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Bringing you closer to the people and things you love. — Instagram from Facebook Connect with friends, share what you’re up to, or see what's new from others all over the world. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life's highlights. Express Yourself and Connect With Friends * Add photos and videos to your story that disappear after 24 hours, and bring them to life with fun creative tools. * Message your friends with Messenger. Share and connect over what you see on Feed and Stories. * Create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram with Reels. * Post photos and videos to your feed that you want to show on your profile. Learn More About Your Interests * Check out IGTV for longer videos from your favorite creators. * Get inspired by photos and videos from new accounts in Explore. * Discover brands and small businesses, and shop products that are relevant to your personal style. Some Instagram features may not be available in your country or region.

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“Pivoting to video”
Nick DiVona on 2021-09-26
What was once the main reason I got a smartphone has now become a husk of its former self. Likes and new posts were moved to the top right which is terrible as not only do I have to reach further now just to do what the app was designed around, but there’s now also other things in that place, reels and shop, both things that are fine on their own but in my opinion should not be the primary focus of this app. Facebook seems to have the touch of death. They’ve bloated their own social network to the point where no one I know goes on it anymore besides our parents and grandparents. It now seems that Instagram is their portal to the youth, and they’re ruining the platform by trying to change it into their version of Tiktok. I don’t use tiktok but I know a bunch of people who do, none of them are using Instagram reels except for, you guessed it, dumping their tiktoks onto the platform. The shopping feature is kind of cool. Only kind of. I think it would be great for stores to have stuff for sale but it is literally more prominently displayed than photos/videos/likes. Also, following brands doesn’t mean I want “shopping updates” from those brands. Not being able to disable this really hurts the experience. I worry that if Instagram doesn’t get it together soon, users will leave (for what I don’t know), and Instagram will go the way of Facebook and just become a dump for content which was originally posted on another platform. I know my Facebook is the same way for pictures I post on Instagram.
Horrible, disgusting app
nk361 on 2021-09-26
They censor conservatives and ban them for almost nothing while they allow all kinds of liberal hate speech and bullying towards conservatives. I’ve reported many horrible things said and posted against conservatives with their reporting system saying “it doesn’t go against our guidelines” and then you get a violation for saying NOTHING HATEFUL if it’s a conservative opinion. I can’t believe this company is allowed to get away with this in broad daylight. They removed my account over a literal typo and I lost contact with a great, conservative girl who was also getting unreasonable violations. Instagram even allows people to sell their body through their platform and advertise it. This is one of the worst companies out there, by far.
Could be better—feature requests:
Horseshoe86 on 2021-09-26
Would LOVE to see the option to place accounts in “groups” when you follow them!! ie follows new photographers page…. Can put them in photographer group. Then have the option to filter to view all as it does now, or by individual group.. Want to see posts by the photographers I follow? Filter to photographer group. Local friends? Local friend group. Funny meme accounts? Parenting accounts & hashtags? Just filter by the group! Another thing that would be amazing would be having the options to make each post public or private so you don’t have to have two separate accounts for posts that are public vs ones you don’t want anyone to see. Thanks for reading!
little problem
sorrymrgrinch on 2021-09-26
instagram has been a very nice app so far, ive had it for a while & it never really gave me any problems with glitches or bugs. but, these past few days i have not been able to log back into my account. i have the right username, password, mobile phone number, & email - & i still cant get into my account. not to mention that i have not received any SMS 6 digit text code since the first time i tried to log in, it goes through to my email, but theres trouble with my messages. I have checked that i put in the right number many times so that isnt the problem. please let me know whats going on & how i can successfully reenter my account.
They suspended my account for no reason
Awesome game :))))) on 2021-09-26
I only got this app to follow my dog’s, my daughter’s, and my family members’ accounts. I do not post except for a couple of times because that is not why I signed up. So they suspended my account for a week and accused me of sharing my account with a service that gets likes. I did not share my account with anyone. I’ve tried to reach out to them for an explanation but of course they don’t respond. It is very frustrating being locked out from liking posts which is why I am on the app. I also don’t know why they bother with the “tell us” button if they are wrong when they totally ignore you. It is not professional.
Instagram is Terrible
deydarko on 2021-09-26
I love Instagram don’t get me wrong. However, I did want a fresh start to get rid of bot accounts so I made a brand new Instagram and also to rebrand. There are so many bugs it makes me wish I kept my old one. For one I’m being blocked from messaging because it says I message too much, I’ve sent three total. When I try to add music to my story it says “this song is not available in your country.” I live in the USA, mind you. It’s so frustrating. I hope they fix the bugs soon, or create a help line of some sort. Makes me want to just stick to Tik Tok and evade Instagram altogether.
No longer an enjoyable app - it’s bloated
Old lady alien. on 2021-09-26
The simplicity of Instagram is what appealed to me before but after ten years of using it, it’s become much less enjoyable. Posts are not scene. Stories get bombarded with spam from fake sex accounts full of vulgar words. Reels are just annoying. So many ads. IGTV isn’t really a thing. Live is constantly notifying you until you realize you can turn it off. Remember when you took a photo and shared it sometimes using a pathetic filter, or enjoy your feed in chronological order? And you didn’t need your sound on so you can scroll silently in store lines or at work.
So many I consitencies.
Petitbeaute on 2021-09-26
I have several accounts. One account is from 2011 and I still don’t have newer features on it. I can’t record reels and it’s my main account. My newer account have different features. All running on the same version and phone. I’ve written so many requests to fix it and nothing. Also suddenly my timeline mute determined if all my stores are muted. I have to leave a story to unmute any video on my timeline for volume and by then the story I was watching is gone. Instagram used to be great but more and more often I’m having trouble.
Story sharing doesn’t work
Kskouse23 on 2021-09-26
Edit to add: This is still happening. Even with updating and getting the new software on my iPhone 12. Can someone please look further into this??? I’m constantly having to uninstall and reinstall because it does not have a sharing option available for public pages for sharing stories. I always works once I delete the app and reinstall but it eventually stops working again later that day. Needs to be fixed!
Volume button to snap pictures!
RevolutionJunkie on 2021-09-26
First off, I can no longer use the volume button to take pictures now that this new version has been installed. Second off, this stupid ringer on to feature in order to listen to stories is trash. I am in constant meetings and can’t have the ringer on allowing my phone to go off constantly! Please fix these features ASAP! The latest version before iOS15 was perfectly fine, stop messing with a good thing!

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