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Bringing you closer to the people and things you love. — Instagram from Facebook Connect with friends, share what you’re up to, or see what's new from others all over the world. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life's highlights. Express Yourself and Connect With Friends * Add photos and videos to your story that disappear after 24 hours, and bring them to life with fun creative tools. * Message your friends with Messenger. Share and connect over what you see on Feed and Stories. * Create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram with Reels. * Post photos and videos to your feed that you want to show on your profile. Learn More About Your Interests * Check out IGTV for longer videos from your favorite creators. * Get inspired by photos and videos from new accounts in Explore. * Discover brands and small businesses, and shop products that are relevant to your personal style. Some Instagram features may not be available in your country or region.

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mdomb on 2021-03-03
Instagram is a great social media app. Such a disappointment that it seems Instagram is doing nothing about the bots that are literally everywhere. It’s been like this for months now, they comment on every post I see, and even the bots have bots. This is ridiculous and ruins the whole experience on this app. Younger teens use this app and gotta deal with half naked bots taking over comment sections, and tons of people getting scammed or exploited by them too. I get weekly group messages from bots asking to click links and download things. They are literally unavoidable and it’s reaching its limits. People should feel safe using a network like Instagram and not have to worry about being exploited by fake accounts. You guys need to deal with bigger issues like this instead of rearranging the already once good layout of Instagram to something nobody asked for or had a problem with. Take more action regarding this issue.
You can’t express yourself.
Gfluid24 on 2021-03-03
Instagram doesn’t allow people to express themselves if they are transgender. They discriminate on your posts by taking down photos and videos that are given unethical reasoning to the take down. They don’t allow you to post whatever you want even when you’re account is considered private. The only benefit to being private is you can tell who can see your content and who can’t. There are all different communities out there to explore, but Instagram restricts posts and eventually banns your account and deletes it. Instagram shouldn’t be the one to dictate the content we post based on their own views of what society see acceptable. We should be speaking out against this injustice.
zomesudn on 2021-03-03
Instagram is great, however it is currently experiencing bugs and or a virus. For example I was simply trying to post a picture, and then it gave me a weird message saying and I quote,” We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.” KeepIn mind I’m simply trying to post A picture of my dog as he’s eating a dog treat. If there’s anyway to remove this from the app that would be great. Other than that, the app is very fun and interesting and you can learn all sorts of things off it. There are skits, aesthetic sort of things, and a lot more. I definitely recommend, but please get this bug sorted out.
“Please try again” pop up
xcx_esmeee on 2021-03-03
Hello I keep reviving a pop up message of, “we’re sorry but something went wrong, please try again” for the last few days and I am not sure why. I also noticed that my profile picture was removed this morning but I was able to change it back. Why isn’t Instagram not working? Is there anything I need to change or was there a certain regulation I wasn’t following that went against community guidelines? I also tried reporting a problem on my @bbyjimbles account but it wouldn’t let me submit a report either! Please let me know how I can fix this problem I really don’t want my account to be taken down for no reason, thank you.
Porn for 12 yr olds
TrustedReviews! on 2021-03-03
I use the app for personal and business use.. it’s very beneficial. But the app rating says 12+ for the age. Joke. Because I am a male, my explore feed is littered with pornographic imagery. This app gets kids used to seeing near naked and sometimes naked bodies, to see women as objects instead of people. This app is mentally abusing their own minds and in term they are abusing others others around them with sick words and sexual comments, because of Instagram. It’s sickening. Disgusting. What’s really upsetting is how little is being done about it.
SW and gays under attack
byigddsaa on 2021-03-03
This app isn’t for children. Point blank period. If I want to post my peach on Instagram it’s my Buisness. Now the reason why I’ve separated from the Instagram app is the DOUBBLE STANDARD of celebrities posing nude and it gets so many likes and Instagram is okay with it but makes us regular people feel shame about our bodies. Screw your community guidelines. Delete your Facebook and Instagram. They are the giant oppressor. Justice for SW’s being pushed off the internet
The recent update is a joke.
Sydnee Kilbride on 2021-03-03
The way that the bottom is set up is so dumb and i never use the new shop button that replaced the notification setting. It made it so that I have to click so many more buttons to see my notifications. There needs to be an option we have in our account to have the shop icon on the bottom or not. It’s a waste of space for me. Also in the new update I lost all of my reel drafts and ruined my night. Reels that took hours to make for my small business are gone.
xuroo000 on 2021-03-03
I have been using Instagram since it was born. I’m tired of the ads and forced content suggestions on my feed!!! I spend more time having to press “hide ad” and “not interested” than actually enjoying my own feed and the accounts I INTENTIONALLY follow!!! Get rid of the ads and suggestions! It is a violation of my preference, violation of my freedom of choice, violation of my privacy —and plain out disrespectful.
Outdated and behind the times
jercasper on 2021-03-03
Instagram is fine, but the fact that they SITLL don’t have an optimized IPad app or a fully functional desktop version is ridiculous. At the very beginning it was cool to have an app that was exclusively for your phone, but not only are those days gone... they were gone a long... LONG time ago. Instagram seems to be working really hard to beat Facebook at becoming the “old people’s” social media platform.
Just another toxic waste land
Huddled on 2021-03-03
Straight up garbage comments that are full on psychotic and show an unstable basis of the human existence. Bunch of reposts from tik tok. Tons of ads for garbage you don’t need. Lot of superficial role models and people sucking the life from others because they’re all uneducated. Just another unintelligent waste of time and life. Don’t bother. Can cause psychological harm across all ages.

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