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Shop online & get your groceries delivered directly to your door in as fast as 2 hours. Plus, your first grocery delivery is free! And it's safe—contactless delivery is available. Instacart delivers fresh food, alcohol, and household items the same day all across the US. Download the app to see what stores are available in your zip code. Prefer to pickup? Order online and pickup at your local store, where it will be waiting for you when you arrive. Ordering made easy 1. Enter your zip code 2. Shop stores for groceries, household items, electronics, and more 3. Add your items to your cart and place your order 4. Chat with your shopper in real time to make any changes to your order 5. Relax while you you wait for your delivery to arrive 6. Enjoy your items while you save time & money Contactless delivery Order safely from your home and get your groceries delivered to you same day. Our 100% contactless delivery helps to ensure you and your shopper stay safe. Find your favorite products Get fresh produce, late-night snacks, and even alcohol delivered to your door. Don’t forget essentials like toilet paper, prescriptions, other household items! And your shopper will ensure that fragile items like eggs and glass bottles are always handled with care. With Instacart, you can: • Find exclusive deals & coupons • Creating shopping lists • Reorder your favorite products • View nutritional information & filter by diet Where to shop with Instacart Shop from your favorite stores - Aldi, Publix, Costco, Safeway, Wegmans - and nearly 40,000 other retail locations across North America. Download to see what stores are available in your zip code. Terms and conditions apply. See details:

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John 6:63 on 2022-01-17
InstaCart provides EXTREMELY poor service and lies to its customers in spite of charging higher prices for items one would not pay if they were to purchase such item(s) in the store. I’ve been an InstaCart going on two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Shoppers assigned to my order customarily overwhelmingly get the order wrong, deliver my purchased items to the wrong address and/or the arrive to my home damaged. On numerous occasions throughout my InstaCart experience, I had Shoppers screw-up my order NOT 1, 2 or 3 times but just about every time - just for me to contact InstaCart Customer Service and hear the same ol’ song and dance about how sorry InstaCart is that the order did not meet my expectations. 😏 I often wonder how and where InstaCart finds their Shoppers? It often seems most cannot READ or follow basic instructions. I worked in a grocery store as a bagger while in college but I took PRIDE in my work because I knew and understood the reason I had a part-time job was because of customers. My WORST InstaCart experience occurred on Sunday, 01/09/2022 after having waited three days for an InstaCart Shopper to be assigned to my order. I received notification on Sunday morning that Robert (Shopper) was assigned to my order. Robert appeared to have located 16 of 17 items on my grocery list, which was promising. The real test, however, is if the items would arrive to my doorstep undamaged due to poor bagging/boxing or if the items are not mixed-up with another customer’s order. My doorbell rang 2-3 hours after my order was assigned to said Shopper, Robert. Upon opening the front door with face mask and latex gloves in tow, I noticed only six plastic containers of Lactaid Lactose-Free 2% Reduced Fat Milk and Robert happily driving away after I attempted to chase him down to inform him he delivered the WRONG items. Therefore, once again, I contacted InstaCart Customer Service & Support at 1-888-246-7822 just to hear the same song and dance script that’s always read, “Thanks for reaching out. We appreciate your patience and the opportunity to make things right. We know how important it is to receive the right items and we’re sorry for any inconvenience.” 😫😩 I was assured by two Customer Service & Support Representatives earlier this afternoon that my order would be redelivered today, Sunday, 01/09/2022 by 4 PM EST. I am typing this review a few minutes before 8 PM on Sunday night and I have NOT received my groceries via CostCo despite my bank being charged approximately $200.00 and CostCo closing at 6 PM. 😤 Not only am I frustrated and angry but think of the other poor customer that was expecting to receive several containers of Lactaid Lactose-Free 2% Reduced Fat Milk and they opened their door to my order which consisted of Extra Sharpe Cheddar Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Whole Milk, Honey Nut Cheerios, etc. 😠😡🤬 Perhaps I’m just old school having been born in the early 70’s, but there was a time when American companies and workers took GREAT pride in providing GREAT customer service. I truly MISS those days when America took pride in serving other Americans. As my Dad ALWAYS says, “If you want something done right, chances are you MUST do it yourself!” InstaCart is clearly NOT one of the companies that made America GREAT. Sadly, just another average company willing to hire mediocre employees who don’t take PRIDE in their work.
