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Tap a button, get your groceries. With Instacart, you can shop online and get groceries delivered from stores in your neighborhood in as fast as 1 hour. Or you can choose to pick up your order at the store, where it’ll be waiting for you. Just enter your zip code, choose a store, and add items to your cart—then relax as someone handpicks your groceries and household items with care. And you have complete control with Instacart. If something’s out of stock, or you need to make an update, you can chat with your Shopper right in the app. Instacart delivers in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Chicago, Austin, Washington D.C, Houston, Atlanta, and many more throughout the U.S. Instacart offers the groceries, produce, beer, wine, spirits, and other household items you want from more than 20,000 retailers in North America, including Aldi, Publix, Costco, H-E-B, Wegmans, Lucky, Smart & Final, Safeway, Stater Bros, Petco, CVS—and we’re always adding more. With Instacart, you can also: • Enjoy exclusive coupons and deals on the products you love • Create shopping lists and reorder items from previous purchases • View nutrition info and filter by gluten-free, organic or vegan diets • Tag favorite items for easier shopping • Use Group Carts to easily shop together with friends, family & co-workers

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Order cancelled twice in a row for elderly mother
Twinmomred on 2020-04-10
While I have had success thus far with Instacart, my mom who is elderly had her orders cancelled at the very last minute twice in a row. First time we placed order 3/28 and it was supposed to come by end of day 4/3 and at around 9pm on 4/3 they texted her saying they were too busy, could not fulfill her order and cancelled it (after leaving about a 5 min window which she missed to reschedule). So then we finagled a spot and ordered again the next day on 4/4 and chose the option for “soonest available delivery” which gave a time window if anytime between Sunday 4/5 and Wednesday 4/8. What do you know we got our hopes up because yesterday afternoon she got texts saying her order was being shopped but there were changes (she had put changes do not have to be approved) but then again at 9pm they said too busy and cancelled her order. What the heck? That is so confusing since they said they already had started shopping her order. So now my elderly mom who I do not live near and has no one to ask, has to try to get food on her own. It is unacceptable they would do that twice in a row. They should have a quota to how many orders they take and cutoff to accepting ones they cannot fulfill in the first place. Hopefully I will still get my own order tomorrow but I am doubtful. Will never ever use them again. I tried to be forgiving them first time I know they are working hard but two times is just wrong. This service needs to be managed better.
Absolutely disgusted
k9 momx2 on 2020-04-10
I paid for the Instacart Express. This was my 4th order in as many weeks and I cannot believe how bad it was. #1 I asked for paper not plastic- came in several plastic bags that due to static stuck to my latex gloves which by the way I wore for protection as I have Interstitial Lung Disease! #2. I ordered dark chocolate salt candy, he replaced with peanut butter cups ??? So I sent a text saying my granddaughter is allergic to peanuts..... #3. He replaced the plain chocolate order with the same freakin peanut butter cups that I had explained why they wouldn’t work in # 2 ????????? #4 Ordered a yellow pepper which cost $2 each, not cheap but even more expensive when he picks one that is not only growing white mold on the bottom but has a hole in the top!!!!! # 5 The basic vanilla ice cream I ordered for Easter did not even get a second thought, ignored completely. This was the worst experience ever . I didn’t get some of my order and what I did get was terrible. I can’t go and shop myself as I’m considered high risk and am not allowed out by my pulmonologist and to beat it all I increased the tip by 20%!!! Talk about being taken for a ride, my last weekly orders have been over $200 each so I guess I’m not spending enough to get good service. Try getting Instacart to contact you when you have a problem .... good luck with that!!!!!!!
SinFromSinCity on 2020-04-10
I placed an order through Instacart and it said my estimated delivery date was 6 days later. I wasn’t very happy that I had to wait 6 days for my items but it was better than going out and possibly being exposed to COVID-19. My delivery instructions specifically said “call upon arrival. Building entrance requires key” because I live in an apartment complex. You cannot walk into the building without a key. So 6 days later I open the app to see when my order will arrive. It said my order arrived a day early and was asking me to rate my order. I never received it! I never received an email/text/call stating my order was arriving early. I never received a call about my delivery arriving. Without me unlocking the building entrance I’m assuming the driver left my stuff at the entrance of the building so anyone could’ve taken it. So I spent $80+ on an order and never received it after waiting DAYS for my order. So I call Instacart support and the operator says they are unavailable. So I go on the help chat on the app and it’s been hours and nobody has entered the chat. So I will be requesting a refund and deleting the app. Waste of time
No customer service!!!!
