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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Discover and conquer countless worlds across deep space. Unravel a story full of challenges and threats that will lead you across the galaxy on an extraordinary voyage. Nothing lasts long in deep space, and peace is not an exception! Welcome to Iron Marines: Invasion! Enjoy unique stage missions and special operations in exciting new worlds, each one with its own particular terrain, style, enemies, and conditions. Learn how to beat them one by one! Command the Federation’s troops across the galaxy, with the aid of Heroes & Units that will allow you to boost your RTS game skills to the limit. Battle extraordinary enemies and ferocious alien creatures in fun and electrifying missions. Plan your strategy to defend the peace in the galaxy! For all Iron Marines & SciFi action fans who get the kicks of offline RTS games and strategy games. Become the tactical specialist you’re meant to be by leading your own army in thrilling, mind-blowing missions. The invasion is at our gates! Lead the fiercest combat corps across the galaxy. Fight side by side with the Federation’s toughest Marines! Now you can combine your squad and take advantage of each Unit’s unique fighting skills: from rangers to snipers, mechas, missile launchers, or fearsome alien warrior clans. Train jaw-dropping heroes and their useful abilities: from boosting up your army’s morale and firepower to increase their stamina and reach, or detecting upcoming enemies before they attack you. Help them join the fight to keep peace among the worlds! Become an expert on the galaxy’s biggest mysteries! Use an in-game Encyclopedia to understand the worlds you explore or identify the enemies you face. Take advantage of the tactical info available to configure your strategic game plan. Check all the amazing features of this real-time strategy space odyssey: - An entire galaxy to be discovered. - 25+ campaign missions that will take you to the most incredible worlds. Tons of planets for you to explore and defend by planning a tight strategic game plan! - 70 special operations for you to upgrade your Marine abilities to the peak level. - 8 Unit groups for a total of 24 different troops. You can even combine your backup depending on the mission and strategy you’re planning to deploy. - 8 powerful heroes with strong skills for you to train. Help them become the Galaxy’s finest! - 8 Special Weapons to boost your army tactics to the stars! Set your game plan and take advantage of instant weapons like bouncers, toxic bombs, or even drone factories. - 40 Upgrades to improve your strategy and empower your units with defense drones, napalm rockets, ricocheting blasts and much more. - 20+ Achievements to show how much of a real-time strategy expert you’ve become! Choose your difficulty mode for the best rts games experience: Casual, Normal, or Veteran. And if you think you’ve seen it all across the galaxy… the impossible mode - only for the elite players, available offline! Prove yourself in daily challenges and collect amazing rewards. Play rts games offline: Enjoy the awesome real-time strategy experience anywhere, as you explore incredible worlds. Iron Marines Invasion will give you hours of colorful, fun gameplay in this epic real-time strategy space odyssey, available to play RTS offline game.

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Not as good as the first one
Lockelse on 2022-12-03
I recently finished IM, and start to play IM:I today, I’m on lv12, I know its not the full game experience but so far I think IM is better. The store are full of trashes, at least in IM I get 50 missiles for 1000, now the most impressive tool is a… dropgun? Which you get free in IM Also I think it’s a little sluggish when I open the tech point thing, might be from my IOS16 update, idk. The mission start animation is cool but unnecessary for every mission…also I think I lose to a special mission once and it won’t let me do it again?.. and the ones I finished show up again… Can we just make it like IM? When you finish a special operation it stays finish and you can visit when ever you like instead of an orange <!> annoys you on the screen
Good but something’s missing
ooootini on 2022-12-03
Feels like it’s missing the speed and charm of the previous games. Missions seem to end awkwardly. Feels sluggish. Almost feels like different devs made part of it, like it’s missing the level of detail and care of previous games. I still love it, It’s good but just not to the level of the other iterations. It’s playing in the same space but not evolving. These games are my all time favorites. I love them… just a bit disappointed so far with this but I might have had really high expectations.
Truly amazing.
imaperson1234 on 2022-12-03
I have almost every single ironhide game, and none have been worse then great. The art and entertainment ability is amazing. One thing I would like this game to add is possibly a better tutorial. First, when I started playing I had no idea what strategy to use. Other then that, a truly amazing game by iron hide. ggs, and thank you.
Mark Pichardo on 2022-12-03
Really digging your game guys one thing I’d like to see is perhaps a spaceship adventure plot customization of the ship and crew would be awesome I’m already seeing awesome details in planet designs
Game slaps
Hunchkrot on 2022-12-03
Repeatable missions and several choices for units and heroes allows for a significant level of replayability. Game is fun, mentally engaging, and challenging. Quite a slapper
Game is broken at this point
Kittygon on 2022-12-03
Great game usually but the last update made it so the game doesn’t load. It gets stuck on the load screen. My platform is iPhone 14, please look into this.
Wont load for last month.
Rmess33 on 2022-12-03
Love this company and play literally all their games but this just sits saying processing for the last month and I haven’t been able to play.
Its good
Jero Intero on 2022-12-03
I just personally don’t enjoy how after you group them when you hit one it will continue to move them all I guess it was hard to get used to
Really fun
123guyman on 2022-12-03
I mean they have kaiju units an alien cat species and a freaking space dragon that shoots stars and purple cosmic fire what more can I say
Great RTS!
boonej15 on 2022-12-03
This game is tons of fun. Great sci fi setting with some cool troop combinations and mission objectives. Well worth the $3!

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