Audi199945 on 2022-01-17
first off, let me start by saying this is my first time as a customer. i am, in fact, a shopper for instacart. i have no problems working for them. i think the pay is good as long as your smart and do your math. obviously if it’s too far, or if it’s too much for you, don’t accept. anything that makes you feel comfortable, it’s a good service. i think my work is average, but i always contact the customer about replacements and i let them know my eta, and i take care of their items that they ordered. i wouldn’t like it if someone was just throwing my items i paid for in the cart like they’re nothing. (which i’ve seen other shoppers do) but, this review is my experience as a customer. which i decided to be thinking about how i was while working, which was naive of me. i placed a 5 item order at 4pm. ( and before you ppl get a chance to say “you could’ve went yourself” yes i could’ve, but remember, strangers go through things you don’t know of) anyways, i saw my order get tossed around on the shopper app, jumping from one store to the next, grouped with much larger orders (with little pay) making it un-appealing. I live in a pretty big city so the amount of shoppers here isn’t really an issue. email after email came in from instacart telling me my delivery time was pushed back. all the way to 9pm. 9. p.m. from 4?!? i should’ve canceled but i remained hopeful once it finally got picked up at 6:40pm. Until the shopper who did, started shopping an hour after and did not follow my instructions. a very simple one ( that if they were out of 32 oz pasta, to get 2 16 oz packages). they couldn’t respond to my message, or follow my request. once i got my items, they looked like they went through it. i had a disappointing, long, experience with instacart being a customer. i think instacart could do better on the shopper app instead of playing musical chairs with customers orders. and as a customer, always check your items. too many people are careless. i won’t be using the service again. for those who do, i hope the best for you and that it’s more of a convenience than a hassle.
Better than starving or eating loved ones (barely)
SunDvlAdvocate on 2022-01-17
First, you cannot select the particular store you want to order from. You can select the chain/brand, but not the location. This is a problem for me because the closest location of my preferred chain caters to college students and basically has only dorm food and snacks. So it has nothing an adult would consume (except alcohol). But the app can’t identify the items that this particular location doesn’t carry, so if I order from that store the shopper will always go to that location and none of the items I want will be available. Second, the app is not intuitive for selecting your items. It is time consuming and difficult to find your preferred brand or type of item (cf. Whole Foods app). One saving grace is that it is usually fairly easy to re-order something you have already ordered, so you can save a lot of time selecting your regular purchases for your five or ten (okay two 😒) favorite recipes. Most importantly, you virtually never get what you order. I think of it more like a few bags of items inspired by what you selected. Something will nearly always be missing, and you’ll get to play a kind of puzzle mini-game pondering how what you got relates to what you ordered. For example, you may be confused when you get a zucchini, until you remember you ordered a cucumber. Ordered a red bell pepper? You may get a can of ground black pepper. Ordered baking powder? Baking soda. A half-pound of ground steak? Two pounds of turkey. The degree of difficulty of this puzzle is heightened because sometimes the things you get that you didn’t order have nothing to do with anything you ordered. This may range from the disheartening—a pound of mutton that will go to waste—to the comical—adult diapers—to the confusing—decaffeinated coffee beans.
It took five hours… on an expedited order
Michmom667 on 2022-01-17
I have a sick kid at home so I placed an order with Instacart around 12:30 today. My order was supposed to be delivered by 1:30 PM. I paid for priority delivery. About 1:45 or so I get notifications from my shopper that an item is unavailable. I accepted this, asked for a refund. I kept getting notifications from the shopper that item after item was out of stock. And updates pushing back the delivery time… Ok… I get it. We are in a pandemic and a lot of people are sick right now. Everyone is short staffed so a little extra time makes sense… but I am beginning to think this order is never coming. And when it does arrive will there be anything left in it? So I leave my daughter at home with someone to look after her, and head to the store… and I realize I am actually shopping in the store at the same time as my shopper… and I find everything that the shopper says is out of stock. I check out, and am back home when I get notification that my shopper has also checked out… she managed to find ~3 of my items. And, I am still waiting for my order… which does not arrive for another 2 hours… after 5:30. Instacart refunded my expediting fee, and I reached out to customer service to let them know what happened. I got many excuses as to why this happened… and a “free” delivery credit for a future order. I have had mostly good experiences with Instacart up until now… but the responses I got from customer service did not fill me with confidence that future orders will be handled any better than this one.
