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New Update ruined Instagram.
Kuciott on 2022-06-29
I don't know whose idea was but the new update that removed the posts from the people I follow on the homepage and instead puts ads and things I don't have any interest in, made me to delete the app and stop using it. First of all I (and I assume) the majority of the users use Instagram to follow and keep up to date with the people they choose to follow so it is logical to assume that the posts from the people you follow will come up first when you open the app.. but NO. Instagram greets you with sponsored posts of things that the (not so smart) algorithm thinks you want to see and it is very annoying where you have to through few "hoops" just to see the posts of the people you follow. I do not want to have any part with this "anti consumer" approach of the company and will not return to instagram anytime soon.
Turning into tik tok
JulciaC on 2022-06-29
I used to enjoy Instagram because it was a basic platform used to share photos. And over the years it’s been through some changes. However, I will never be able to forgive reels and the most recent update where I can’t even scroll through my regular feed, instead, I am flooded with random reels. This creates difficulty in viewing content my friends have posted but also blocks others from seeing my posts. Which then causes horrible engagement and no reach to my followers. If I wanted to watch short video clips I would go on the tik tok app. Instagram is becoming more of a platform to push unwanted content creator onto my feed and it’s upsetting. It is no longer an app I could use to post and reach my friends/mutuals. Instagram do better. You have lost your uniqueness and change isn’t always better.
Worst update ever
full screen testing is a fail on 2022-06-29
I’ve literally never written a review for an app before but I hate this new version with full screen scrolling so much. There’s definitely a focus on creators and influencers, so hard to come across a post from my actual friends or people I follow. They’ve made it more difficult to tell if the post/reel I’m seeing is from someone I already follow or not, makes it difficult to switch between scrolling through the feed and watching people’s stories, and they’ve added an extra step to saving a post by eliminating the save icon. Literally nothing is improved with this update. At the very least maybe make this optional for people to use and not mandatory. Please let this testing phase be over asap.
Too Many Ads and Suggested Posts. Instagram has Become Unusable
saveawells on 2022-06-29
Instagram was great when it first came out but this latest update is terrible. Instagram needs to stop trying to be like TikTok, and snapchat, and all the others and just be Instagram. Also, the new update has way too many ads and suggested posts. About 6 out of every 10 posts is either an ad or a suggested post (except they’ve hidden the fact that they are ‘suggested’). It’s pretty much unusable now. Guess I’ll spend my time on other platforms. Facebook ruined Facebook and now they are ruining Instagram. Maybe Elon Musk can buy Instagram next.
Stories on 2022-06-29
Instagram needs to fix an issue, and this issue is when I try to post a picture and it ends up posting blurry. First of all I know my picture wasn’t originally like that cause I took it and it came out good and I edited my photo to make it look a little better but every time I try to post it to my story it comes out blurry. Now I don’t know if it only does this when it’s not it’s original photo, but stil. I should be able to post any photo or video without it coming out laggy or blurry.
Deleted account.
jnwarburton on 2022-06-29
Completely deleted my 10 year old account. Mostly pictures of my family and children. I’ve Never posted anything controversial or political. I emailed support they asked me to send in a pic of my face and my username on a handwritten poster. They never responded again. Never said why my account got deleted. Absolutely horrible. Impossible to get any customer service. They can serve ads based on user content but there is literally 0 customer service or support. Literally zero.
Glitches and Analytics
lrhowell22 on 2022-06-29
Lately, IG has been extremely glitchy. For the past two days the camera option in my IG stories along with all of my filters have disappeared. I’ve received several emails that my videos have been taken down because they claim I don’t have rights to the content. But all the videos that were taken down were from my personal travels. I’ve submitted several reports with no answer. It’s easily becoming the worst platform for content creators.
No tapping! Bring back scrolling please!!
kath k1003 on 2022-06-29
I don’t like the new tap feature for going through the feed. Scrolling is better. It so hard to tell who’s post I’m looking at in this mode, and there are way more sponsored/suggested posts than posts from people I actually follow. Expanding the captions covers the posts which is frustrating, and now it’s more cumbersome to look at comments/likes. It’s not user friendly at all and I really dislike the dark mode.
Instagram doesn’t need access to my camera to upload content
antoniofant on 2022-06-29
I shouldn’t have to allow Instagram access to my camera. I only upload videos or photos taking from my iPhone’s camera app. Today Instagram would randomly take photos while I attempting to add videos I’ve granted Instagram access to for me to create IG Reels. Unacceptable glitch and a invasion of my privacy. There needs to be an option to upload content without having to grant Instagram access to my camera.
0 stars
asmray on 2022-06-29
Hate the sponsored ads Hate the way the feed scrolls now. I don’t care about full screen. If I want to see a post bad enough, I’ll click on it. Stop trying to be like tik tok. It makes my feed harder to scroll through. At least give people the OPTION to choose if they want this as the way their feed scrolls. Stop shoving it down our throats. I thought you were pro choice? Do I not get a choice?

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