with your company. The store I use only allows pick up orders to be placed using this company.
No bags
Unnecessarily Frustrated on 2023-03-26
I love instacart but since they’ve stopped giving shoppers the bags they’ve made things more difficult and worse for both shoppers and the people ordering. While I understand that it’s a bit wasteful, I would rather be charged for a bag than have to wildly shuffle all of my stuff out of whatever container my shopper had to use so that they don’t have to wait too long. At least give us the option to select whether or not we want bags, even if it means an additional 25¢ or so, and if you want to cut down on waste, input a system that refunds or accredits bag fees per bag if you give excess bags back to shoppers so they can be used for the next person. As it is right now, the system is incredibly inconvenient for both parties
Delivery to the wrong address
Rie Will on 2023-03-26
I know this may sound like a me problem. But, I really would like a decision maker to be aware of a big problem when using this app. I have two addresses on file and seem to always accidentally order my stuff to the wrong address. It’s an easy mistake to make, there is no significant warning about delivering to a location your far from like other apps. Namely Uber, doorsash etc., they will ask you a few times if your sure about the address and notify you of the distance from your order. I paid $400 for groceries that were delivered to my job. And then’ had flu medicine and children medicine (otc) sent to my job also. Very difficult to deal with. Please instacart, add a verifying feature. Pleassseeeeeee!
Bait and switch
demon in the rough on 2023-03-26
This service is grossly deceptive. When you go to check out, it will tell you that you have free delivery. But then the free delivery status will change if you don’t buy their stupid subscription and they’ll try to charge you $10 without noticing. This is a gross attempt to make people think they’re getting a service and being like Just Kidding!!! With a slipped in extra charge. How about you market free shipping properly by listing the delivery fee at the start of the transction and then offering free delivery with a subscription as an added option. But the way you have it set up is a gross upcharge tactic that’s taking advantage of people in what is still an uncertain time for the world. Do better.
Great Idea Poor Execution
Avengehlert on 2023-03-26
Tried to order some last minute supplies for my students craft day tomorrow and out of the 12 items I had ordered the shopper had only found the chocolate bar I got for dessert. This didn’t seem believable since I had chosen options for replacement too. Found all this out through a customer service call where they were unable to offer me another shopper and then told me it would be coming tomorrow instead. After confirming that I still wanted my order for my lesson tomorrow, I got a notification and Instacart had cancelled my order. They also offered me a refund that never actually went to my account. Next time I’ll just make the late night trudge in my PJs and save myself the $$ fees and trouble.
My lunch delivery
Ash ash And on 2023-03-26
1st- I have a membership. 2nd- I ordered an 18 dollar medaled and I was charged 12.50 in fees? 3rd- I ordered my meal at 12:10 pm so that it would be here in time for my 20 min lunch break. 4th- I was told it would be here between 1 and 10. 5th- I am sitting on my lunch break without lunch and just received a message that says…. My lunch will be received at 2pm. 6th- I am livid and extremely disappointed with the professionalism of your company. 7th- I am now stuck with a 34 dollar meal that I will not even be able to eat because your company showed up almost 2 hours after I ordered a priority meal.
Good Report
10213783 on 2023-03-26
Efficient employees Serious about their jobs Quick about fixing errors Only problem I have experienced is access for help With a problem No problems with the delivery or the people who deliver Right now I have that problem My last delivery was missing and one bag I reported that and a few minutes later it was delivered But I couldn’t get that info to the right place And so now you have corrected my account for $29 Which makes me think my delivery person is in trouble Please help me out here Sincerely Melanie Watts Please Respond

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