WARNING- don’t depend on getting groceries
MAaronSmith on 2022-01-17
We put our order in 2 days in advance when going on vacation to a place where we had no food available. We requested a 5-7pm delivery window. Never received a text, never a call, but when no one showed at 7pm, I opened the app (glad I downloaded it) and it says 8:30 for the new window. Okay, then I check at 8:55 and it says 11:00pm. Interesting as the local grocery store closes at 9:00. Now we have no food for the evening or the morning for our family. The best part was when I called customer service. They said there were more orders than anticipated- well I put mine in 2 days in advance and you should have cut it off. Asked how they would deliver food at 11:30 (they pushed it back again while I was waiting on the phone) and she said the system doesn’t know the store hours and moves the times automatically when it’s not getting fulfilled regardless of if there is actually anyone to fulfill it. So the system that knows the stocking level of every item in the store to make replacement recommendations isn’t smart enough to know the store hours? “When will my order be filled then? Can you make this a priority tomorrow morning?” Answer was “no.” That’s what I say to this “service” that doesn’t even give a courtesy call or text when they are going to ignore the order you are depending on to feed your family.
Frik Girl on 2022-01-17
Hello this is my honest review for this app, I was not paid to do this review this is simply my opinion! I have been using it since the middle of 2021. I have made about 20 purchases since then. Out of 20 purchase I have only had 1 bad interaction, it did not have to do with the app, the problem was with the shopper. 19 good interactions and 1 bad one, not bad. I love how quick and easy the app is to use. It is very user friendly. I like that you can chat with the person doing your shopping and like that they can refund you then and their if a product is not available and having the option to choose as a replacement is awesome. They have an option where you can have the deliveries set for a future time which I have not used but is nice that I can order them from work and have them be at my door by the time I get home. You can have several addresses on file which I like because I’ve sent groceries to family members who have been quarantined due to COVID and have contactless delivery. 10/10 I will continue to use this app for my groceries. I definitely encourage you to use this app! (:
Sunshineinnj7 on 2022-01-17
As someone that does and gets deliveries on here I wanna let people be aware of the tips, the app pays us by the mile, but when you lie about where you live it costs us money to deliver your food… So how is it that our time isn’t worth anything?? We do NOT get an hourly pay, we work for tips and because yous think you deserve everything for nothing it doesn’t mean it’s true… Like yesterday a woman doubled her order and yelled at me the entire time because no one wanted to take an order that was 17 miles from the store with no tip, she honestly expected us to shop for $300 in food and deliver it to her house (17miles away) for $8!! Developers need to add tips and check the mileage, and raise the price to accommodate gas prices! And don’t let them lower the tip!! Customers put a $10 tip and then once they get the food lower it to $2!! Or maybe explain to these people we don’t get paid to do this for them, we are just trying to survive under a pandemic!! A pandemic these people are afraid to go out in!! So we do it for them!!
Bad system in need of DESPERATE repair
MadisonTheresa on 2022-01-17
Customers shouldn’t have any issues with wait times when they have shoppers not getting batches because of their review system. What a messed up system. Customers are directly reviewing their shopper not their ‘order’ as they may be lead to believe. Customers not being able to access the chat feature should obviously have some consequence, but only the independent shopper faces any repercussions not Instacart itself. Also, customers are apparently not notified when the shopper has replied in the chat feature and have to go back and forth to physically check the app or the website when their shopper is at the store or they might get replacements/ refunds they are not interested in simply due to this idiotic glitch. Not to mention the random app ‘updates’ that throw wrenches into an already broken system in the middle of the day while people are out shopping. What a shame. So many people rely on this service and it’s heartbreaking to see so many unpleasant experiences that seem to be happening for no reason.
Excessive markups on groceries
Marilyn82374 on 2022-01-17
Unless your really rich and don’t care about the cost or you don’t drive and are desperate I don’t recommend. Every item ismarked up at least 2 dollars if not more. I got a fruit bowel from Costco the other day for 9.95 and it was marked up to 12.79 on their site. Also you may not get the best shopper since they hire anyone so it’s a matter of luck how nice or rude they are. If the item is out of stock they’ll just pick whatever even if you don’t want something else instead of that item and you have to call after it’s delivered and pay for and try and get a refund. A real huge hassle. Also by ordering from them you support slave labor wages cause that’s what they are paying their customer service working overseas and independent contractors that the use the term on to pay people nothing in the United States. I almost checked out and was like nope.
Bbatch68 on 2022-01-17
Have used Instacart for years and had good service. But since Covid, it’s been a completely different experience. Orders delivered to wrong address, support was rude and said order would be redone and redelivered same day but it never happened. Then only offered $5 credit. Search today for Target order: “aluminum foil” search brought “girls coat” as primary result. Search for “first aid bandage” got “falafel” result. “Method” brand search showed 10 Method items. When I select one, it says can’t be found. These items are available in the store. Can’t trust Instacart. Update: months later, search still doesn’t work, shoppers won’t interact or answer questions, received rotted and wrong produce on multiple items, no response when requested refund on unusable (rotted) items. Better to use curbside.

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