Butt butt I farted on 2020-04-10
I used to love using this service! I had even got many of my friends to use it as well. However ever since March 11 I have not been able to use the service because every time I try to submit an order it states there are no delivery times available. At first I thought it was because of the increase due to Covid-19 but it has been 3 weeks and I still can not process an order. They have discontinued there customer service phone line. They only way to contact them is via a “chat” which for three days I have spent countless hours waiting for someone to respond to my inquiries. Finally today “Pedro” responded to me via the chat. After I explained my issue he responded that he was going to look into it and for me to wait for his response. After 45 mins of waiting I got a message that the Chat had been ended. Now The app will not allow me to try to reconnect to their help “chat” again. It is like they deactivated the button. So there is NO way to get any assets from them. I have paid the “premium membership “ what a joke!!!! Horrible
Missed delivery, 23 hour wait to talk to customer service
tayrae92 on 2020-04-10
I am a healthcare worker and I was relying on my groceries being delivered today. I put in an order to be delivered today on April 4th and my time slot on 4/8 kept getting pushed back and I finally got the notification that they were shopping and my delivery time came and groceries. I tried to call and the number said there is only customer service as chat in the app. I waited 18 hours to hear from anyone and they tried to say that I order for 4/14, the date that autochanged 7 hours after my delivery was missed. They had no problem taking my money and they can’t even tell me the day of that the delivery isn’t happening. Delivery groceries is literally the sole purpose of this app. I’m a super disappointed...and now I have no groceries until I can go to the store in 3 days when I’ll be off again.
Suggestion to help deliverers
laina6686 on 2020-04-10
After my first order i am overall happy! The shopper was in contact with me the entire time she shopped and was able to get everything i wanted super fast. However the shopper left the chat as soon as checking out at the store. I had no way to contact her and my order was delivered to the wrong address. I had to go find it. I live in an area of many apartment buildings and it can easily get mixed up. She uploaded a picture of the groceries delivered to the footstep of the door in the wrong complex. This was very helpful! I was able to see where they where and go get them. But maybe a way to add a picture of our house/building to our personal profile could resolve this. Deliverers would know what to look for while driving, preventing this kind of mishap for anyone in the future.
Daddshhsjsks on 2020-04-10
Avoid using their service! We tried using instacart due to the coronavirus outbreak. Our total stated on their website was roughly $100. They ended up charging us $150 after several fees, including an adjustment fee which we don't even understand why that would fall on us. What is worse is that 3 of the items we ordered were smaller than we had specified. So our charge was raised 1.5 times for items more modest than we asked for. We tried calling their number but have received an automated message that complaints should be done online. We submitted a complaint regarding the errors in our order but in 24 hours they haven't even reached out to say they will look into it. Please don't use their service, you'll end up paying a lot more and receive less!
It will do for now
Ledbette on 2020-04-10
I have used it twice before this order. One experience was not good one was. I have been trying to get customer service to contact me for a WEEK now bc I got at least 4 wrong items on my order. All 4 contain my allergens. I believe the shopper did not read the brand and product and picked whatever brand and that doesn’t work. We pick what we pick bc it’s free of my allergens. Other brands aren’t. If customer service offered more service I would probably continue to use Instacart after COVID-19. As of now, unless something changes, I will only be using it until the stay at home order is lifted. Suggestion: you should have some shoppers that are familiar w shopping for people w allergies or other dietary needs. They may be more understanding.
Never again!
spkkps on 2020-04-10
Horrible! Does not allow as an acceptable email. I placed my first order and the site was incredibly slow. When I typed a product in the search for product box it took 2-5 seconds for each character to display! For every product I added to my cart, I selected the option not to replace, yet my shopper was replacing every item that was out-of-stock; app did let me know so that I could click on refund, but shopper should never have been selecting replacements in the first place. When I went to the Instacart website to do my review, it did not accept my email address/password combination. I reset my password and it still did not recognize me. I will never use Instacart again!
Problems With New Update
Lodigirl on 2020-04-10
In the past 2 weeks I’ve used Instacart 3 times, most recently today. I see there was an update yesterday and have to say, I’m not sure what got improved but I do find a few things missing. Before, I was prompted to the “tip” option and suggested breakdowns in a portion of the checkout. Today, that was missing and I unfortunately was unable to increase my tip like I would have liked to, to my sweet shopper. I also cannot seem to find an option to “add an item” after shopping began which I thought was present before. This may be a nightmare for they system or the shopper, but if possible, it would be great to offer that option in the app, even if it were to only a limited number of items.

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